Innovation In Language Learning And Teaching

Author: P. Darasawang
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137449756
Size: 10,32 MB
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This book investigates the ways in which new developments in areas of language teaching practice, such policymaking, planning, methodology and the use of educational technology spread globally and are adopted, rejected or adapted locally.

Computer Science In Industrial Application

Author: Yanglv Ling
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315684918
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CSIA 2014 focusses on improvements in computer science in industrial application. The contributions are grouped into five main sections: 1. Computer and Information Technology. 2. Business management, E-commerce and Tourism. This section covers mainly basic theory and general method of economic management businesses and market economy. 3. Education, Psychology and Multimedia. This section uses a variety of theories and techniques through designing, developing, utilizing, managing and evaluating the processes of teaching and learning and related resources, to achieve the theory and practice of teaching optimization. 4. Humanities, Politics, and Philosophy. This section mainly researches the advanced values and norms, and various cultural phenomena of human society, including architectural culture, literature, or education and culture, politics, and philosophy. 5. Miscellaneous

Innovation In Language Teaching And Learning

Author: Hayo Reinders
Editor: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9783030125660
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This book examines a wide range of innovations in language learning and teaching in Japan. Each of the chapters describes the impetus for a change or new development in a particular context, from early childhood to adult learning, details its implementation and provides an evaluation of its success. In doing so, they provide a comprehensive overview of best practice in innovating language education from teaching practice in formal classroom settings, to self-directed learning beyond the classroom, and offer recommendations to enhance language education in Japan and beyond. The book will be of interest to scholars of applied linguistics and language development, and in particular to those involved in managing change in language education that attempts to mediate between global trends and local needs.

Preparing Foreign Language Teachers For Next Generation Education

Author: Lin, Chin-Hsi
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522504842
Size: 12,17 MB
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The growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the dynamics of education, as self-directed learning, especially on mobile devices, is as accessible as ever. Despite the near infinite amount of information available for students outside of school, the classroom remains the most critical aspect of student’s growth. Teachers now play crucial roles in engaging ICT’s full potential to create an environment of meaningful learning to develop students’ critical thinking skills. Preparing Foreign Language Teachers for Next-Generation Education concerns itself with the integration and study of new technologies in foreign-language education. Featuring theoretical and empirical chapters related to the confluence of teacher-education, teacher cognition, and innovative technologies, it provides engaging insight into foreign-language teachers’ perceptions and the influence of those perceptions. This publication is quintessential to foreign-language teachers, administrators, policy makers, students of education, programmers, and developers.

Positioning English For Specific Purposes In An English Language Teaching Context

Author: Nadežda Stojković
Editor: Vernon Press
ISBN: 1622734149
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With the unrelenting spread of globalization, the English language has been firmly established as the Lingua Franca. Now more than ever, the importance of learning English is paramount within nearly all professional and educational sectors. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has long been accepted as an effective method for teaching English as a foreign language. In recent years, it has experienced an increasing presence in secondary and tertiary education across the globe. This is predominantly due to its learner-centered approach that focuses on developing linguistic competence in the student’s specific discipline, may that be academics, business or tourism, for example. Positioning English for Specific Purposes in an English Language Teaching Context attempts to present and define the relevance and scope of ESP within English Language teaching. From mobile phones as educational tools to the language needs of medical students, the contributors to this volume examine and propose different epistemological and methodological aspects of ESP teaching. Its unique approach to ESP marks this volume out as an important and necessary contribution to existing ESP literature, and one that will be of use to both researchers and practitioners of ESP.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies For Discipline Based English Studies

Author: Hing Wa (Helena) Sit
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9811047081
Size: 19,24 MB
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This book presents empirical findings that reveal various teaching strategies and responses from two sub-cultural groups of students, i.e. local Hong Kong and Mainland students, with regard to their English studies. It puts forward a constructive model for innovative teaching strategies to enhance language attainment and classroom interaction in a multicultural learning environment in Hong Kong. It highlights inclusive teaching strategies with instructional, inspirational and interactional components to accommodate diverse learners and promote their classroom interaction. In addition to contributing to innovation in higher education in Hong Kong, the lessons learned here can be universally applied to ESL/EFL teaching and education reform around the world. Further, they support better learning and teaching at universities in the context of internationalization. The book will above all benefit undergraduate students in ESL/EFL teacher training programs, and post-graduate research students in applied linguistics, language education and second language teacher education. It also offers a valuable reference book for university lectures in teacher education, researchers in higher education in China, and TESOL/TEFL instructors in English-speaking countries (the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.).

Computer Assisted Foreign Language Teaching And Learning Technological Advances

Author: Zou, Bin
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466628227
Size: 14,29 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Educational technologies continue to advance the ways in which we teach and learn. As these technologies continue to improve our communication with one another, computer-assisted foreign language learning has provided a more efficient way of communication between different languages. Computer-Assisted Foreign Language Teaching and Learning: Technological Advances highlights new research and an original framework that brings together foreign language teaching, experiments and testing practices that utilize the most recent and widely used e-learning resources. This comprehensive collection of research will offer linguistic scholars, language teachers, students, and policymakers a better understanding of the importance and influence of e-learning in second language acquisition.

Linguistics And Language Behavior Abstracts

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