Insieme Per Sempre

Author: Lauren Rowe
Editor: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8822702433
Size: 16,32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Club Series Mezzo milione di copie vendute negli Stati Uniti Dall’autrice bestseller di USA Today e New York Times Una serie bollente che è diventata un successo internazionale Pensavano di avere raggiunto la vetta più alta. Ma si sbagliavano. Jonas e Sarah sono uniti più che mai, ma la loro bruciante storia non smette di regalare nuove emozioni, fino ad arrivare al culmine, sfiorando vette di sensualità mai neppure immaginate. L’amore e la passione che li lega sono andati crescendo e il frutto sarà un regalo della natura, un’esperienza incomparabile, la nascita di una nuova vita e di un futuro radioso. «Mi è piaciuta molto l’intera serie. I personaggi sono straordinari ed è davvero ben scritta. Ho consigliato questi libri a tutte le mie amiche e si sono innamorate anche loro!» «Quando ho scoperto che era in arrivo un nuovo capitolo della storia di Jonas e Sarah ero felicissima... e non sono rimasta delusa! Lauren mi ha accompagnata in un viaggio meraviglioso che mi ha fatto provare, letteralmente, ogni emozione nota al genere umano. È stato incredibile! Se avete amato Jonas e Sarah, preparatevi a innamorarvi di loro ancora e ancora!» «Insieme per sempre, il quarto capitolo di The Club Series, è strepitoso!» «La storia prosegue e ti incatena sempre di più, il loro amore è così forte... I personaggi sono ben definiti e la loro storia scritta in modo così coinvolgente. L’unica pecca: dover aspettare il seguito per saperne di più.» «Se esistesse un Oscar per i libri, non avrei dubbi: lo assegnerei a Insieme per sempre. Ho amato tutti i libri di Lauren Rowe, ma questo... questo mi ha letteralmente rubato il cuore! Brava Lauren, un altro grande successo!» «Questa è senza ombra di dubbio la più bella storia d’amore che abbia mai letto. Ho amato alla follia ogni singolo libro della serie. Lo sviluppo dei personaggi, l’intreccio... ogni cosa è perfetta! Insieme per sempre è incredibilmente bello.» «Ragazzi... non ci sono parole per descrivere questo libro... Ho pianto, ho riso, a momenti sono quasi svenuta per le emozioni! Lauren Rowe non delude mai.» Lauren Roweè lo pseudonimo di una poliedrica autrice bestseller di USA Today, artista e cantante che ha deciso di liberare il proprio alter ego per scrivere senza alcuna autocensura. Lauren Rowe vive a San Diego, California, con la sua famiglia. La Newton Compton ha pubblicato Insieme per gioco, Insieme per passione e Insieme per amore, i primi tre capitoli della The Club Series che si completa con Insieme per sempre, Un incontro all’improvviso, Un bacio all’improvviso, Un uragano all’improvviso.

The Club

Author: Lauren Rowe
Editor: EverAfter Romance
ISBN: 1635760593
Size: 15,12 MB
Format: PDF
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For fans of Helen Hardt and J. Kenner: A playboy businessman falls for annonynmous intake agent of an exclusive club.

Dark Dawn Over Steep House The Gower Street Detective Book 5 Gower Street Detectives

Author: M. R. C. Kasasian
Editor: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1681776103
Size: 13,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 500

The latest mystery in the popular Victorian crime series featuring the ever-curmudgeonly private detective, Sidney Grice, and the charming March Middleton. London, 1884. 125 Gower Street, the residence of Sidney Grice, London's foremost personal detective, and his ward March Middleton, is at peace. Midnight discussions between the great man and his charge have led to a harmony unseen in these hallowed halls since the great frog disaster of 1878. But harmony cannot last for long. A knock on the door brings mystery and murder once more to their home. A mystery that involves a Prussian Count, two damsels in distress, a Chinaman from Wales, a gangster looking for love, and the shadowy ruin of a once-loved family home, Steep House . . .

The Ever After Of Ella And Micha

Author: Jessica Sorensen
Editor: Forever
ISBN: 1455582670
Size: 15,78 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 710

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Jessica Sorensen comes a story of change, hope, and unbreakable vows. The day Ella has waited for is just around the corner. It's the day she'll marry Micha, the love of her life, the light that guided her out of the darkness. It looks like it will be the perfect Christmas-until an unexpected package arrives with a harsh reminder of Ella's past. Suddenly Ella doesn't feel as confident about her future. Can she really have a "happily-ever-after" if she's never even seen one? Micha will stand by Ella no matter what she's going through-though he worries that she might leave him standing at the altar again. When he's offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to tour with his favorite bands for three months, Micha knows he can't leave Ella behind. But can he ask her to uproot her life to join him on the road? Now Ella and Micha must find a way to balance their fears, their dreams, and their love . . . if they ever want to hear wedding bells.

The Cutting Edge

Author: Jeffery Deaver
Editor: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 1455536415
Size: 15,50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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DANGEROUSLY GOOD. DISTINCTIVELY DEAVER. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs return to New York City to confront a killer terrorizing couples at their happiest--and most vulnerable. In the early hours of a quiet, weekend morning in Manhattan's Diamond District, a brutal triple murder shocks the city. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs quickly take the case. Curiously, the killer has left behind a half-million dollars' worth of gems at the murder scene, a jewelry store on 47th street. As more crimes follow, it becomes clear that the killer's target is not gems, but engaged couples themselves. The Promisor vows to take the lives of men and women during their most precious moments--midway through the purchase of an engagement ring, after a meeting with a wedding planner, trying on the perfect gown for a day that will never come. The Promisor arrives silently, armed with knife or gun, and a time of bliss is transformed, in an instant, to one of horror. Soon the Promiser makes a dangerous mistake: leaving behind an innocent witness, Vimal Lahori, a talented young diamond cutter, who can help Rhyme and Sachs blow the lid off the case. They must track down Vimal before the killer can correct his fatal error. Then disaster strikes, threatening to tear apart the very fabric of the city--and providing the perfect cover for the killer to slip through the cracks.


Author: Penelope Douglas
Editor: Berkley
ISBN: 0451477103
Size: 16,50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Tate's best friend turns his back on him and sets out to ruin Tate's life, he decides to fight back.

Science In The Kitchen And The Art Of Eating Well

Author: Pellegrino Artusi
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442690968
Size: 12,36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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First published in 1891, Pellegrino Artusi?s La scienza in cucina e l?arte di mangier bene has come to be recognized as the most significant Italian cookbook of modern times. It was reprinted thirteen times and had sold more than 52,000 copies in the years before Artusi?s death in 1910, with the number of recipes growing from 475 to 790. And while this figure has not changed, the book has consistently remained in print. Although Artusi was himself of the upper classes and it was doubtful he had ever touched a kitchen utensil or lit a fire under a pot, he wrote the book not for professional chefs, as was the nineteenth-century custom, but for middle-class family cooks: housewives and their domestic helpers. His tone is that of a friendly advisor ? humorous and nonchalant. He indulges in witty anecdotes about many of the recipes, describing his experiences and the historical relevance of particular dishes. Artusi?s masterpiece is not merely a popular cookbook; it is a landmark work in Italian culture. This English edition (first published by Marsilio Publishers in 1997) features a delightful introduction by Luigi Ballerini that traces the fascinating history of the book and explains its importance in the context of Italian history and politics. The illustrations are by the noted Italian artist Giuliano Della Casa.

Last Letters Of Jacopo Ortis

Author: Ugo Foscolo
Editor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Romance Studies
ISBN: 9780807890899
Size: 11,78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ugo Foscolo's Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis, written between 1799 and 1815, was the first true Italian novel. Its epistolary form is in the eighteenth-century tradition of novels like Clarissa Harlowe and the Nouvelle Heloise. Jacopo's tragic love for Teresa and his subsequent suicide recall The Sorrows of Young Werther. In addition to being an intensely political novel, this work also expresses the author's romantic conception of nature as a mirror of human emotions.

The Adventures Of Pinocchio

Author: C. Collodi
Editor: 右灰文化傳播有限公司可提供下載列印
Size: 12,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How it happened that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child Centuries ago there lived-- "A king!" my little readers will say immediately. No, children, you are mistaken. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. It was not an expensive piece of wood. Far from it. Just a common block of firewood, one of those thick, solid logs that are put on the fire in winter to make cold rooms cozy and warm.

The Art Of Loving

Author: Erich Fromm
Editor: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480402001
Size: 13,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 165

The landmark bestseller that changed the way we think about love: “Every line is packed with common sense, compassion, and realism” (Fortune). The Art of Loving is a rich and detailed guide to love—an achievement reached through maturity, practice, concentration, and courage. In the decades since the book’s release, its words and lessons continue to resonate. Erich Fromm, a celebrated psychoanalyst and social psychologist, clearly and sincerely encourages the development of our capacity for and understanding of love in all of its facets. He discusses the familiar yet misunderstood romantic love, the all-encompassing brotherly love, spiritual love, and many more. A challenge to traditional Western notions of love, The Art of Loving is a modern classic about taking care of ourselves through relationships with others by the New York Times–bestselling author of To Have or To Be? and Escape from Freedom. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erich Fromm including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.