Guide De L Espresso

Autore: Giorgio Lindo
Editore: L'Espresso Editoriale
ISBN: 9788885824195
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A brief introduction to each area describes the history and importance of the region while the hotels and restaurants sections give precise comments on the attractions of each

L Espresso

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Nation And Identity In Contemporary Europe

Autore: Brian Jenkins
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134805810
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The resilience of nationalism in contemporary Europe may seem paradoxical at a time when the nation state is widely seen as being 'in decline'. The contributors of this book see the resurgence of nationalism as symptomatic of the quest for identity and meaning in the complex modern world. Challenged from above by the supranational imperatives of globalism and from below by the complex pluralism of modern societies, the nation state, in the absence of alternatives to market consumerism, remains a focus for social identity. Nation and Identity in Contemporary Europe takes a fully interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the 'national question'. Individual chapters consider the specifics of national identity in France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Iberia, Russia, the former Yugoslavla and Poland, while looking also at external forces such as economic globalisation, European supranationalism, and the end of the Cold War. Setting current issues and conflicts in their broad historical context, the book reaffirms that 'nations' are not 'natural' phenomena but 'constructed' forms of social identity whose future will be determined in the social arena.

Excellent Cadavers

Autore: Alexander Stille
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 0679768637
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A study of the relationship between the mafia and the Italian government exposes the hidden alliances that have shaped Italian politics since the end of World War II and details the investigations that revealed them. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

The Gaze And The Labyrinth

Autore: Gaetana Marrone
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691008738
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In this, the first comprehensive book on Liliana Cavani, Gaetana Marrone redraws the map of postwar Italian cinema to make room for this extraordinary filmmaker, whose representations of transgressive eroticism, spiritual questing, and psychological extremes test the limits of the medium, pushing it into uncharted areas of discovery. Cavani's film The Night Porter (1974) created a sensation in the United States and Europe. But in many ways her critically renowned endeavors--which also include Francesco di Assisi, Galileo, I cannibali, Beyond Good and Evil, The Berlin Affair, and several operas and documentaries--remain enigmatic to audiences. Here Marrone presents Cavani's work as a cinema of ideas, showing how it takes pleasure in the telling of a story and ultimately revolts against all binding ideological and commercial codes. The author explores the rich visual language in which Cavani expresses thought, and the cultural icons that constitute her style and images. This approach affords powerful insights into the intricate interlacing of narrated events. We also come to understand the importance assigned to the gaze in the genesis of desire and the acquisition of knowledge. The films come to life in this book as the classical tragedies Cavani intended, where rebels and madmen experience conflict between historical and spiritual reality, the present and the past. Offering intertextual analyses within such fields as psychology, history, and cultural studies, along with production information gleaned from Cavani's personal archives, Marrone boldly advances our understanding of an intriguing, important body of cinematic work.


Autore: Carl David Ipsen
Editore: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804799571
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For over a century, Italy has had a love affair with the cigarette. Perhaps no consumer item better symbolizes the economic, political, social, and cultural dimensions of contemporary Italian history. Starting around 1900, the new and popular cigarette spread down the social hierarchy and eventually, during the 1960s, across the gender divide. For much of the century, cigarette consumption was an index of economic well-being and of modernism. Only at the end of the century did its meaning change as Italy achieved economic parity with other Western powers and entered into the antismoking era. Drawing on film, literature, and the popular press, Carl Ipsen offers a view of the "cigarette century" in Italy, from the 1870s to the ban on public smoking in 2005. He traces important links between smoking and imperialism, world wars, Fascism, and the protest movements of the 1970s. In considering this grand survey of the cigarette, Fumo tells a much larger story about the socio-economic history of a society known for its casual attitude toward risk and a penchant for la dolce vita.

Culture And Conflict In Postwar Italy

Autore: Robert Lumley
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1349208418
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The late and turbulent transition from a largely rural and peasant society to a modern urban state involved the crisis of rooted popular traditions and the emergence of mass cultural forms. As a result, Italy, once the centre of a cultural world, has increasingly found itself on the periphery of an American media empire and serious questions of cultural identity have been raised. The Italian case is further significant on account of the theoretical and political problems it has posed. As well as dealing with these and related topics, the book examines current tendencies, such as the rapid multiplication of sub-cultures and the crisis of 'mass' forms. Each chapter is written by a specialist in the field. Although the essays normally deal with specific problems, they also highlight both the historical context and more general considerations within their sphere of interest.

Gian Francesco Malipiero 1882 1973

Autore: John C. G. Waterhouse
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134409109
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Passion Of Pier Paolo Pasolini

Autore: Sam Rohdie
Editore: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253210104
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"... a keen and brilliant critical account of Pasolini's films and writings..." —Italica "Rohdie's personal, idiosyncratic critical style is backed up by serious scholarly research, as the rich bibliography attests. This is one of the most original recent additions to the ever-growing literature on Pasolini." —Choice "... refreshingly personal and full of unpredictable tangents."Â —Film Quarterly Sam Rohdie has written a personal, wonderfully lucid account of Pier Paolo Pasolini's cinema and literature.