Juvenile Justice Reform And Restorative Justice

Author: Gordon Bazemore
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134017782
Size: 17,71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book, based on a large-scale research project funded by the National Institute of Justice and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides an overview of the restorative justice conferencing programs currently in operation in the United States, paying particular attention to the qualitative dimensions of this, based on interviews, focus groups and ethnographic observation. It provides an unrivalled view of restorative justice conferencing in practice, and what the people involved felt and thought about it. The book looks at four structural variations in the face-to-face form of restorative decision making: family group conferences, victim-offender mediation/dialogue, neighborhood accountability boards, peacemaking circles. The authors address two issues that have received limited research emphasis in restorative justice: the lack of clear and consistent standards, and the absence of testable theories of intervention that reflect what has become a rather diverse practice. In response the authors conclude with a proposed structure for principle-based evaluation designed to test emerging theories of restorative decision making.

Restorative Juvenile Justice

Author: L. Walgrave
ISBN: 9781881798132
Size: 10,87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Authors from Australia (John Braithwaite, Christine Parker), Europe (Lode Walgrave, Klaus Sessar, ElmarWeitekamp) and North America (Gordon Bazemore, Ray Corrado, Barry Feld, Curt Taylor Griffiths, Susan Guarino-Ghezzi, Russ Immarigeon, Andrew Klein, Maria Schiff, Mark Umbreit, Daniel van Ness) discuss juvenile justice and the response the youth crime.

Restorative Justice For Juveniles

Author: Hart Publishing Hart Publishing
Editor: Hart Publishing
ISBN: 1841131768
Size: 12,31 MB
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Describes the practice of restorative justice with respect to young offenders in Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and various European countries. Presents research findings on conferencing, victims offender mediation and circles. Identifies critical issues for future development.

Victim Policies And Criminal Justice On The Road To Restorative Justice

Author: Ezzat A. Fattah
Editor: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9789058671813
Size: 12,99 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This edited volume contains 22 papers organized into three sections under the following headings: part I is entitled On Promoting Victim Policies; Part II On Reforming Criminal Justice; and Part III On Restorative Justice. All three areas are ones to which Tony Peters, former Professor of Criminology in Leuven, has made a significant contribution and for which he is known as an international authority. During his long and productive academic career Tony Peters led many struggles for criminal justice reform. He was a leading figure in the movement to recognize crime victims' plight and to reaffirm their rights. In Belgium, he spearheaded the early initiatives in restorative justice and became one of its outspoken proponents nationally and internationally. There is no doubt that these three major topics and the various developments and reforms that are addressed in the papers will dominate the thinking about, and the practice of, criminal justice in the years to come. Thus, in addition to paying homage to a congenial friend and an illustrious colleague, it is hoped that this book will appeal and prove useful to all those who have an interest in victims issues, in criminal justice reform, and last but not least, in the promising paradigm of restorative justice.

Balanced And Restorative Justice

Author: S. Gordon Bazemore
Size: 15,75 MB
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Accountability In Restorative Justice

Author: Declan Roche
Editor: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199259359
Size: 10,99 MB
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Many countries have recently established restorative justice programmes, in which those affected by a crime attend meetings in the hope of achieving the ideals of reparation, reconciliation and reintegration. To answer concerns that these meetings may degenerate into 'kangaroo courts' in which participants bully and humiliate each other, this book draws upon extensive fieldwork to explore the nature, function and effectiveness of the accountability within this kind of informal justice.

Victims Judges And Juvenile Court Reform Through Restorative Justice

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The Office for Victims of Crime of the U.S. Department of Justice presents the full text of an article entitled "Victims, Judges, and Juvenile Court Reform Through Restorative Justice." The article discusses the Victims, Judges, and Juvenile Court Reform Through Restorative Justice project, which is dedicated to improving the juvenile court response to crime victims. The article also details the project's purpose and methodology, meeting the victims' needs, and the viability of restorative justice practices.

Juvenile Justice

Author: John A. Winterdyk
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466579676
Size: 19,46 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 600

Juvenile justice has been and remains a topical issue at national and international levels. There are various standards and guidelines for administration, but six major models characterize juvenile justice systems worldwide: participatory, welfare, corporatism, modified justice, justice, and crime control. Juvenile Justice: International Perspectives, Models, and Trends presents contributions by authors from different countries in all five continents employing these six models. The book begins with a comprehensive overview of the topic and the various international standards and guidelines designed to inform juvenile justice practices. This introduction is followed by chapters on individual countries covered independently by resident experts, allowing readers to appreciate a range of comparisons and to critically reflect on the relative merits of the different models. Topics presented in each chapter include: The country’s history of juvenile justice The nature and status of delinquency Current legislation on juvenile justice How well the legislation complies with the Standard Minimum Rules of the Administration of Juvenile Justice as defined by the United Nations The type of juvenile justice model followed Age limits for male and female juvenile offenders Legal and social issues confronting juvenile offenders Current theoretical biases used to explain and justify response to delinquency Future issues, challenges, and/or initiatives Text boxes supply current and relevant examples to contextualize key issues and themes. Each chapter features discussion questions and helpful web links to facilitate further research. Presented in an unbiased manner, the book is a consolidated yet comprehensive overview of juvenile justice models and practices worldwide. It enables readers to compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of different juvenile justice models/systems and to evaluate all countries in light of the larger international phenomena of delinquency.

Youth Offending And Restorative Justice

Author: Adam Crawford
Editor: Willan Publishing
Size: 20,80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book explores the implications of recent changes made to the youth justice system in England and Wales. It focuses on the introduction of elements of restorative justice into the heart of the criminal justice system, and the implementation of referral orders and youth offender panels to explore wider issues about youth justice policy and the integration of restorative justice principles.It draws upon the findings of an in-depth study of the pilots established prior to the national roll-out of referral orders in April 2002.Essential reading for anyone with an interest in youth justice, the criminal justice system and restorative justice.

Restorative Justice In Context

Author: Elmar G. M. Weitekamp
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135999309
Size: 18,76 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book brings together a selection of papers originally presented and discussed at the fourth international restorative justice conference, held at the University of Tübingen. The contributors include many of the leading authorities in the burgeoning field of restorative justice, and they provide a comprehensive review of developing international practice and directions, and the context in which restorative justice practices are developing. Restorative Justice in Context moves beyond a focus on restorative justice for juveniles to a broader concern with the application of restorative justice in such areas as corporate crime, family violence and the application of restorative justice in cases of extreme violent crimes. The contexts examined are drawn from Europe, North America, Australasia and Japan. leading world authorities analyse international case studies reflecting the growth of restorative justice worldwiderapidly expanding area of interest