Il Cacciatore Del Buio

Author: Donato Carrisi
Editor: Super TEA
ISBN: 9788850247653
Size: 15,14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 418

The Hunter Of The Dark

Author: Donato Carrisi
Editor: Abacus
ISBN: 9780349141176
Size: 13,97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 249

A brutal killer is on the streets of Rome. He leaves no trace. And shows no mercy. A series of gruesome murders leaves the police force in Rome reeling, with no real clues or hard evidence to follow. Assigned to the case is Sandra Vega, a brilliant forensic analyst, struggling to come to terms with the crimes and her own past. Sandra's shared history with Marcus, a member of the ancient Penitenzeri - a unique Italian team, linked to the Vatican, and trained in the detection of true evil, means that the two are brought together again in the pursuit of a malignant killer. Soon Marcus and Sandra notice the emergence of a disturbing pattern running alongside the latest killings - and every time they think they have grasped a fragment of the truth, they are led down yet another terrifying path. A sensational new literary thriller from the bestselling author of The Whisperer, this novel captures the beautiful atmosphere of Rome and explores its dark and hidden secrets.

The Lost Girls Of Rome

Author: Donato Carrisi
Editor: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 0316246816
Size: 20,30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 550

A grieving young widow, seeking answers to her husband's death, becomes entangled in an investigation steeped in the darkest mysteries of Rome. Sandra Vega, a forensic analyst with the Roman police department, mourns deeply for a marriage that ended too soon. A few months ago, in the dead of night, her husband, an up-and-coming journalist, plunged to his death at the top of a high-rise construction site. The police ruled it an accident. Sanda is convinced it was anything but. Launching her own inquiries, Sanda finds herself on a dangerous trail, working the same case that she is convinced led to her husband's murder. An investigation which is deeply entwined with a series of disappearances that has swept the city, and brings Sandra ever closer to a centuries-old secret society that will do anything to stay in the shadows.

The Whisperer The Way To Freedom

Author: H.M. Clarke
Editor: PublishDrive
Size: 13,48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 374

Book 7 is here! Dearen and her uneasy allies are on a rescue mission to free Adhamh from his Arranian capturers. Kral Tayme, on the other hand, has given himself his own mission to remind Dearen at every available moment of who she really is. Kalena Tsarland, Hatar Kalarthri.

The Vanished Ones

Author: Donato Carrisi
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0349140049
Size: 16,54 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 733

We call them the sleepers . . . At the elite Missing Persons bureau of the Federal Police, Mila Vasquez is tasked with finding the hundreds of lost people who vanished from their former lives. The longer they are gone, the more they are forgotten by the world. Now they are returning. Appearing at random and wielding devastation, they enact a horrifying pattern of murders, leaving Mila scrabbling to discover where they have come from and what they want. Yet the deeper into the case she gets, Mila begins to realise that her colleagues are hiding something from her - something which will jeopardise everything . . . Set in the world of Carrisi's record-breaking debut, The Whisperer, The Vanished Ones is intelligent, thrilling and incredibly compelling.

Il Tribunale Delle Anime

Author: Donato Carrisi
Editor: Longanesi
ISBN: 8830432601
Size: 18,60 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 458

Roma è battuta da una pioggia incessante. In un antico caffè, vicino a piazza Navona, due uomini esaminano lo stesso dossier. Una ragazza è scomparsa. Forse è stata rapita, ma se è ancora viva non le resta molto tempo. Uno dei due uomini, Clemente, è la guida. L'altro, Marcus, è un cacciatore del buio, addestrato a riconoscere le anomalie, a scovare il male e a svelarne il volto nascosto. Perché c'è un particolare che rende il caso della ragazza scomparsa diverso da ogni altro. Per questo solo lui può salvarla. Ma, sfiorandosi la cicatrice sulla tempia, Marcus è tormentato dai dubbi. Come può riuscire nell'impresa a pochi mesi dall'incidente che gli ha fatto perdere la memoria? Anomalie. Dettagli. Sandra è addestrata a riconoscere i dettagli fuori posto, perché sa che è in essi che si annida la morte. Sandra è una fotorilevatrice della Scientifica e il suo lavoro è fotografare i luoghi in cui è avvenuto un fatto di sangue. Il suo sguardo, filtrato dall'obiettivo, è quello di chi è a caccia di indizi. E di un colpevole. Ma c'è un dettaglio fuori posto anche nella sua vita personale. E la ossessiona. Quando le strade di Marcus e di Sandra si incrociano, portano allo scoperto un mondo segreto e terribile, nascosto nelle pieghe oscure di Roma. Un mondo che risponde a un disegno superiore, tanto perfetto quanto malvagio. Un disegno di morte. Perché quando la giustizia non è più possibile, resta soltanto il perdono. Oppure la vendetta. Questa è la storia di un segreto invisibile eppure sotto gli occhi di tutti. Questa è la storia di un male antico ed eterno e di chi lotta per contrastarlo. Questa è una storia basata su fatti veri, ispirata a eventi reali: la sfida non è crederci, ma accettarlo.

Dying Light

Author: Stuart MacBride
Editor: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312949358
Size: 17,44 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 685

Assigned to the "Screw-up Squad" after a sting operation goes badly awry, leaving another officer dead, Aberdeen, Scotland, Detective Sergeant Logan MacRae is assigned to investigate the unpopular case of a murdered prostitute, which he soon discovers could be linked to a lethal arson fire that had killed six people. By the author of Cold Granite. Reprint.

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

Author: Philip K. Dick
Editor: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345508556
Size: 20,45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 410

A masterpiece ahead of its time, a prescient rendering of a dark future, and the inspiration for the blockbuster film Blade Runner By 2021, the World War has killed millions, driving entire species into extinction and sending mankind off-planet. Those who remain covet any living creature, and for people who can’t afford one, companies built incredibly realistic simulacra: horses, birds, cats, sheep. They’ve even built humans. Immigrants to Mars receive androids so sophisticated they are indistinguishable from true men or women. Fearful of the havoc these artificial humans can wreak, the government bans them from Earth. Driven into hiding, unauthorized androids live among human beings, undetected. Rick Deckard, an officially sanctioned bounty hunter, is commissioned to find rogue androids and “retire” them. But when cornered, androids fight back—with lethal force. Praise for Philip K. Dick “The most consistently brilliant science fiction writer in the world.”—John Brunner “A kind of pulp-fiction Kafka, a prophet.”—The New York Times “[Philip K. Dick] sees all the sparkling—and terrifying—possibilities . . . that other authors shy away from.”—Rolling Stone

The Girl In The Fog

Author: Donato Carrisi
Editor: Abacus
ISBN: 9780349142623
Size: 10,79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 821

Sixty-two days after the disappearance . . . A man is arrested after a road accident in the small town of Avechot. His shirt is covered in blood. Could this have anything to do with a missing girl called Anna Lou? Detective Vogel is on the case, but his unconventional means of investigation end up unsettling the locals. Also looming over Vogel is a case from his past that nearly destroyed his career. Determined not to lose again, he will do anything to solve the mystery surrounding Anna Lou's disappearance. Then, a media storm hits the quiet town and Vogel is sure that the suspect will be flushed out. Yet the clues are confusing, perhaps false, and following them may be a far cry from discovering the truth at the heart of a dark town. 'A gripping read . . . I defy anyone to guess the denouement' - Guardian on The Whisperer 'Gruesome and gripping . . . a taut psychological thriller' - The Times on The Whisperer

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark

Author: Jill Tomlinson
Editor: Egmont UK
ISBN: 178031812X
Size: 12,42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 201

‘Dark is wonderful . . .’ Plop the baby Barn Owl is afraid of the dark. He’s sure dark is nasty! Then Mrs Barn Owl sends him down from his nest-hole to ask about the dark, and he meets a little boy waiting for the fireworks to begin, an old lady, a scout out camping, a girl who tells him about Father Christmas, a man with a telescope and a black cat who takes him exploring. Is Plop a night bird after all? Filled with gentle humour and comfort, this classic of children’s literature is beautifully illustrated by Paul Howard. ‘a tiny gem’ – Imogen Russell Williams, the Guardian In an new lovely edition to treasue, this book is part of the Egmont Classics series and contains special bonus material at the back.