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The Western Manuscripts In The Library Of Trinity College Cambridge Class O Gale Mss

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Facing The Cognitive Challenges Of Multiple Sclerosis

Autore: Jeffrey Gingold
Editore: Demos Medical Publishing
ISBN: 1936303205
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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" When attorney Jeffrey N. Gingold misplaced his wife on the living room couch, and became lost while driving just blocks from his home, little did he know that he was experiencing a hidden symptom of multiple sclerosis: cognitive difficulties. Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis is a courageous and compelling personal account of one man's anguishing struggle with this aspect of the disease. It was written for the silent majority of MS patients who are privately dealing with MS cognitive symptoms and potential disabilities. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society estimates that over 400,000 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and there are millions more worldwide. Conservatively speaking, half of them will encounter varying degrees of cognitive difficulties. Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis brings this hidden disability into the open. It is an essential resource that will educate individuals coping with multiple sclerosis, and inform their families, caregivers, doctors and therapists. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated for medical accuracy. The book includes a new foreword written by Joyce Nelson of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) and two completely new chapters that follow Jeffrey's journey since 2006. Not only did he become more active in the movement to cure MS, he also became more disabled, and ended up switching to a more controversial MS treatment, that has, so far, made his disease go back into remission. Whether or not a person is dealing with the cognitive issues associated with multiple sclerosis this book deserves to be on the bookshelf of every individual who is dealing with multiple sclerosis. "

A Little Learning

Autore: Evelyn Waugh
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0718197682
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'Only when one has lost all curiosity about the future has one reached the age to write an autobiography.' Waugh begins his story with heredity, writing of the energetic, literary and sometimes eccentric men and women who, unknown to themselves, contributed to his genius. Save for a few pale shadows, his childhood was warm, bright and serene. The Hampstead and Lancing schooldays which followed were sometimes agreeable, but often not. His life at Oxford - which he evokes in Brideshead Revisited - was essentially a catalogue of friendship. His cool recollection of those hedonistic days is a portrait of the generation of Harold Acton, Cyril Connolly and Anthony Powell. That exclusive world he recalls with elegant wit and precision. He closes with his experiences as a master at a preparatory school in North Wales which inspired Decline and Fall.

The Prince And Letters

Autore: Vittorio Alfieri
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A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Manuscripts In The Library Of Eton College

Autore: Montague Rhodes James
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108027792
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M.R. James' much-sought-after descriptive catalogue of the manuscript collection in the library of Eton College.

The Wild Wolf

Autore: Susan Tanner
Editore: Rosen Classroom
ISBN: 9780823982721
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Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 1981
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An introduction to the "W" sound via scenes of wolves.

Laughter In The Middle Ages And Early Modern Times

Autore: Albrecht Classen
Editore: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110245485
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Despite popular opinions of the ‘dark Middle Ages’ and a ‘gloomy early modern age,’ many people laughed, smiled, giggled, chuckled, entertained and ridiculed each other. This volume demonstrates how important laughter had been at times and how diverse the situations proved to be in which people laughed, and this from late antiquity to the eighteenth century. The contributions examine a wide gamut of significant cases of laughter in literary texts, historical documents, and art works where laughter determined the relationship among people. In fact, laughter emerges as a kaleidoscopic phenomenon reflecting divine joy, bitter hatred and contempt, satirical perspectives and parodic intentions. In some examples protagonists laughed out of sheer happiness and delight, in others because they felt anxiety and insecurity. It is much more difficult to detect premodern sculptures of laughing figures, but they also existed. Laughter reflected a variety of concerns, interests, and intentions, and the collective approach in this volume to laughter in the past opens many new windows to the history of mentality, social and religious conditions, gender relationships, and power structures.

Considering Animals

Autore: Dr Carol Freeman
Editore: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409482316
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Considering Animals draws on the expertise of scholars trained in the biological sciences, humanities, and social sciences to investigate the complex and contradictory relationships humans have with nonhuman animals. Taking their cue from the specific 'animal moments' that punctuate these interactions, the essays engage with contemporary issues and debates central to human-animal studies: the representation of animals, the practical and ethical issues inseparable from human interactions with other species, and, perhaps most challengingly, the compelling evidence that animals are themselves considering beings. Case studies focus on issues such as animal emotion and human 'sentimentality'; the representation of animals in contemporary art and in recent films such as March of the Penguins, Happy Feet, and Grizzly Man; animals' experiences in catastrophic events such as Hurricane Katrina and the SARS outbreak; and the danger of overvaluing the role humans play in the earth's ecosystems. From Marc Bekoff's moving preface through to the last essay, Considering Animals foregrounds the frequent, sometimes uncanny, exchanges with other species that disturb our self-contained existences and bring into focus our troubled relationships with them. Written in an accessible and jargon-free style, this collection demonstrates that, in the face of species extinction and environmental destruction, the roles and fates of animals are too important to be left to any one academic discipline.

Stanze Of Poliziano

Autore: Angelo Poliziano
Editore: Penn State University Press
ISBN: 9780271009377
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This volume is a translation of the Renaissance classic, Stanze Cominciate per la Giostra del Magnifico Guiliano de' Medici. It is a pagan love story of the ill-fated Giuliano de Medici and the bewitching Simonetta - a theme that has inspired painters and poets for generations.