Il Mondo

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Amid a childhood steeped in tragedy, murder, and abuse clouded by the family’s alcoholism and inner demons, one boy, crowned with an innate gift imposed on him by the miracle of human creation, at the age of fourteen, separates himself from the family ignominies and to stave off poverty. He is determined to override and erase the memory of his abusers and his grandfather’s debacle and the tragedy that resulted from it--his self-confidence prevails. The combination of forbidding and bliss convey a diverse story: from a group of religious people who sexually abused him, to the center of the glamorous celebrity world, to Mother Nature that, in a spectacular display, demonstrated his future, and how he comes to meet the President of America, Pope John XXIII, the King of Thailand, and numerous Hollywood luminaries.

Il Mondo Magico

Author: Cecilia Alemani
Editor: Marsilio Editori
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The catalog of the Italian national participation in the 2017 Venice Biennale. Three artists have been selected to represent Italy at the 2017 Venice Biennale: Giorgio Andreotta Cal�, Roberto Cuoghi, and Adelita Husni-Bey. They are relatively young artists, belonging to the same generation as the curator, and have been present on the international art scene since the year 2000. Their works speak global languages but are closely linked to the culture of Italy, without overlooking its current cosmopolitan aspect. Giorgio Andreotta Cal� focuses on dialogues between space and artistic action, Roberto Cuoghi--the best known of the three--carries out research into memory and time, and Adelita Husni-Bey involves the public in artistic practices connected with history and social issues.

Il Mondo Nel Mondo

Author: Analìa Scarpone
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Come Internet Ha Cambiato Il Mondo

Author: Giuliano Verne
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The Fierce And Beautiful World

Author: Andre姠Platonovich·Platonov
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This collection of Platonov's short fiction brings together seven works drawn from the whole of his career. It includes the harrowing novella Dzahn ("Soul"), in which a young man returns to his Asian birthplace to find his people deprived not only of food and dwelling, but of memory and speech, and "The Potudan River," Platonov's most celebrated story. In December 2007 The Fierce and Beautiful World will be superseded by Soul (978-159017-254-4), a new translation of eight of Platonov's stories.

Il Dialogo Della Chiesa Col Mondo

Author: B. Callieri
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