I Am A Hero Omnibus

Autore: Kengo Hanazawa
Editore: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1506703496
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"Presents 'I am hero' chapters 69 to 93, first collected in Japan as 'I am hero' volumes 7 and 8."

I Am A Soldier Too

Autore: Rick Bragg
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 1400042615
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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author Rick Bragg lends his remarkable narrative skills to the story of the most famous POW this country has known. In I Am a Soldier, Too, Bragg lets Jessica Lynch tell the story of her capture in the Iraq War in her own words--not the sensationalized ones of the media's initial reports. Here we see how a humble rural upbringing leads to a stint in the military, one of the most exciting job options for a young person in Palestine, West Virginia. We see the real story behind the ambush in the Iraqi Desert that led to Lynch's capture. And we gain new perspective on her rescue from an Iraqi hospital where she had been receiving care. Here Lynch’s true heroism and above all, modesty, is allowed to emerge, as we're shown how she managed her physical recovery from her debilitating wounds and contended with the misinformation--both deliberate and unintended--surrounding her highly publicized rescue. In the end, what we see is a uniquely American story of courage and true heroism. From the Trade Paperback edition.

I Am A Hero I Am A Survivor

Autore: Roxane Christ
ISBN: 1418497479
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There are three factors in this book which should be taken into consideration by the reader. Firstly, not all Jews are equal - the rich ones had the opportunity to survive because they chose to use their wealth to save their lives. Secondly, Jews are not equal inasmuch as whether they are issued from different backgrounds, solidarity is not found amongst them. And finally, when it comes to avenge their suffering, they will do it with only accepting and resenting the pain of their vengeful acts. The participation of the Allied Forces in the Jewish revenge is blatant throughout the last episodes of the Second World War. What is also evident however, is that there are no animosity, no remorse, no wanting of rewards for heroism on the part of Lou Van Coevorden. He is now one of the last survivors of the concentration camps in Germany and when he saw the downfall of Auschwitz his glee couldn't be contained but neither could it be expressed. Lou Van Coevorden was spent, yet at the age of twenty one he was to fight for his life many times over even though the Second World War had ended. After living in hell he couldn't return to life - he needed to deny himself the vision of the faces that haunted him at every turn; the faces of those who had not been able to survive.

The Hero Of Ages

Autore: Brandon Sanderson
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765356147
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Emperor Elend Venture, having survived only to become a Mistborn himself, struggles to find clues by the Lord Ruler that will save his world, while a guilt-consumed Vin takes on a task of ending the cosmic power of the Ruin mystic force.


Autore: Rhonda Byrne
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471133451
Grandezza: 80,86 MB
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FROM ZERO TO HERO . . . YOUR SECRET MAP TO A RICH LIFE What is your true calling and why aren't you already living it? Imagine if there was a map that showed you step by step how to get from where you are now to your true calling and the life you were born to live - the most brilliant, rich, fulfilling, and dazzling life you could ever dream of. You are holding in your hands such a map. HERO is the map for your life. By following the journeys of twelve of the most successful people on the planet today, you'll learn how to use your inner powers to overcome obstacles and to make impossible dreams come true. You'll be inspired to find your own calling and start taking the steps toward making the life of your dreams an everyday reality. Be the hero you are meant to be.

I Am Legend

Autore: Richard Matheson
Editore: NY Books
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Robert Neville has witnessed the end of the world. The entire population has been obliterated by a vampire virus. Somehow, Neville survived. He must now struggle to make sense of everything that has happened and learn to protect himself against the vampires who hunt him constantly. He must, because perhaps there is nothing else human left. I Am Legend was a major influence in horror and brought a whole new thematic concept to apocalyptic literature. Several humanistic and emotional themes in this book blend the horror genre with traditional fiction: we see Neville as an emotional person, and observe as he suffers bouts of depression, dips into alcoholism and picks up his strength again to fight the vampiric bacteria that has infected (and killed off) most of humankind. Neville soon meets a woman, Ruth, (after three years alone), who seems to be uninfected and a lone survivor. The two become close and he learns from Ruth that the infected have learned to fight the disease...

Spoiler Alert The Hero Dies

Autore: Michael Ausiello
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501134965
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Television industry journalist Michael Ausiello tells the story of his final year with his partner of thirteen years, Kit Cowan--diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of neuroendocrine cancer--while revisiting the many memories that preceded it, and describes how their undeniably powerful bond carried them through all manner of difficulties, with humor always front and center of the relationship.

A Hero Of France

Autore: Alan Furst
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 081299650X
Grandezza: 66,75 MB
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the bestselling master espionage writer, hailed by Vince Flynn as “the best in the business,” comes a riveting novel about the French Resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON POST 1941. The City of Light is dark and silent at night. But in Paris and in the farmhouses, barns, and churches of the French countryside, small groups of ordinary men and women are determined to take down the occupying forces of Adolf Hitler. Mathieu, a leader of the French Resistance, leads one such cell, helping downed British airmen escape back to England. Alan Furst’s suspenseful, fast-paced thriller captures this dangerous time as no one ever has before. He brings Paris and occupied France to life, along with courageous citizens who outmaneuver collaborators, informers, blackmailers, and spies, risking everything to fulfill perilous clandestine missions. Aiding Mathieu as part of his covert network are Lisette, a seventeen-year-old student and courier; Max de Lyon, an arms dealer turned nightclub owner; Chantal, a woman of class and confidence; Daniel, a Jewish teacher fueled by revenge; Joëlle, who falls in love with Mathieu; and Annemarie, a willful aristocrat with deep roots in France, and a desire to act. As the German military police heighten surveillance, Mathieu and his team face a new threat, dispatched by the Reich to destroy them all. Shot through with the author’s trademark fine writing, breathtaking suspense, and intense scenes of seduction and passion, Alan Furst’s A Hero of France is at once one of the finest novels written about the French Resistance and the most gripping novel yet by the living master of the spy thriller. Praise for Alan Furst “Furst never stops astounding me.”—Tom Hanks “Suspenseful and sophisticated . . . No espionage author, it seems, is better at summoning the shifting moods and emotional atmosphere of Europe before the start of World War II than Alan Furst.”—The Wall Street Journal “Though set in a specific place and time, Furst’s books are like Chopin’s nocturnes: timeless, transcendent, universal. One does not so much read them as fall under their spell.”—Los Angeles Times “[Furst] remains at the top of his game.”—The New York Times “A grandmaster of the historical espionage genre.”—The Boston Globe

A Hero Of Our Time Illustrated

Autore: Mikhail Lermontov
Editore: The Planet
ISBN: 1908478349
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A Hero of Our Time is a novel by Mikhail Lermontov published in 1840. It tells the story of a young officer, Pechorin, sent to the Caucasus after a duel. This is what the author himself wrote about his idea of Pechorin in the preface: "Pechorin, my dear readers, is in fact a portrait, but not of one man only: he is a composite portrait, made up of all the vices which flourish, full-grown, amongst the present generation. You will tell me, as you have told me before, that no man can be so wicked as this; and my reply will be: "If you believe that such persons as the villains of tragedy and romance could exist in real life, why can you not believe in the reality of Pechorin? If you could admire far more terrifying and repulsive types, why aren't you more merciful to this character, even if it is fictitious? Isn't it because there's more truth in it than you might wish?"This edition includes 22 illustrations by M. Lermontov, M. Vrubel, V. Serov, V. Polyakov and other artists of the late 19th and early 20th century.

I Am The Cheese

Autore: Robert Cormier
Editore: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 030783428X
Grandezza: 34,17 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Before there was Lois Lowry’s The Giver or M. T. Anderson’s Feed, there was Robert Cormier’s I Am the Cheese, a subversive classic that broke new ground for YA literature. A boy’s search for his father becomes a desperate journey to unlock a secret past. But the past must not be remembered if the boy is to survive. As he searches for the truth that hovers at the edge of his mind, the boy—and readers—arrive at a shattering conclusion. “An absorbing, even brilliant job. The book is assembled in mosaic fashion: a tiny chip here, a chip there. . . . Everything is related to something else; everything builds and builds to a fearsome climax. . . . [Cormier] has the knack of making horror out of the ordinary, as the masters of suspense know how to do.”—The New York Times Book Review “A horrifying tale of government corruption, espionage, and counter espionage told by an innocent young victim. . . . The buildup of suspense is terrific.”—School Library Journal, starred review An ALA Notable Children’s Book A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year A Horn Book Fanfare A Library of Congress Children’s Book of the Year A Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award Nominee From the Trade Paperback edition.