Immagini Ed Eresie Nell Italia Del Cinquecento

Autore: Massimo Firpo
ISBN: 9788858125243
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Vista: 2004
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Riforma Protestante Ed Eresie Nell Italia Del Cinquecento

Autore: Massimo Firpo
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Storie Di Immagini Immagini Di Storia

Autore: Massimo Firpo
Editore: Storia e Letteratura
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Juan De Vald S And The Italian Reformation

Autore: Massimo Firpo
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317110234
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Juan de Valdés played a pivotal role in the febrile atmosphere of sixteenth-century Italian religious debate. Fleeing his native Spain after the publication in 1529 of a book condemned by the Spanish Inquisition, he settled in Rome as a political agent of the emperor Charles V and then in Naples, where he was at the centre of a remarkable circle of literary and spiritual men and women involved in the religious crisis of those years, including Peter Martyr Vermigli, Marcantonio Flaminio, Bernardino Ochino and Giulia Gonzaga. Although his death in 1541 marked the end of this group, Valdés’ writings were to have a decisive role in the following two decades, when they were sponsored and diffused by important cardinals such as Reginald Pole and Giovanni Morone, both papal legates to the Council of Trent. The most famous book of the Italian Reformation, the Beneficio di Cristo, translated in many European languages, was based on Valdés’ thought, and the Roman Inquisition was very soon convinced that he had ’infected the whole of Italy’. In this book Massimo Firpo traces the origins of Valdés’ religious experience in Erasmian Spain and in the movement of the alumbrados, and underlines the large influence of his teachings after his death all over Italy and beyond. In so doing he reveals the originality of the Italian Reformation and its influence in the radicalism of many religious exiles in Switzerland and Eastern Europe, with their anti-Trinitarians and finally Socinian outcomes. Based upon two extended essays originally published in Italian, this book provides a full up-dated and revised English translation that outlines a new perspective of the Italian religious history in the years of the Council of Trent, from the Sack of Rome to the triumph of the Roman Inquisition, reconstructing and rethinking it not only as a failed expansion of the Protestant Reformation, but as having its own peculiar originality. As such it will be welcomed by all scholars wishin

Dissimulation And Deceit In Early Modern Europe

Autore: Miriam Eliav-Feldon
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137447494
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In this book, twelve scholars of early modern history analyse various categories and cases of deception and false identity in the age of geographical discoveries and of forced conversions: from two-faced conversos to serial converts, from demoniacs to stigmatics, and from self-appointed ambassadors to lying cosmographer.

Veiled Threats

Autore: Michael P. Carroll
Editore: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801852909
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In his acclaimed Madonnas That Maim, Michael Carroll began his systematic examination of popular Catholicism in Italy. Now, in Veiled Threats, Carroll delves more deeply into the distinctive character of Italian popular Catholicism. He explores in detail the complex relationship between popular and official Catholicism in Italy from the fifteenth century to the present, bringing to light a considerable body of recent Italian scholarship on the Catholic experience in Italy never before translated into English. Carroll places special emphasis on miraculous images and the cults that form around them, on public performances such as self-flagellation during Holy Week processions, on devotion to souls in Purgatory, on the success of preaching orders in adapting to local beliefs, on the role of relics and the incorrupt bodies of saints, and on differing responses to the Reformation in northern and southern Italy. Throughout Veiled Threats, Carroll discovers in the beliefs and practices of popular Catholicism and implicit logic and vital creativity that reflect local experiences and needs far removed from those of official Catholicism.

Lo Specchio Turco

Autore: Marina Formica
Editore: Donzelli Editore
ISBN: 8860368286
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Li Trofei Della Croce

Autore: Isabella Gagliardi
Editore: Ed. di Storia e Letteratura
ISBN: 8884982715
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Vista: 1733
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Juan De Vald S E La Riforma Nell Italia Del Cinquecento

Autore: Massimo Firpo
Editore: Gius.Laterza & Figli Spa
ISBN: 8858124162
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Nel corso del XVI secolo le dottrine scaturite dalla protesta di Lutero si diffusero largamente anche in Italia, assumendo connotazioni peculiari e intrecciandosi con altri movimenti religiosi e specifiche eredità culturali. Massimo Firpo ne ricostruisce le origini e la storia mettendo in luce il ruolo decisivo esercitato dall'esule spagnolo Juan de Valdés negli anni che fecero da sfondo al concilio di Trento. Irriducibile alla Riforma protestante, il suo magistero spiritualistico seppe infatti orientare inquietudini e istanze di rinnovamento diffuse tanto a livello popolare quanto ai vertici delle gerarchie sociali, tra letterati e aristocratici, vescovi e cardinali.