The Republic Of India

Author: Alan Gledhill
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Author: Jean Drèze
Editor: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199257492
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This book explores the role of public action in eliminating deprivation and expanding human freedoms in India. The analysis is based on a broad and integrated view of development, which focuses on well-being and freedom rather than the standard indicators of economic growth. The authors place human agency at the centre of stage, and stress the complementary roles of different institutions (economic, social, and political) in enhancing effective freedoms. In comparative international perspective, the Indian economy has done reasonably well in the period following the economic reforms initiated in the early nineties. However, relatively high aggregate economic growth coexists with the persistence of endemic deprivation and deep social failures. Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen relate this imbalance to the continued neglect, in the post-reform period, of public involvement in crucial fields such as basic education, health care, social security, environmental protection, gender equity, and civil rights, and also to the imposition of new burdens such as the accelerated expansion of military expenditure. Further, the authors link these distortions of public priorities with deep-seated inequalities of social influence and political power. The book discusses the possibility of addressing these biases through more active democratic practice.


Author: Diana L. Eck
Editor: Harmony
ISBN: 0385531907
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A spiritual history of India provides coverage of its sacred places, its core tenets, and the historical events of specific regions while sharing a basic introduction to Hindu religious ideas and how they have influenced modern India.


Author: Sarina Singh
Editor: Lonely Planet
ISBN: 1741043085
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Supplies tips on sightseeing in India and surveys the hotels, restaurants, transportation, and attractions in the cities of India.

Tales Of Ancient India

Author: J. A. B. van Buitenen
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226846477
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"This admirably produced and well-translated volume of stories from the Sanskrit takes the Western reader into one of the Golden Ages of India. . . . The world in which the tales are set is one which placed a premium upon slickness and guile as aids to success. . . . Merchants, aristocrats, Brahmins, thieves and courtesans mingle with vampires, demi-gods and the hierarchy of heaven in a series of lively or passionate adventures. The sources of the individual stories are clearly indicated; the whole treatment is scholarly without being arid."—The Times Literary Supplement "Fourteen tales from India, newly translated with a terse and vibrant effectiveness. These tales will appeal to any reader who enjoys action, suspense, characterization, and suspension of disbelief in the supernatural."—The Personalist

A Functional Competition Policy For India

Author: Pradeep S. Mehta
Editor: Academic Foundation
ISBN: 9788171884933
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Contributed articles emerging out of various seminar platforms on Indian government policies on competition and laws regarding it.


Author: Stanley A. Wolpert
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520246966
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"To all of us who delightedly and sometimes repetitively call ourselves Old India hands, Stanley Wolpert is the acknowledged authority. This book tells why. Indian history, art, culture, and contemporary politics are here in accurate, wide-ranging, and lucid prose."--John Kenneth Galbraith PRAISE FOR THE PREVIOUS EDITION: "Wolpert understands India. . .. Fluent, wide-ranging and often wise, this volume is a useful addition to a shelf of books on India."--Shashi Tharoor, "Washington Post Book World" "A superb distillation of a lifetime's learning by UCLA's great historian of India. Refreshingly concrete and detailed, [and] vibrantly written, Wolpert's overview repeatedly succeeds at explaining a culture that gave us little things like the decimal system, chess, cotton cloth, meditation, and two religions called Buddhism and Hinduism."--"Philadelphia Inquirer" "If one were to read a single book about India in a lifetime, this should be it."--"Library Journal "

The Foundations Of The Composite Culture In India

Author: Malika Mohammada
Editor: Aakar Books
ISBN: 9788189833183
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In The Present Work, The Foundations Of The Composite Culture In India, The Focus Of The Author Is The Process Of Establishment Of Hindu-Muslim Unity As A Result Of Historical, Social And Cultural Factors Over A Period Of Ten Centuries. Traversing This Era, He Reveals How The Muslim Rulers Contributed Such Harmony, And How The Two Cultures Exchanged And Accepted Each Other'S Tenets In Order To Enrich And Formulate A Composite India Culture. With The Objective Of Exploring The Foundations On Which The Composite Culture Of India Rests, The Author Examines The Contribution Of Sufism Which Inherently Connotes Syncretism And Tolerance - As Well As The Simultaneous Rise Of The Bhakti Movement In Medieval India.

Cultural History Of India

Author: Om Prakash
Editor: New Age International
ISBN: 9788122415872
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Cultural History Of India Has Been Divided Into Three Parts To Discuss Various Aspects Of Development Of Indian Culture. It Talks About How Religions Such As The Vedic Religion, Buddhism, Jainism, Saivism And Vaisnavism Aimed At Securing Social Harmony, Moral Upliftment, And Inculcated A Sense Of Duty In The Individual. The Development Of Indian Art And Architecture Was A Creative Effort To Project Symbols Of Divine Reality As Conceived And Understood By The Collective Consciousness Of The People As A Whole. The Book Also Focuses On Social Intuitions, Educational Systems And Economic Organisation In Ancient India. Finally, The Book Discusses The Dietary System Of Indians From Pre-Historic Times To C. 1200 A.D. The Basis For Inclusion Of Food And Drinks In The Book On Indian Culture Is That Ancient Indians Believed That Food Not Only Kept An Individual Healthy, But Was Also Responsible For His Mental Make Up.According To The Author, It Is Of Utmost Importance That The Present Generation Imbibe Those Elements Of Indian Culture Which Have Kept India Vital And Going Through Its Long And Continuous History .Cultural History Of India Is An Extremely Useful Journal On Indian History And Culture For All Readers, Both In India And Abroad. It Is Therefore A Must-Read For All Interested In Indias Proud Past, Which Forms The Eternal Bed-Rock Of Its Fateful Present And Glorious Future. It Is An Academic Book Very Useful For Student Of History Aspiring For I.A.S.

The Sants

Author: Karine Schomer
Editor: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN: 9788120802773
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