Border Collie

Author: Valeria Rossi
ISBN: 9788841210987
Size: 10,18 MB
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Il Border Collie

Author: Lyuba Musso
ISBN: 9788825321050
Size: 10,16 MB
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Border Collie

Author: Giancarlo Nazari
Editor: Simonelli Editore
ISBN: 8893200015
Size: 12,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Tutto quello che si deve sapere sui BORDER COLLIE: per incontrarli, conoscerli e per vivere felicemente insieme con loro. Questa collana - a cura di Nicoletta Salvatori - nasce dal successo dell’eBook «A qualcuno piace cane», firmato sempre da Giancarlo Nazari ed edito da Simonelli. Brevi, succosi, molto pratici e divertenti, questi veloci eBook indagano l'universo canino razza per razza, cercando di delineare quelle caratteristiche comportamentali o caratteriali che distinguono i nostri amici quattrozampe rendendo più semplice sia sceglierli sia conoscerli meglio se sono già "di famiglia". eBook dopo eBook, la collana insegna ai proprietari a gestire al meglio l’amato quattrozampe, raccontando - spesso anche attraverso la diretta esperienza dell’autore - cosa significhi scegliere, vivere, educare cani di diverse razze, come se ne possano vincere le resistenze, come guadagnarsi la loro amicizia e, in molti casi, anche come farci educare da loro.


Author: John W Pilley
Editor: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780747039
Size: 10,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Chaser has a way with words. She knows over a thousand of them—more than any other animal of any species except humans. In addition to common nouns like house, ball, and tree, she has memorised the names of more than one thousand toys and can retrieve any of them on command. Based on that learning, she and her owner and trainer, retired psychologist John Pilley, have moved on to further impressive feats, demonstrating her ability to understand sentences with multiple elements of grammar and to learn new behaviours by imitation. John’s ingenuity and tenacity as a researcher are as impressive as Chaser’s accomplishments. His groundbreaking approach has opened the door to a new understanding of animal intelligence, one that requires us to reconsider what actually goes on in a dog’s mind. Chaser’s achievements reveal her use of deductive reasoning and complex problem-solving skills to address novel challenges. Yet astonishingly, Chaser isn’t unique. John’s training methods can be adopted by any dog lover. Through the poignant story of how he trained Chaser, raised her as a member of the Pilley family, and proved her abilities to the scientific community, he reveals the positive impact of incorporating learning into play and more effectively channeling a dog’s natural drives. John’s work with Chaser offers a fresh perspective on what’s possible in the relationship between a dog and a human. His story points us toward a new way of relating to our canine companions that takes into account our evolving understanding of the way animals and humans learn.

I Collies E Il Border Collie

Author: Alessandra Rota
ISBN: 9788841204689
Size: 17,15 MB
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Le Border Collie

Author: Jean Piacentino
Editor: France Agricole Editions
ISBN: 9782855571324
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L'ouvrage s'adresse aux éleveurs confrontés aux problèmes de manutention et de contention de troupeaux. Il intéresse aussi un large panel d'utilisateurs ruraux ou citadins, employant déjà l'animal ou souhaitant en savoir plus. Il permet de comprendre ce chien exceptionnel qu'est le Border Collie, en présentant et en analysant ses capacités spécifiques. Le lecteur y puisera une aide précieuse pour élever et éduquer son compagnon de labeur ou de loisirs, afin qu'il exprime au mieux son potentiel génétique et aborde le travail auquel il est destiné avec le maximum d'efficacité. Il y trouvera également une ouverture à la sélection par le rappel de quelques principes et la présentation des lignées et origines s'étant illustrées dans les différentes disciplines. Chien de berger le plus connu et le plus utilisé par les professionnels, le Border Collie, originaire de Grande-Bretagne, s'est adapté partout dans le monde aux différentes espèces et aux types d'élevage en devenant le partenaire indispensable de nombreux éleveurs. Son introduction en France dans les années soixante a totalement changé et modernisé la perception du chien comme outil de travail sur les exploitations agricoles où sa présence est synonyme de gain de temps et de moindre stress pour les animaux. Les exceptionnelles qualités du Border, que l'on ne retrouve dans aucune autre race, sont dues à une sélection continue sur les aptitudes au troupeau. Elles lui ont permis de s'imposer également dans d'autres disciplines où il suscite un véritable engouement.

Herding Dogs

Author: Vergil S. Holland
Editor: *Howell Book House
ISBN: 9780876056448
Size: 11,19 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Herding Dogs: Progressive Training is the only book of its kind to guide the owner toward training the complete herding dog. Whether you are involved in farming or ranching, or simply want to explore your herding dog's heritage, you will find a wealth of information here. For those with competitive goals, Herding Dogs will enhance your knowledge with a philosophy that has the dog's individual breed and personality as the central focus. Vergil S. Holland teaches the handler to understand the dog's reactions before beginning this progressive training. Whether it is your dog's first exposure to stock or your older dog with a new problem, you, as a handler, will find solutions to each problem and sound advice on each phase of training. Special chapters on different personalities of the various herding breeds, with training modifications tailored to these differences, make it possible for you and your dog as a team to reach your maximum potential. Herding commands and terms are thoroughly covered, as are those of basic Obedience for the stock dog. Working various kinds of stock-sheep, cattle and ducks-is covered to meet the needs of every stock dog owner. Detailed diagrams and concept maps throughout the book highlight the individualized training methods for each type of dog and stock. A Howell Dog Book of Distinction

Luxury For Dogs

Author: Manuela von Perfall
Editor: teNeues
ISBN: 3832791744
Size: 17,33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 838

This comprehensive resource covers all elements of design relating to man's best friend. As dogs share our lives, it makes sense that they also share the best that design can offer. This book gives readers an elegant and entertaining overview of the finest doggie accoutrements. Feast your eyes on dog toys, leads, dishes, kennels, carriers and baskets. Of course, let's not forget grooming aids and dog clothing! From traditional to modern, there's design here to suit every canine personality.

Parola A Te

Author: Romana Capek-Habekovic
Editor: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1413021875
Size: 11,38 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 229

Designed for intermediate and advanced Italian culture and conversation courses, PAROLA A TE! focuses on Italy’s social, political, economic, demographic, and cultural issues. It draws a link between the country’s past and present and aims to make students aware that in spite of their fascination with Italian popular culture, tradition and history are still an integral part of Italian society. PAROLA A TE! includes extensive use of computer technology (Sul web), audio materials (Ascoltiamo!), and video-based activities (Sulla strada). Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.