I Miei 23 Schiavi

Autore: Shinichi Okada
ISBN: 9788891261878
Grandezza: 77,77 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Da Ges Al Nuovo Testamento

Autore: Mariarita Marenco
Editore: Effatà Editrice
ISBN: 8874028784
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Iniziare dalla persona di Gesù di Nazaret per comprendere e leggere il Nuovo Testamento può sembrare un paradosso. Sono infatti gli scritti del Nuovo Testamento le fonti principali che ci parlano di lui, di ciò che ha detto e fatto. Ma questi stessi...

The Mistress Of The Inn

Autore: Carlo Goldoni
Editore: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502854971
Grandezza: 43,78 MB
Formato: PDF
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Carlo Goldoni - The Mistress of the Inn - A comedy (6m,1f) "Mirandolina runs an inn in Florence alone with only the help of her loyal employee Fabricius, and all of her guests are in love with her. The wealthy but only newly aristocratic Count D'Albafiorita and the impoverished but noble Marquis di Forlipopoli vie for her affections while debating the respective value of wealth and nobility (and insulting each other a good deal along the way). The misogynistic Cavalier di Ripafratta scoffs at their shared infatuation and ridicules the idea of love, but will he too fall victim to the beautiful innkeeper's charms? And can any of them win the heart of the independent Mirandolina?"

23 Anni Prima Di Mit Sis

Autore: Michele Pinto
Editore: Wizards & Blackholes
ISBN: 8899147159
Grandezza: 58,87 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 2671
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L'umanità sta per compiere la più grande impresa della sua storia mentre su Clavis, una piccola isola illuminata da due soli e priva di contatti con l'esterno, gli uomini , ignari, continuano ad uccidersi per il colore della loro pelle. Il nero Re Joffer XII non esita a mandare il suo esercito a combattere per mantenere il predominio sui chiari. Sull'isola tutti contano gli anni al contrario in vista di un misterioso evento chiamato Mitòsis, ma ben pochi ne ricordano il motivo. Tra questi l'antico robot Baley che sta cercando qualcuno in grado di preparare Clavis a Mitòsis. Tutte le sue speranze e quelle dell'umanità ricadranno su un giovane disertore e su una ragazzina chiacchierona ed innamorata.

Pemberley Ranch

Autore: Jack Caldwell
Editore: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402261004
Grandezza: 79,77 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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When the smoke has cleared from the battlefields and the civil war has finally ended, fervent Union supporter Beth Bennet reluctantly moves with her family from their home in Meryton, Ohio, to the windswept plains of Rosings, Texas. Handsome, haughty Will Darcy, a Confederate officer back from the war, owns half the land around Rosings, and his even haughtier cousin, Cate Burroughs, owns the other half. In a town as small as Rosings, Beth and Will inevitably cross paths. But as Will becomes enchanted with the fiery Yankee, Beth won't allow herself to warm to the man who represents the one thing she hates most: the army that killed her only brother. But when carpetbagger George Whitehead arrives in Rosings, all that Beth thought to be true is turned on its head, and the only man who can save her home is the one she swore she'd never trust... "It's Pride and Prejudice meets Gone with the Wind-with that kind of romance and excitement." -Sharon Lathan, bestselling author of In the Arms of Mr. Darcy

Gazzetta Di Genova

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La Sacra Bibbia Ossia L Antico E Il Nuovo Testamento Tradotti Da G Diodati Con Riferenze Del Medesimo

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Governance Of Security And Ignored Insecurities In Contemporary Europe

Autore: Salvatore Palidda
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317125886
Grandezza: 57,66 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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This book explores changes in security governance in Europe from the 1990s, focusing on some of the most important consequences: the proliferation of ignored insecurities, including the increase of oncological diseases, environmental disasters, shadow economies reproducing neo-slavery and fiscal fraud, and the general damage to the res publica. What is the articulation of removal, reclamation and consequently the implementation of devices and the establishing of prevention practices? Why are the majority of victims and also the control agency professionals seemingly resigned to these ignored insecurities? Following more than 20 years of research in the area, the authors examine these questions and how the securitisation of society has been exacerbated. They argue that the primary cause of the increase in ignored insecurities is the consequence of the neoliberal turn in security governance. This book proposes an innovative approach to security governance, not only through a serious analysis of the balance of the costs and benefits, but also highlighting what is here termed `ignored insecurities'. The authors propose a review of the problems, showing that the governance of security is a crucial element of the contemporary political organisation of society.

Scoundrel S Honor

Autore: Rosemary Rogers
Editore: HQN Books
ISBN: 1426874413
Grandezza: 13,26 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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When her younger sister is abducted, strong-willed Emma Linley-Kirov will make a deal with the devil himself to rescue her. Devastatingly handsome, Dimitri Tipova is a scoundrel, seducer…and the only man who can help her, though his motive is cold, hard vengeance. Emma dares to trust him, but at what price? As prince of Saint Petersburg's underworld, Dimitri has wealth, power, women—everything but revenge against his nefarious father. Emma is an enchanting means to an end. But as their dangerous pursuit sweeps them from the ballrooms of Russia to the steamy streets of Cairo, his savage desire for her grows. And leads him to a crossroads between his dark obsession…and the promise of love.

The Twelfth Card

Autore: Jeffery Deaver
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1844568911
Grandezza: 70,35 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Sixteen-year-old Geneva Settle is running from death. She may only be a bright high school student researching a paper on one of her ancestors, but someone sees her as a threat. Someone who will stop at nothing to prevent her from digging up the past. Someone on a mission to kill. Lincoln Rhyme and his partner Amelia Sachs are called to the case. They may have tracked down some of the world's most brilliant criminals, but this particular hunt is posing more questions than answers. Where will their prey strike next? What is the historic secret he's so desperate to protect? And how can anyone catch a killer who leaves no trace? To find the answers, Sachs is going to have to search a crime scene that's over 140 years old and attempt to uncover a secret that that may strike at the very heart of the United States constitution...