Art Therapy In Asia

Autore: Debra L. Kalmanowitz
Editore: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9780857004499
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As art therapy rapidly makes its mark across Asia, this book documents how the field of art therapy is taking shape as both a profession and a discipline in this region. It looks at how art therapists in Asia are assimilating Western models and adapting them to create unique home-grown practices. Building on theory, research and practice that has been developed in the West, practitioners throughout Asia are creating innovative art therapy programs that reflect cultural diversity and draw on ideas from Chinese medicine and Eastern philosophy, spirituality and art traditions. With chapters from leading art therapists and community artists in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, China, India, The Philippines and Singapore, this book pulls together thought-provoking perspectives and effective approaches from which East and West can both learn. The first of its kind, this book will be an informative and inspiring addition to the bookshelves of all art therapy professionals and students, as well as anyone with an interest in Eastern cultures and cross-cultural working.

Language And National Identity In Asia

Autore: Andrew Simpson
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780199267484
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Language and National Identity in Asia is a comprehensive introduction to the role of language in the construction and development of nations and national identities in Asia. Leading scholars from all over the world investigate the role languages have played and now play in the formation of the national and social identity in countries throughout South, East, and Southeast Asia. They consider the relation of the regions' languages to national, ethnic, and cultural identity, and examine the status of and interactions between majority, official, and minority languages. Illustrated with maps and accessibly written this book will interest all those concerned to understand the dynamics of social change in some of the most important countries in the world. It will appeal to all those studying, researching, or teaching issues in Asian society, language, and politics from a comparative perspective.

Christianities In Asia

Autore: Peter C. Phan
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405160896
Grandezza: 32,55 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Christianity in Asia explores the history, development, and current state of Christianity across the world’s largest and most populous continent. Offers detailed coverage of the growth of Christianity within South Asia; among the thousands of islands comprising Southeast Asia; and across countries whose Christian origins were historically linked, including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea Brings together a truly international team of contributors, many of whom are natives of the countries they are writing about Considers the Middle Eastern countries whose Christian roots are deepest, yet have turbulent histories and uncertain futures Explores the ways in which Christians in Asian countries have received and transformed Christianity into their local or indigenous religion Shows Christianity to be a vibrant contemporary movement in many Asian countries, despite its comparatively minority status in these regions

Asian And Pentecostal

Autore: Allan Anderson
Editore: OCMS
ISBN: 9781870345439
Grandezza: 62,80 MB
Formato: PDF
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Provides a thematic discussion and case studies on the history and development of Pentecostal and Charismatic churches in the countries of South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia.

Elections In Asia And The Pacific A Data Handbook

Autore: Dieter Nohlen
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191530417
Grandezza: 14,32 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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This two-volume work continues the series of election data handbooks published by OUP. It presents a first-ever compendium of electoral data for all the 62 states in Asia, Australia and Oceania from their independence to the present. Following the overall structure of the series, an initial comparative introduction on elections and electoral systems is followed by chapters on each state in the region. Written by knowledgeable and renowned scholars, the contributions examine the evolution of institutional and electoral arrangements, and provide systematic surveys of the up-to-date electoral provisions and their historical development. Exhaustive statistics on national elections and referendums are given in each chapter. Together with the other books of this series, Elections in Asia and the Pacific is a highly reliable resource for historical and cross-national comparisons of elections and electoral systems world-wide. The first volume of Elections in Asia and the Pacific includes a total of 32 independent states situated in the three 'western' regions of the Asian continent: the countries of the Middle East (including Turkey); the post-Soviet states of Central Asia and the Caucasus; and the countries situated in South Asia (including Afghanistan and Myanmar).

Ethnicity In Asia

Autore: Colin Mackerras
Editore: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415258166
Grandezza: 69,14 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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This book is designed as a comprehensive comparative introduction to ethnicity in East and Southeast Asia since 1945. Each chapter covers a particular country looking at such core issues as: · the ethnic minorities or groups in the country of concern, how many ethnic groups, population, language and culture group they belong to, traditional religions and arts · government policy towards the ethnic minorities or groups · the economies of the ethnic minorities or groups and the relation with the national economy; · problems of national integration caused by the ethnic minorities or groups; · the impact of ethnic issues on the country's overall foreign relations.

Environmental Movements In Asia

Autore: Arne Kalland
Editore: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780700706167
Grandezza: 64,94 MB
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This volume paints a general picture of the environmental situation in Asia, backing it up with several case studies. Two major points are made in this general picture. The first is that environmental campaigns in Asia tend to have a local focus; they react to very concrete problems in the immediate neighbourhood and as such usually people are engaged in a cause for practical rather than idealistic reasons. Such can be seen in case studies from the volume dealing with campaigns against logging and tree plantations, tourist facilities and factories and in support or defence of nature reserves. This pattern is in marked contrast to the profile of the most successful Western movements (in terms of fund-raising at least) for whom the focus is on perceived problems in distant parts of the world. The second point is evidence in several of the case studies in the volume, namely that environmental campaigns cannot be understood in terms of environmental issues alone. Rather, they should be regarded as a form of cultural critique and frequently are a form of political resistance in situations where open political action is too risky.

The Body In Asia

Autore: Bryan S. Turner
Editore: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1845459660
Grandezza: 74,17 MB
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The past few decades have seen growing interest in the study of the body. However, the increasing number of exciting and influential publications has primarily, if not exclusively, focused on the body in Western cultures. The various works produced by Asian scholars remain largely unknown to Western academic debates even though Asia is home to a host of rich body cultures and religions. The peoples of Asia have experienced colonization, decolonization, and now globalization, all of which make the 'body in Asia' a rewarding field of research. This unique volume brings together a number of scholars who work on East, Southeast and South Asia and presents original and cutting edge research on the body in various Asian cultures.

The Soviet Union In Asia

Autore: Geoffrey Jukes
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520023932
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Parliaments In Asia

Autore: Nizam Ahmed
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135262012
Grandezza: 36,27 MB
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This is a description and assessment of Asian parliaments. It looks at the parliaments of India, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia and Nepal and assesses key variables that determine the impact of parliaments.