The Misplaced Legion

Autore: Harry Turtledove
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575121025
Grandezza: 48,77 MB
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As their armies watch, Marcus, a Roman centurion, and Viridovix, a Celt, begin a duel to the death until a strange spell transports them and a group of Roman legionaires to the mysterious world of Videssos, a land ruled by magic and dark sorcery.

Radiocarbon Dating And Italian Prehistory

Autore: Robin Skeates
Editore: British School at Rome
ISBN: 9781873415115
Grandezza: 74,82 MB
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The twelve papers in this volume originate from a conference held at the British School at Rome in 1991, and present a wide range of discussion on the problems and methodology in the use of radiocarbon dating. Contributors include: J Ambers (Some practical difficulties in the use of Carbon 14 in archaeology); S Improta (Contributi all'archeologia e aspetti metodologici della datazione); V Barbina, A Del Fabbro & F Calligaris (An overview of the reliability of radiocarbon dating); M Diana (Tecnologie diagnostiche avanzate per indagini archeologiche); L Fasani & N Martinelli (Problemi relativi alle palafitte italiane alla luce della ricerca dendrocronologica); M Pluciennik (Holocene hunter-gathers in Italy); R Skeates (Towards an absolute chronology for the Neolithic in central Italy); A Cazzella (Cronologia rediocarbonica durante l'eta del Bronza); R Whitehouse (The British Museum Carbon 14 for Italian prehistory); S Tusa (Cronologia assoluta e sequenza culturale nella paletnologia siciliana); R H Tykot (Radiocarbon dating and absolute chronology in Sardinia and Corsica); R Skeates (A radiocarbon date-list for prehistoric Italy [c.46,400 BP - 2450 BP/400 cal. BC]).

The Day Of Judgement

Autore: Salvatore Satta
Editore: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780002711470
Grandezza: 52,58 MB
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Like Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's The Leopard, The Day of Judgment is a matchless poetic evocation of change and decay in an era now lost, unfolding the melancholy rhythms of the isolated Sardinian town of Nuoro at the turn of the century through the family fortunes of Don Sebastiano Sanna, its aristocrat and its notary. Through him, now an old man, we see the malarial plain and the olive groves, and the vineyards and orchards laboriously hacked out of the craggy slopes. And through his reflections on the town where he was born we see also Nuoro's other citizens, who come forward into the limelight for a page or two and leave in the mind what seems to be their whole life story. From this insignificant place and these negligible lives Satta created a sombre and tragic pageant, for in Nuoro the sin of having lived is such that the dead are restless, awaiting some day of judgment that will set them free at last from life.