Autore: Jim Whiting
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The voyage of Jason and the heroes aboard the Argo is one of the more famous Greek myths. Jason’s quest is to find the golden fleece and bring it back to his homeland. En route, the Argonauts—as he and his companions are called—have many frightening adventures as they travel far from home. With the help of the gods and of Medea, who has fallen in love with him, Jason meets the challenge. But when Jason and Medea marry and return to Greece, their life turns tragic. As readers follow the suspenseful tale of Jason and the Argonauts, they will glimpse a lively Greek culture—and in these characters, they may recognize a piece of themselves.

The Image Of Jason In Early Greek Myth

Autore: Simon Spence
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This book looks to construct a detailed portrait of the myth of the Greek hero, Jason.This involves examining all extant evidence, both literary and iconographical, for this hero up until the end of the fifth century B.C.

I Jason

Autore: Shirley Sealy
ISBN: 9781555032470
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Jason And The Golden Fleece The Argonautica

Autore: Apollonius (Rhodius.)
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199538727
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It is a task that no man has ever completed: to bring back a magical ram's fleece that lies hidden in a far-off land, guarded by an all-seeing serpent. But, one man, Jason, must try. His life depends on it. Upon the orders of the King, Jason must cross deadly seas with the crew of his ship.

Jason And The Argonauts

Autore: John Malam
Editore: Salariya Publishers
ISBN: 1904642365
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Jason and his crew are on his ship, the Argo, as he embarks on an epic voyage to bring back the Golden Fleece. He must take on high seas, hideous monsters, an army of skeletons and a wicked uncle. But will he succeed?

Mental Health Raps

Autore: Jason Pegler
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DescriptionAmongst Jason's rap and hip hop influences are Ice T, NWA, De La Soul, PM Dawn, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice Cube, Naughty By Nature, Sugar Hill Gang, 2 Pac, Notorious Big. Jason sees rap and hip hop as a potential force for social good. About the AuthorJason Pegler is known internationally for his work as a social entrepreneur. He was born in 1975. He was diagnosed with manic depression in 1992. This is his sixth book. He is the author of 'A Can of Madness', 'Curing Madness', 'The Ultimate Guide To Well Being' and 'Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment'. His first three books can be bought together in the trilogy Bipolar, Recovery and NLP. Jason is the CEO of Chipmunkapublishing and Co-Founder of The Chipmunka Foundation. He dedicates his life to empowering people with mental health issues so that they can fulfill their potential and help others.

Jason And The Golden Fleece

Autore: Nelson Yomtov
Editore: Capstone Classroom
ISBN: 1434213854
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Jason and the Golden Fleece is a Capstone Press publication.

Jason And The Argonauts

Autore: David McIntee
Editore: Bluewater Productions
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From David McIntee, writer of Doctor Who, comes a new Ray Harryhausen Presents adventure! The quest to find the Golden Fleece is over, but now Jason and his band of Argonauts must embark on a new and more difficult journey - the journey home. Pursued by a vengeful Aeetes, the Argonauts will brave many dangers, and encounter old friends and new enemies. But when the gods play games, no one can avoid reaching the lands of the dead forever...

For The Winner A Novel Of Jason And The Argonauts

Autore: Emily Hauser
Editore: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1681775891
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Some three thousand years ago, the warriors of Greece journeyed to the ends of the earth in the quest for the Golden Fleece. One woman fought alongside them. When the king of Pagasae left his infant daughter on the slopes of a mountain to die, he believed he would never see her again. But Atalanta, against the will of the gods and the dictates of the Fates, survived—and went on to bring to life one of the greatest legends of all of ancient Greece... Teaching herself to hunt and fight, Atalanta is determined to prove her worth to her father and, disguising herself as a man, she wins a place on the greatest voyage of that heroic age: the journey of Jason and the Argonauts to the very ends of the known world in search of the legendary Golden Fleece. But Atalanta is discovered, and abandoned in the mythical land of Colchis, where she is forced to make a choice that will determine her place in history. Here then is the legend of Jason and the Argonauts as never told before: the true story of the princess who sailed and fought alongside Jason and Theseus and Peleus (father of Achilles), and who ultimately ran a race that would decide her destiny. Based on the myths of the ancient Greeks, For the Winner brings alive a mythological world where the gods can transform a mortal's life on a whim, where warrior heroes carve out names that will echo down the ages—and where one woman fights to determine her own fate.

Gasp Jason And Azazel 9

Autore: Jove Chambers
Editore: Punk Rawk Books
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Azazel vowed never to tell Jason that she and Jude accidentally ingested the aphrodisiac and had sex, but now she’s pregnant with Jude’s child, and she can’t keep the secret from him anymore. Jason never intended to harm any other redheaded girls, but he finds himself compelled to stalk them and capture them. He can’t let anyone find out. But Imri knows Jason’s secret, and he also knows that Azazel’s unborn child is powerful—too powerful to be allowed to live. He will do everything he can to get at that child, no matter what he exposes, no matter who he destroys. And despite their pain and confusion, Jason and Azazel must rally together to protect this child. Because no matter what, two things are true about them. Their love cannot be broken. And they will always survive.