Introduzione Critica Al Diritto Europeo Dei Contratti

Author: Alessandro Somma
Editor: Giuffrè Editore
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European Private Law After The Common Frame Of Reference

Author: Hans W. Micklitz
Editor: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1849805393
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The book is a must read for anybody interested in the future development of European private law. European Private Law News This volume contains a valuable collection of essays by a group of reputable academics, each dealing with a particular aspect of the development of a substantive law of contract at European level. The contributors have a variety of interests and perspectives. The topic is clearly of great current interest throughout the European Union and beyond. Peter Stone, University of Essex, UK European Private Law after the Common Frame of Reference brings together several interesting contributions from a distinguished group of scholars, and sheds light on the important issue of legal harmonization from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota, US and University of Bologna, Italy The Common Frame of Reference has several potential functions, some reconcilable, others mutually exclusive. Its size, its shape, its true legal nature and its content all remain contested. Modest or ambitious, toolbox or code-in-waiting? Its chameleon character is its strength and simultaneously its weakness, and equally the reason why it has attracted such attention. In this book the editors have assembled a veritable who s who in the field and it is a terrific read. Stephen Weatherill, University of Oxford, UK This book paves the way for, and initiates, the second-generation of research in European private law subsequent to the Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) needed for the 21st century. The book gives a voice to the growing dissatisfaction in academic discourse that the DCFR, as it stands in 2009, does not actually represent the condensed available knowledge on the possible future of European private law. The contributions in this book focus on the legitimacy of law making through academics both now and in the future, and on the possible conceptual choices which will affect the future of European private law. Drawing on experience gained from the DCFR the authors advocate the competition of ideas and concepts. This fascinating book will be a must-read for European lawyers, private lawyers in the Member States and academics dealing with conceptual issues of the future of the national and the European private law. Advanced students in both law and international business will also find this book invaluable, as will US scholars interested in the US EU comparison of different legal orders.

Diritto Europeo Dei Contratti

Author: Vincenzo Ferrari
ISBN: 9788814175671
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Il Diritto Europeo Dei Contratti Fra Parte Generale E Norme Di Settore Atti Del Convegno Pisa 25 26 Maggio 2007

Author: Emanuela Navaretta
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ISBN: 8814141320
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Dei Contratti In Generale Artt 1321 1349

Author: Emanuela Navarretta - Andrea Orestano
Editor: UTET Giuridica
ISBN: 8859806968
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Il modulo "Dei contratti in generale" è un autorevole commento articolo per articolo della disciplina normativa codicistica in tema di contratti e contiene anche il commento al codice del consumo. L'Opera, coordinata dai Proff.i Navarretta ed Orestano e divisa in 4 volumi (Primo volume: 1321-1349 - Secondo volume: 1350-1386 - Terzo volume: 1387-1424 - Quarto volume: 1425-1452 e il Codice del Consumo), è commentata da accademici e professionisti di altissimo livello e si rivela essere un mezzo autorevole ed utile per la pratica quotidiana all'avvocato e al magistrato. In particolare questo primo volume ha ad oggetto la disciplina generale del contratto, esaminando gli articoli del codice in materia requisiti del contratto, accordo delle parti, causa e oggetto del contratto. Piano dell'opera VOLUME PRIMO CODICE CIVILE - Libro quarto · Titolo II - Dei contratti in generale · Capo I - Disposizioni preliminari · 1321-1324 Prof. Umberto Breccia · Capo II - Dei requisiti del contratto · 1325 Prof. Umberto Breccia · Sezione I - Dell'accordo delle parti · 1326-1336 Prof. Paolo Gallo · 1337-1338 Prof.ssa Manuela Mantovani · 1339 Prof.ssa Maria Rosaria Maugeri · 1340 Prof.ssa Marisa Meli · 1341-1342 Prof.ssa Elena Bargelli · Sezione II - Della causa del contratto · 1343-1345 Prof.ssa Emanuela Navarretta · Sezione III - Dell'oggetto del contratto · 1346-1349 Prof. Enrico Gabrielli

Il Diritto Europeo Dei Contratti D Impresa

Author: Pietro Sirena
Editor: Giuffrè Editore
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Rivista Critica Del Diritto Privato

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