Il Vortice Aereo Volgarmente Detto Scione O Bisciabova Spigne E Non Assorbe Trattato Apologetico Critico Etc

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Saragosa Texas Tornado May 22 1987

Author: Benigno E. Aguirre
Editor: National Academies
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The small community of Saragosa, Texas, was devastated by a violent multiple-vortex tornado on Friday, May 22, 1987. Despite the extensive warning dissemination efforts, which are documented in this book, the overall warning system in Saragosa failed to reach most of the residents in time for them to take effective safety measures. The primary purpose of this book is to combine the information provided by the respondents to a postdisaster survey with the facts surrounding the tornado in order to understand and evaluate the severe weather warning procedures used in Reeves County, Texas, where Saragosa is located. The evaluation of this survey is intended to determine ways of adjusting existing warning systems and better prepare the citizens, public officials, and news media in Reeves County, as well as in every city, county, and township where severe weather threatens lives and property.

Tornado Alley

Author: Howard B. Bluestein
Editor: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195307115
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Details the history of the study of tornadoes and the thunderstorms that spawn them, and documents encounters with tornadoes

Scanning The Skies

Author: Marlene Bradford
Editor: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806133027
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Tornadoes, nature's most violent and unpredictable storms, descend from the clouds nearly one thousand times yearly and have claimed eighteen thousand American lives since 1880. However, the U.S. Weather Bureau--fearing public panic and believing tornadoes were too fleeting for meteorologists to predict--forbade the use of the word "tornado" in forecasts until 1938. Scanning the Skies traces the history of today's tornado warning system, a unique program that integrates federal, state, and local governments, privately controlled broadcast media, and individuals. Bradford examines the ways in which the tornado warning system has grown from meager beginnings into a program that protects millions of Americans each year. Although no tornado forecasting program existed before WWII, the needs of the military prompted the development of a severe weather warning system in tornado prone areas. Bradford traces the post-war creation of the Air Force centralized tornado forecasting program and its civilian counterpart at the Weather Bureau. Improvements in communication, especially the increasing popularity of television, allowed the Bureau to expand its warning system further. This book highlights the modern tornado watch system and explains how advancements during the latter half of the twentieth-century--such as computerized data collection and processing systems, Doppler radar, state-of-the-art television weather centers, and an extensive public education program--have resulted in the drastic reduction of tornado fatalities.

Thunderstorms Tornadoes And Building Damage

Author: Joe R. Eagleman
ISBN: 9780669981377
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Storm Warning

Author: Jonathan D. Kahl
Editor: Lerner Publications
ISBN: 9780822525271
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Provides information about hurricanes and tornadoes, such as where and when they occur, how they form, and the damage they can cause.

Freaky Facts About Natural Disasters

Author: Sarah Fecher
Editor: Two-Can Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781587285394
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Hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires...We all know how deadly Mother Nature can be. Dare to discover wild winds that suck trains into the air, and giant earthquakes that can REALLY shake people up. Read about how disaster scientists go looking for trouble.

Wind In Architectural And Environmental Design

Author: Michele G. Melaragno
Editor: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
ISBN: 9780442251307
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