Il Libro Di Urantia

Autore: Multiple Authors
Editore: Urantia Foundation
ISBN: 188339516X
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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You have just discovered the literary masterpiece that answers your questions about God, life in the inhabited universe, the history and future of this world, and the life of Jesus. The Urantia Book harmonizes history, science, and religion into a philosophy of living that brings new meaning and hope into your life. If you are searching for answers, read The Urantia Book! The world needs new spiritual truth that provides modern men and women with an intellectual pathway into a personal relationship with God. Building on the world's religious heritage, The Urantia Book describes an endless destiny for humankind, teaching that living faith is the key to personal spiritual progress and eternal survival. These teachings provide new truths powerful enough to uplift and advance human thinking and believing for the next 1000 years. A third of The Urantia Book is the inspiring story of Jesus’ entire life and a revelation of his original teachings. This panoramic narrative includes his birth, childhood, teenage years, adult travels and adventures, public ministry, crucifixion, and 19 resurrection appearances. This inspiring story recasts Jesus from the leading figure of Christianity into the guide for seekers of all faiths and all walks of life. This book is a revelation.

The Urantia Book

Autore: Urantia Foundation
Editore: Urantia Foundation
ISBN: 0911560513
Grandezza: 57,31 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Written in the form of a revelation from divine beings, the classic guide to expanding consciousness presents texts discussing God, the universe, angels and other beings, the history of the world, the development of civilization, personal spiritual growth, and the life and teachings of Jesus.

The Sherman Diaries

Autore: Harold Morrow Sherman
ISBN: 9780976889618
Grandezza: 55,16 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Autore: Dan Brown
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1448169798
Grandezza: 45,93 MB
Formato: PDF
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*NOW A MAJOR FILM STARRING TOM HANKS AND FELICITY JONES* Florence: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon awakes in a hospital bed with no recollection of where he is or how he got there. Nor can he explain the origin of the macabre object that is found hidden in his belongings. A threat to his life will propel him and a young doctor, Sienna Brooks, into a breakneck chase across the city. Only Langdon’s knowledge of the hidden passageways and ancient secrets that lie behind its historic facade can save them from the clutches of their unknown pursuers. With only a few lines from Dante’s Inferno to guide them, they must decipher a sequence of codes buried deep within some of the Renaissance’s most celebrated artworks to find the answers to a puzzle which may, or may not, help them save the world from a terrifying threat...


Autore: Martin Gardner
Editore: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 1615922458
Grandezza: 33,43 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Published in 1955 under the direction of psychiatrist William Sadler, The Urantia Book is the largest and most sophisticated work of New Age literature ever produced. This massive tome of over 2,000 pages is believed by devotees to be a revelation to our world, which is allegedly called Urantia in the language of the unseen higher beings credited with inspiring the book. Unlike other channeled bibles, The Urantia Book contains a vast amount of modern science as well as an extensive biography of Jesus Christ, filled with details not found in the Gospels.Well-known skeptic and acclaimed popular science writer Martin Gardner presents a complete history of the Urantia movement, from its beginnings in the early 20th century to the present day. In addition to providing an outline of the Urantia cult's worldview, Gardner presents strong evidence to establish the identity of the man whose trancelike orations formed the basis of the book. Gardner also analyzes the flaws in Urantian science and points out many instances of plagiarism in various sections of the book.In a new postscript to this paperback edition, Gardner details recent developments in the Urantia movement, corrects some errors in the original edition, and responds to critical reactions from Urantia believers to his skeptical perspective on the book and the movement.Although there are other histories of The Urantia Book, this is the only one written by a skeptic. Anyone interested in the New Age, cults, or the development of new religions will find much fascinating material in Gardner's thorough overview.Martin Gardner, the creator of Scientific American's Mathematical Games column, which he wrote for more than twenty-five years, is the author of almost one hundred books, including The Annotated Ancient Mariner, Martin Gardner's Favorite Poetic Parodies, From the Wandering Jew to William F. Buckley Jr., and Science: Good, Bad and Bogus. For many years he was also a contributing editor to the Skeptical Inquirer.

Le Religioni In Italia

Autore: Massimo Introvigne
Grandezza: 42,30 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Emerald Tablet Of Hermes

Autore: Hermes
Editore: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465517278
Grandezza: 32,27 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 4045
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Etymological Dictionary Of Proto Germanic

Autore: Guus Kroonen
Editore: Brill Academic Publishers
ISBN: 9789004183407
Grandezza: 64,53 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2934
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The Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic traces back the Germanic lexicon to its Indo-European foundations and forms a landmark study of Proto-Germanic phonology, morphology and derivation.

Codex Seraphinianus Deluxe Edition

Autore: Luigi Serafini
Editore: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 9780847843091
Grandezza: 48,35 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2238
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Thirty-three years on from its original publication in Italy, this extraordinary encyclopedia of an imaginary world created by Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini already has a cult following eager to see a new edition. Out of print for many years it commands high prices in the used book market so this new edition will feed the demand as well as attract new fans. It is sure to appeal to audiences interested in the works of artists such as MC Escher, Hieronymus Bosch, and Dali.