The Myth Of The Twentieth Century

Author: Alfred Rosenberg
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ISBN: 9781389584657
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Regarded as the second most important book to come out of Nazi Germany, Alfred Rosenberg's Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts is a philosophical and political map which outlines the ideological background to the Nazi Party and maps out how that party viewed society, other races, social ordering, religion, art, aesthetics and the structure of the state. The "Mythus" to which Rosenberg (who was also editor of the Nazi Party newspaper) refers was the concept of blood, which, according to the preface, "unchains the racial world-revolution." Rosenberg's no-hold barred depiction of the history of Christianity earned it the accusation that it was anti-Christian, and that unjustified controversy overshadowed the most interesting sections of the book which deal with the world racial situation and the demand for racially homogenous states as the only method to preserve individual world cultures. Rosenberg was hanged at Nuremberg on charges of "waging wars of aggression" even though he had never served in the military, and it is likely that he was hanged purely because of this book. Contents Preface Book One: The Conflict of Values Chapter I. Race and Race Soul Chapter II. Love and Honour Chapter III. Mysticism and Action Book Two: Nature of Germanic Art Chapter I. Racial Aesthetics Chapter II. Will And Instinct Chapter III. Personality And Style Chapter IV. The Aesthetic Will Book Three: The Coming Reich Chapter I. Myth And Type Chapter II. The State And The Sexes Chapter III. Folk And State Chapter IV. Nordic German Law Chapter V. Church And School Chapter VI. A New System Of State Chapter VII. The Essential Unit

Block 262830

Author: Guillaume Zeller
Editor: Edizioni Piemme
ISBN: 8858515064
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Il racconto struggente di una pagina sconvolgente e ancora misconosciuta dell'Olocausto

Annonymous 20th Century

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Pizza And Pizza Chefs In Japan A Case Of Culinary Globalization

Author: Rossella Ceccarini
Editor: BRILL
ISBN: 9004194665
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This book analyzes the reception of artisanal pizza in Japan through the lens of professional pizza chefs. The movement of food and workers, and the impact that such movements have on the artisanal workers occupation are at issue.

Letteratura E Memoria Bellica Nella Spagna Del Xx Secolo

Author: Sara Polverini
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I Custodi Della Memoria L Edilizia Archivistica Italiana Statale Del Xx Secolo

Author: Maria Barbara Bertini
Editor: Maggioli Editore
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Reenchanted Science

Author: Anne Harrington
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691050508
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By the 1920s in Central Europe, it had become a truism among intellectuals that natural science had "disenchanted" the world, and in particular had reduced humans to mere mechanisms, devoid of higher purpose. But could a new science of "wholeness" heal what the old science of the "machine" had wrought? Some contemporary scientists thought it could. These years saw the spread of a new, "holistic" science designed to nourish the heart as well as the head, to "reenchant" even as it explained. Critics since have linked this holism to a German irrationalism that is supposed to have paved the way to Nazism. In a penetrating analysis of this science, Anne Harrington shows that in fact the story of holism in Germany is a politically heterogeneous story with multiple endings. Its alliances with Nazism were not inevitable, but resulted from reorganizational processes that ultimately brought commitments to wholeness and race, healing and death into a common framework. Before 1933, holistic science was a uniquely authoritative voice in cultural debates on the costs of modernization. It attracted not only scientists with Nazi sympathies but also moderates and leftists, some of whom left enduring humanistic legacies. Neither a "reduction" of science to its politics, nor a vision in which the sociocultural environment is a backdrop to the "internal" work of science, this story instead emphasizes how metaphor and imagery allow science to engage "real" phenomena of the laboratory in ways that are richly generative of human meanings and porous to the social and political imperatives of the hour.

Art As Art

Author: Ad Reinhardt
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520076709
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Ad Reinhardt is probably best known for his black paintings, which aroused as much controversy as admiration in the American art world when they were first exhibited in the 1950s. Although his ideas about art and life were often at odds with those of his contemporaries, they prefigured the ascendance of minimalism. Reinhardt's interest in the Orient and in religion, his strong convictions about the value of abstraction, and his disgust with the commercialism of the art world are as fresh and valid today as they were when he first expressed them.