The Mindful Hand

Autore: Lissa Roberts
Editore: Edita Publishing House of the Royal
ISBN: 9789069844831
Grandezza: 58,52 MB
Formato: PDF
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Although manual labor and theoretical invention might now seem separate ventures, they are closely linked processes. The Mindful Hand explores innovative areas of European society between the late Renaissance and the period of early industrialization where the enterprise of knowledge and production relied on the most intimate connections of thought and toil. It explains how philosophers and laborers collaborated to pioneer technical change alongside knowledge formation. The essays gathered here help show how these projects were pursued together, yet why, in retrospect, the very categories of science and technology emerged as seemingly distinct endeavors.

Guiding Souls

Autore: Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
ISBN: 9788188322749
Grandezza: 53,72 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 233
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Mysteries Of Time And Space

Autore: Brad Steiger
ISBN: 9781938398582
Grandezza: 33,40 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3140
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"A little over four decades ago... a monumental literary classic entitled MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE was first published. Its author, the prolific, legendary, not to mention one of the most tireless, pioneering investigative journalists in the 'truth is out there' field of all things unexplained, is the one and only Brad Steiger. Steiger has compiled in this book a truly comprehensive catalogue of some of the most perplexing, thought-provoking cases ever documented. Even after all of these years, here is a book that still remains not only an enduring classic but also still a source of valuable and relevant information and insight. This is an extraordinary tome by an extraordinary author who has, through the years, delved deeply into a wide range of some of the most remarkable, chilling and riveting case histories and accounts of the unexplained. There's nothing obsolete, passe, or "old hat" about MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE. It continues to stand as a thought-provoking landmark classic, and what can you expect from an author who has either authored or co-authored some 181 books to date, with over 17 million copies in print?" - Brent Raynes, editor of Alternate Perceptions"

The 50 50 Killer

Autore: Steve Mosby
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1409106101
Grandezza: 18,70 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 1910
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The breakthrough thriller from a new talent in psychological crime ... Mark Nelson is a young police officer, newly assigned to the team of John Mackey - a highly-decorated and successful detective, and author of a bestselling true crime book based on his years of experience catching killers. Mackey is a legend in the force and it's a huge opportunity for Mark, who has dedicated his life to his job ever since the death of his girlfriend years before. When a man is found burned to death in his own home, Mackey's team is thrown into an investigation that grows darker and more complex at every turn. The evidence points to a man known as the Fifty-Fifty Killer. His targets are young couples, who he stalks and subjects to a single night of torture and manipulation, testing and destroying the love between them. Only one of them ever survives until dawn. And his victims include a former member of Mackey's team. Soon afterwards, a young man walks into a police station badly tortured and with his memory in tatters. He knows only that his girlfriend is still being held captive in the woods he's escaped from. But the team know that by fleeing, the man has sealed his girlfriend's fate. If they can't piece together his experience by daybreak then she will die in his place. However, all is not what it seems ...

The Calvinist Copernicans

Autore: R. H. Vermij
Editore: Edita Publishing House of the Royal
ISBN: 9789069843407
Grandezza: 60,85 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When it was published in 1543, Copernicus's new astronomy had an enormous impact on intellectual life in early modern Europe, but the reception of his new ideas differed fundamentally from one country to another. Rienk Vermij discusses how—unlike in Roman Catholic lands—discussion in the heavily Calvinist Dutch Republic was initially dominated by humanist scholars who judged Copernicus's work on its mathematical merits. Yet even in this environment, it could not escape eventual philosophical, religious, and political controversies. This book shows how Copernicus's astronomy changed from an alternative cosmology into an established worldview in the Dutch Republic.