Il Mondo Dei Desideri 101 Progetti Di Libert

Autore: Igor Sibaldi
ISBN: 9788899684051
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Provocazioni Manageriali

Autore: Beppe Carrella
Editore: Beppe Carrella
ISBN: 8850328346
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The 120 Days Of Sodom

Autore: Marquis De Sade
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781500772307
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The 120 Days of Sodom is a novel by the French writer Marquis de Sade. It tells the story of four wealthy male libertines who resolve to experience the ultimate sexual gratification in orgies. To do this, they seal themselves away for four months in an inaccessible castle in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, France, with a harem of 46 victims, mostly young male and female teenagers, and engage four female brothel keepers to tell the stories of their lives and adventures. The women's narratives form an inspiration for the sexual abuse and torture of the victims, which gradually mounts in intensity and ends in their slaughter.


Autore: Erving Goffman
Editore: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780202309712
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A total institution is defined by Goffman as a place of residence and work where a large number of like-situated, individuals, cut off from the wider society for an appreciable period of time, together lead an enclosed, formally administered round of life. Prisons serve as a clear example, providing we appreciate that what is prison-like about prisons is found in institutions whose members have broken no laws. This volume deals with total institutions in general and, mental hospitals, in particular. The main focus is, on the world of the inmate, not the world of the staff. A chief concern is to develop a sociological version of the structure of the self. Each of the essays in this book were intended to focus on the same issue--the inmate's situation in an institutional context. Each chapter approaches the central issue from a different vantage point, each introduction drawing upon a different source in sociology and having little direct relation to the other chapters. This method of presenting material may be irksome, but it allows the reader to pursue the main theme of each paper analytically and comparatively past the point that would be allowable in chapters of an integrated book. If sociological concepts are to be treated with affection, each must be traced back to where it best applies, followed from there wherever it seems to lead, and pressed to disclose the rest of its family. Erving Goffman was Benjamin Franklin Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania until his death in 1982. He is recognized as one of the world's foremost social theorists and much of his work still remains in print. Among his classic books are The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life; Interaction Ritual; Stigma; Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity; and Frame Analysis. William B. Helmreich is a professor of sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center and City College. He has written Against All Odds, The Enduring Community, Saving Children, and The Things They Say Behind Your Back all available from Transaction.


Autore: Blaise Pascal
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 9780140446456
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Blaise Pascal, the precociously brilliant contemporary of Descartes, was a gifted mathematician and physicist, but it is his unfinished apologia for the Christian religion upon which his reputation now rests. The Penseés is a collection of philosohical fragments, notes and essays in which Pascal explores the contradictions of human nature in pscyhological, social, metaphysical and - above all - theological terms. Mankind emerges from Pascal's analysis as a wretched and desolate creature within an impersonal universe, but who can be transformed through faith in God's grace.

Sweet Dreams Little One

Autore: Massimo Gramellini
ISBN: 9781846883514
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It's early morning on New Year's Eve, and 9-year-old Massimo wakes up to a long, doleful cry and the disconcerting image of his dad being supported by two strangers. Inexplicably, his mother has disappeared, leaving only a vague trail of perfume in his room and her dressing gown bundled up at the foot of his bed. Where has she gone? Will she ever come back? And will Massimo be able to say sorry, after quarrelling with her the night before?

Il Falso Testamento Creazione Miracoli Patto D Allenza L Altra Verit Dietro La Bibbia

Autore: Mauro Biglino
ISBN: 9788804664482
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Atti Parlamentari Della Camera Dei Deputati

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Consists of separately numbered series of publications of the Parlamento as a whole, the Senato, and the Camera dei deputati. Each session is divided into Disegni di leggi; Documenti; and: Discussioni.