Il Mio Diario Di Guerra Mcmxv Mcmxvii

Autore: Benito Mussolini
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Die Akademische Achse Berlin Rom

Autore: Andrea Albrecht
Editore: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110468719
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Die "Achse Berlin-Rom" war mehr als ein politisch-militärisches Projekt, sie erstreckte sich auf alle Bereiche der Gesellschaft. Wissenschaft und Kunst machten keine Ausnahme. Auch hier entstanden intensive Beziehungen, deren Wurzeln bis in die 1920er Jahre zurückreichten. Zahlreiche Intellektuelle beteiligten sich an dieser akademischen "Achse" zwischen Italien und Deutschland – unter ihnen auch viele deutsche Juden, die in Italien eine "Zuflucht auf Widerruf" (Klaus Voigt) gefunden hatten, ehe sie nach der Einführung der Rassengesetze auch dort unter Druck gerieten. Namhafte Experten aus fünf Ländern analysieren die Vielfalt dieser lange ignorierten Netzwerke, die freilich nicht nur von Kooperation und Transfer geprägt waren. Genauso oft standen sie im Zeichen von Abgrenzung und latenter Konkurrenz, die auch das "Achsen"-Bündnis insgesamt bestimmten. Die Botschaft dieses innovativen Ansatzes ist klar: Für eine interdisziplinär informierte Geschichtswissenschaft gibt es noch viel zu tun.

Giuseppe Mazzini And The Origins Of Fascism

Autore: Simon Levis Sullam
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137514590
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This controversial and groundbreaking study proposes a compelling reinterpretation of the political thought of one Italy's founding fathers, Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872), and in the process suggests a new approach to understanding the origins of fascist ideology.

La Guerra Bianca Vita E Morte Sul Fronte Italiano 1915 1919

Autore: Mark Thompson
Editore: Il Saggiatore
ISBN: 8865760087
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L Apostolo A Brandelli

Autore: Simon Levis Sullam
Editore: Gius.Laterza & Figli Spa
ISBN: 8858115929
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Com'è stata possibile la diversa presenza di Mazzini nel pensiero e nella lotta politica italiani, oltre il suo ruolo unificatore di padre della patria? Come ha potuto la sua eredità generare – soprattutto nel confronto fascismo-antifascismo – esiti politici opposti che al pensiero mazziniano continuarono a richiamarsi? Quali conseguenze ideologiche e politiche hanno avuto queste letture antitetiche? Da Francesco Crispi a Gaetano Salvemini, da Benito Mussolini ad Antonio Gramsci, in molti e da più parti hanno letto, interpretato, rivisitato, criticato il pensiero di Giuseppe Mazzini. Questo libro propone una nuova interpretazione del patriota genovese che mette in luce le componenti potenzialmente anti-democratiche del suo pensiero politico. Il celebre motto 'Dio e il popolo', il richiamo ai doveri piuttosto che ai diritti, la critica radicale della Rivoluzione francese, il rifiuto della dialettica sociale, costituiscono i fattori centrali di questo Mazzini autoritario che getta una luce inedita sui complessi rapporti tra Risorgimento e fascismo e sull'assenza di una religione civile democratica in Italia.

A Day In The Life Of Ancient Rome

Autore: Alberto Angela
Editore: Europa Editions Incorporated
ISBN: 9781933372716
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This voyage of exploration chronicles twenty-four hours in the life of a Roman patrician, beginning at dawn on an ordinary day in the year 115 A.D., with Imperial Rome at the height of its power.

Difficult Heritage

Autore: Sharon Macdonald
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134111053
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How does a city and a nation deal with a legacy of perpetrating atrocity? How are contemporary identities negotiated and shaped in the face of concrete reminders of a past that most wish they did not have? Difficult Heritage focuses on the case of Nuremberg – a city whose name is indelibly linked with Nazism – to explore these questions and their implications. Using an original in-depth research, using archival, interview and ethnographic sources, it provides not only fascinating new material and perspectives, but also more general original theorizing of the relationship between heritage, identity and material culture. The book looks at how Nuremberg has dealt with its Nazi past post-1945. It focuses especially, but not exclusively, on the city’s architectural heritage, in particular, the former Nazi party rally grounds, on which the Nuremburg rallies were staged. The book draws on original sources, such as city council debates and interviews, to chart a lively picture of debate, action and inaction in relation to this site and significant others, in Nuremberg and elsewhere. In doing so, Difficult Heritage seeks to highlight changes over time in the ways in which the Nazi past has been dealt with in Germany, and the underlying cultural assumptions, motivations and sources of friction involved. Whilst referencing wider debates and giving examples of what was happening elsewhere in Germany and beyond, Difficult Heritage provides a rich in-depth account of this most fascinating of cases. It also engages in comparative reflection on developments underway elsewhere in order to contextualize what was happening in Nuremberg and to show similarities to and differences from the ways in which other ‘difficult heritages’ have been dealt with elsewhere. By doing so, the author offers an informed perspective on ways of dealing with difficult heritage, today and in the future, discussing innovative museological, educational and artistic practice.

The Cardinal S Mistress

Autore: Benito Mussolini
Editore: Disruptive Publishing
ISBN: 1608727130
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In 1909 Benito Mussolini, then in his twenty-sixth year, was working in Trent (at that time part of Austria) as secretary to the Socialist Chamber of Labor, or trade union headquarters. He received a salary of $24 a month, which he supplemented by giving French lessons. His work as secretary included his services as assistant to Cesare Battisti in editing Il Popolo, organ of the patriotic wing of the local Italian Socialists, and its weekly supplement, La Vita Trentina. One of his editorial duties was to write the weekly feuilleton for the supplement. Among his contributions under this head was a serial, "Claudia Particella, l'Amante del Cardinale: Grande Romanzo dei Tempi del Cardinale Emanuel Madruzzo." It is this romance which is here offered for the first time in English.

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

Autore: Cory O'Brien
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101619678
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Get this: Cronus liked to eat babies. Narcissus probably should have just learned to masturbate. Odin got construction discounts with bestiality. Isis had bad taste in jewelry. Ganesh was the very definition of an unplanned pregnancy. And Abraham was totally cool about stabbing his kid in the face. All our lives, we’ve been fed watered-down, PC versions of the classic myths. In reality, mythology is more screwed up than a schizophrenic shaman doing hits of unidentified…wait, it all makes sense now. In Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, Cory O’Brien, creator of Myths RETOLD!, sets the stories straight. These are rude, crude, totally sacred texts told the way they were meant to be told: loudly, and with lots of four-letter words. Skeptical? Here are a few more gems to consider: • Zeus once stuffed an unborn fetus inside his thigh to save its life after he exploded its mother by being too good in bed. • The entire Egyptian universe was saved because Sekhmet just got too hammered to keep murdering everyone. • The Hindu universe is run by a married couple who only stop murdering in order to throw sweet dance parties…on the corpses of their enemies. • The Norse goddess Freyja once consented to a four-dwarf gangbang in exchange for one shiny necklace. And there’s more dysfunctional goodness where that came from.

La Vita Militare

Autore: Edmondo De Amicis
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530803293
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Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 1978
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This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.