L Apporto Del Diritto Canonico Nella Disciplina Delle Pie Volont Fiduciarie Testamentarie Del Diritto Inglese

Autore: Mario Ferrante
Editore: Giuffrè Editore
ISBN: 881414205X
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The Trips Regime Of Trademarks And Designs

Autore: Nuno Pires de Carvalho
Editore: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041132759
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The same author who wrote The TRIPS Regime of Patent Rights, a thorough commentary on the patent and test data-related provisions of the TRIPS Agreement that in just three years has become a classic work in its field (already in its second edition), offers us now The TRIPS Regime of Trademarks and Designs. With the authority and in-depth experience of a WIPO official whose daily work is to assist developing countries implementing TRIPS obligations in the area of industrial property, the author examines with the same accuracy and expertise the intrincacies of the TRIPS provisions concerning trademarks and industrial designs. Associating practical experience with academic scholarship, this book provides simple and enlightening guidance to complex questions, such as: Can WTO Members envisage a third modality of exhaustion that retains the benefits of the two known modalities (national and international exhaustion) and yet overcomes the shortcomings of both? Are WTO Members obliged to register color marks? And what about sounds, smells and tastes? What are WTO Members obligations as regards marks that relate to goods and services that offend religious and moral values? Are they obliged to register and protect them? What are the requisites for marks to become well-known? Is notoriety enough? Can a WTO Member require that they convey some sort of reputation? Can a WTO Member make protection of well-known marks dependent on actual use in their territory? How strict is the TRIPS Agreement as regards the use of industrial property in relation to public policies? Are private rights limitless? Are they enforceable no matter what? How can WTO Members meet their obligations as regards the facilitated registration of textile designs? Lawyers, judges, scholars and government officials will find a wealth of information and legal analysis in The TRIPS Regime of Trademarks and Designs that will help them identify new approaches and solutions to problems of trademark and design law posed by the implementation of the TRIPS Agreement. This book combines a practically-focused article-by-article commentary on the TRIPS Agreement with a theoretical scholarly analysis that makes of it an invaluable resource to all those who wish to understand industrial property at a deeper level.

Nigerian Criminal Law

Autore: Sunday Ebalunegbe Edeko
ISBN: 9789783509726
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Sufi And Scholar On The Desert Edge

Autore: Knut S. Vikør
Editore: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 9780810112261
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The Sanusiya was one of the most influential Islamic movements in North Africa and the Sahara in the nineteenth Century. Its basis was laid by Maghrebi scholar Muhammad b. Ali al-Sanusi (1787-1859). From a background of studies in Sufism and Islamic law, he traveled and studied throughout the Islamic world before settling in Libya to found a new Sufi brotherhood dedicated to the development and spread of Islam among the Saharan Beduins. But the brotherhood's success in organizing the desert peoples eventually transformed it from scholarly and spiritual pursuits into a protector of Saharan trade and defender of Islam. Sufi and Scholar on the Desert Edge focuses on the intellectual tradition that formed al-Sanusi, and also presents his writings and an overview of the Sanusiya order in the mid-nineteenth century.

Women Wealth And Power In The Roman Empire

Autore: Päivi Setälä
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Kahn Freund S Labour And The Law

Autore: Sir Otto Kahn-Freund
ISBN: 9780420462305
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Images Iconoclasm And The Carolingians

Autore: Thomas F. X. Noble
Editore: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812241419
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In the year 726 C.E., the Byzantine emperor Leo III issued an edict declaring images to be idols, forbidden by Exodus, and ordering all such images in churches to be destroyed. Thus was set off the first wave of Byzantine iconoclasm, which ran its violent course until 787, when the underlying issues were temporarily resolved at the Second Council of Nicaea. In 815, a second great wave of iconoclasm was set off, only to end in 842 when the icons were restored to the churches of the East and the iconoclasts excommunicated. The iconoclast controversies have long been understood as marking major fissures between the Western and Eastern churches. In Images, Iconoclasm, and the Carolingians, Thomas F. X. Noble reveals that the lines of division were not so clear. It is traditionally maintained that the Carolingians in the 790s did not understand the basic issues involved in the Byzantine dispute. Noble contends that there was, in fact, a significant Carolingian controversy about visual art and, if its ties to Byzantine iconoclasm were tenuous, they were also complex and deeply rooted in central concerns of the Carolingian court. Furthermore, he asserts that the Carolingians made distinctive and original contributions to the whole debate over religious art. Images, Iconoclasm, and the Carolingians is the first book to provide a comprehensive study of the Western response to Byzantine iconoclasm. By comparing art-texts with laws, letters, poems, and other sources, Noble reveals the power and magnitude of the key discourses of the Carolingian world during its most dynamic and creative decades.

Florentine Public Finances In The Early Renaissance 1400 1433

Autore: Anthony Molho
Editore: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674306653
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In his application of statistical methods to history. Mr. Molho offers a new approach to the study of Florentine politics. Scholars have long recognized that Florence's deficit-financing of its wars of independence against the Visconti of Milan had far-reaching economic, political, and social effects, but this is the first document-based history to provide concrete support for that general knowledge. Focusing on the governmental and fiscal agencies of Florence as well as a number of memoirs and account hooks written by Florentine citizens, Mr. Molho has gathered and statistically reconstructed much archival material on Florentine taxation, public income, and expenses. He concludes that between 1423 and 1433 Florence underwent a prolonged and vast fiscal crisis that affected both the fiscal structure of the city and its constitutional and institutional framework. His work thus sheds new light on Cosimo de' Medici's rise to power in 1434.

The Obedience Of A Christian Man

Autore: William Tyndale
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141960566
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One of the key foundation books of the English Reformation, The Obedience of a Christian Man (1528) makes a radical challenge to the established order of the all-powerful Church of its time. Himself a priest, Tyndale boldly claims that there is just one social structure created by God to which all must be obedient, without the intervention of the rule of the Pope. He argues that Christians cannot be saved simply by performing ceremonies or by hearing the Scriptures in Latin, which most could not understand, and that all should have access to the Bible in their own language - an idea that was then both bold and dangerous. Powerful in thought and theological learning, this is a landmark in religious and political thinking.

Early Greek Law

Autore: Michael Gagarin
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520909168
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Drawing on the evidence of anthropology as well as ancient literature and inscriptions, Gagarin examines the emergence of law in Greece from the 8th through the 6th centuries B.C., that is, from the oral culture of Homer and Hesiod to the written enactment of codes of law in most major cities.