The Lost Girls Of Rome

Autore: Donato Carrisi
Editore: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 0316246816
Grandezza: 42,33 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 5690
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A grieving young widow, seeking answers to her husband's death, becomes entangled in an investigation steeped in the darkest mysteries of Rome. Sandra Vega, a forensic analyst with the Roman police department, mourns deeply for a marriage that ended too soon. A few months ago, in the dead of night, her husband, an up-and-coming journalist, plunged to his death at the top of a high-rise construction site. The police ruled it an accident. Sanda is convinced it was anything but. Launching her own inquiries, Sanda finds herself on a dangerous trail, working the same case that she is convinced led to her husband's murder. An investigation which is deeply entwined with a series of disappearances that has swept the city, and brings Sandra ever closer to a centuries-old secret society that will do anything to stay in the shadows.

The Hunter Of The Dark

Autore: Donato Carrisi
Editore: Abacus
ISBN: 9780349141176
Grandezza: 61,56 MB
Formato: PDF
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A brutal killer is on the streets of Rome. He leaves no trace. And shows no mercy. A series of gruesome murders leaves the police force in Rome reeling, with no real clues or hard evidence to follow. Assigned to the case is Sandra Vega, a brilliant forensic analyst, struggling to come to terms with the crimes and her own past. Sandra's shared history with Marcus, a member of the ancient Penitenzeri - a unique Italian team, linked to the Vatican, and trained in the detection of true evil, means that the two are brought together again in the pursuit of a malignant killer. Soon Marcus and Sandra notice the emergence of a disturbing pattern running alongside the latest killings - and every time they think they have grasped a fragment of the truth, they are led down yet another terrifying path. A sensational new literary thriller from the bestselling author of The Whisperer, this novel captures the beautiful atmosphere of Rome and explores its dark and hidden secrets.

The Whisperer The Way To Freedom

Autore: H.M. Clarke
Editore: PublishDrive
Grandezza: 74,40 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Book 7 is here! Dearen and her uneasy allies are on a rescue mission to free Adhamh from his Arranian capturers. Kral Tayme, on the other hand, has given himself his own mission to remind Dearen at every available moment of who she really is. Kalena Tsarland, Hatar Kalarthri.

The Girl In The Fog

Autore: Donato Carrisi
Editore: Abacus
ISBN: 9780349142623
Grandezza: 60,12 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 2593
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Sixty-two days after the disappearance . . . A man is arrested after a road accident in the small town of Avechot. His shirt is covered in blood. Could this have anything to do with a missing girl called Anna Lou? Detective Vogel is on the case, but his unconventional means of investigation end up unsettling the locals. Also looming over Vogel is a case from his past that nearly destroyed his career. Determined not to lose again, he will do anything to solve the mystery surrounding Anna Lou's disappearance. Then, a media storm hits the quiet town and Vogel is sure that the suspect will be flushed out. Yet the clues are confusing, perhaps false, and following them may be a far cry from discovering the truth at the heart of a dark town. 'A gripping read . . . I defy anyone to guess the denouement' - Guardian on The Whisperer 'Gruesome and gripping . . . a taut psychological thriller' - The Times on The Whisperer


Autore: James Patterson
Editore: Little, Brown
ISBN: 9780316032506
Grandezza: 74,35 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1563
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Since the death of her husband, Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way. In a last ditch effort to save the family, Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone together once again. But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong. The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself. The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugs and ten-year-old Ernie is nearly catatonic. This is the worst vacation ever. Anne manages to pull things together bit by bit, but just as they begin feeling like a family again, something catastrophic happens. Survival may be the least of their concerns. Written with the blistering pace and shocking twists that only James Patterson can master, SAIL takes "Lost" and "Survivor" to a new level of terror.

La Donna Dei Fiori Di Carta

Autore: Donato Carrisi
Editore: Longanesi
ISBN: 8830434272
Grandezza: 51,21 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3953
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Il monte Fumo è una cattedrale di ghiaccio, teatro di una battaglia decisiva. Ma l'eco dei combattimenti non varca l'entrata della caverna in cui avviene un confronto fra due uomini. Uno è un prigioniero che all'alba sarà fucilato, a meno che non riveli nome e grado. L'altro è un medico che ha solo una notte per convincerlo a parlare, ma che ancora non sa che ciò che sta per sentire è molto più di quanto ha chiesto e cambierà per sempre anche la sua esistenza. Perché le vite di questi due uomini che dovrebbero essere nemici, in realtà, sono legate. Sono appese a un filo sottile come il fumo che si leva dalle loro sigarette e dipendono dalle risposte a tre domande. Chi è il prigioniero? Chi è Guzman? Chi era l'uomo che fumava sul Titanic? Questa è la storia della verità nascosta nell'abisso di una leggenda. Questa è la storia di un eroe insolito e della sua ossessione. Questa storia ha attraversato il tempo e ingannato la morte, perché è destinata al cuore di una donna misteriosa.

The Vanished Ones

Autore: Donato Carrisi
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0349140049
Grandezza: 49,63 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 876
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We call them the sleepers . . . At the elite Missing Persons bureau of the Federal Police, Mila Vasquez is tasked with finding the hundreds of lost people who vanished from their former lives. The longer they are gone, the more they are forgotten by the world. Now they are returning. Appearing at random and wielding devastation, they enact a horrifying pattern of murders, leaving Mila scrabbling to discover where they have come from and what they want. Yet the deeper into the case she gets, Mila begins to realise that her colleagues are hiding something from her - something which will jeopardise everything . . . Set in the world of Carrisi's record-breaking debut, The Whisperer, The Vanished Ones is intelligent, thrilling and incredibly compelling.

The Hypnotist

Autore: Lars Kepler
Editore: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 0771095740
Grandezza: 11,73 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 1815
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Tumba, Sweden. A triple homicide, all of the victims from the same family, captivates Detective Inspector Joona Linna, who demands to investigate the grisly murders -- against the wishes of the national police. The killer is at large, and it appears that the elder sister of the family escaped the carnage; it seems only a matter of time until she, too, is murdered. But where can Linna begin? The only surviving witness is an intended victim -- the boy whose mother, father, and little sister were killed before his eyes. Whoever committed the crimes intended for this boy to die: he has suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and Lapsed into a state of shock. He's in no condition to be questioned. Desperate for information, Linna sees one mode of recourse: hypnotism. He enlists Dr. Erik Maria Bark to mesmerize the boy, hoping to discover the killer through his eyes. It's the sort of work that Bark had sworn he would never do again-ethically dubious and psychically scarring. When he breaks his promise and hypnotizes the victim, a Long and terrifying chain of events begins to unfurl. From the Hardcover edition.


Autore: Jeffery Deaver
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743491594
Grandezza: 17,89 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 1566
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An anthology of short fiction includes "The Christmas Present," a holiday tale featuring Lincoln Rhyme, as well as "Gone Fishing," "Triangle," "The Kneeling Soldier," and "Without Jonathan."

The Daughter

Autore: Jane Shemilt
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062320483
Grandezza: 50,22 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 4895
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In the tradition of Gillian Flynn, Tana French, and Ruth Rendell, this compelling and clever psychological thriller spins the harrowing tale of a mother’s obsessive search for her missing daughter. Jenny is a successful family doctor, the mother of three great teenagers, married to a celebrated neurosurgeon. But when her youngest child, fifteen-year-old Naomi, doesn’t come home after her school play, Jenny’s seemingly ideal life begins to crumble. The authorities launch a nationwide search with no success. Naomi has vanished, and her family is broken. As the months pass, the worst-case scenarios—kidnapping, murder—seem less plausible. The trail has gone cold. Yet for a desperate Jenny, the search has barely begun. More than a year after her daughter’s disappearance, she’s still digging for answers—and what she finds disturbs her. Everyone she’s trusted, everyone she thought she knew, has been keeping secrets, especially Naomi. Piecing together the traces her daughter left behind, Jenny discovers a very different Naomi from the girl she thought she’d raised.