La Bizzarra Impresa In Fiat 500 Da Bari A Pechino

Autore: Danilo Elia
Editore: Danilo Elia
ISBN: 8892526405
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Due amici programmano un viaggio in auto molto particolare, da Bari a Pechino passando da Vladivostok, e per renderlo ancora più speciale decidono di compierlo con una Fiat 500 del 1973. Un viaggio attraverso due continenti in totale autonomia, con pochi bagagli, un budget limitato e senza alcun supporto tecnico, su di un’auto vecchia di oltre trent’anni. Percorrendo sedicimila chilometri a una media di trenta all’ora, i protagonisti di La bizzarra impresa impiegheranno più di tre mesi per raggiungere la loro meta. Un viaggio in tutta lentezza che darà loro modo di guardarsi attorno e di parlare con la gente, cogliendo l’immagine di un mondo che sta rapidamente cambiando a seguito dei cataclismi politici che ne hanno modificato i confini e le certezze.

Great Small Fiats

Autore: Phil Ward
Editore: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845846966
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In deciding which models to choose for inclusion in this book selected from Fiat's huge inventory, the author concentrated on three criteria - greatness, size and emotion. Where size is an easy parameter to qualify, greatness is more complicated because it is a combination of of both the manufacturer's and the public's opinion. A car that is highly regarded by the public may not have been a commercial success and vice verse. A truly great car is one that works well for both parties. Emotion may be considered to be an element of greatness in that the public's 'love' for a car is a fantastic benefit for a manufacturer and must be treasured. Fiat have made the mistake of 'improving' an icon on several occasions only to find that public opinion went against them. Fortunately Fiat has been magnanimous enough to respond by giving the car buying public more of what it wants. As long as they continue to do so then Fiat's reputation as the world's greatest small car manufacturer is set to continue. The author chose the Topolino as the starting point as the car fulfils all the criteria and it was the first Fiat built in the late 1930s to satisfy the Italian public's new-found desire for mobilisation. The old conventions of car production were turned upside down with the arrival of the 600 which revolutionised car production techniques and maximised on passenger space and performance at minimal cost. These principals continued via a succession of models which include the 500, 850, 126, 127 through to more recent models like the Cinquecento and Seicento. Running in parallel with these 'cheeky' Fiats, this book covers a range of slightly larger cars that were built in huge numbers. Though rather staid in appearance, the 1950s Millecento was family transport for millions of Italians covering three decades, four when the Indian-built cars are included. Similarly the 128, Panda and Uno were 'the' Italian small cars of the '70s, '80s and '90s. Nuova Panda carries the banner to the present day.


Autore: Todd Niall
ISBN: 9780473118853
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Fiat 500

Autore: Fiat
Editore: Rizzoli Publications
ISBN: 0847847535
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A visual history of the FIAT 500, the ultimate lifestyle car that has remained a timeless classic and design legend. Considered to be one of the most popular models in automotive history, the FIAT 500 has become a legend over time. Its innovative features, the original and recognizable design of its bodywork, and its versatility have distinguished it as an automotive icon with enduring appeal. "FIAT 500: The Design Book "is an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through the main milestones of the 500 project: from the first series in the 1960s to the public presentation at the Geneva International Motor Show of the Trepiuno prototype in 2004, of the new 500 and 500C, the 500L through to the 500X. This visually rich and fascinating book explains not only the genesis and "design metamorphosis" of each model, but also their backgrounds, and explores the contributions of the designers who have helped to develop them with innovation and foresight."


Autore: Andrea Sparrow
Editore: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1904788823
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During the 1950s, Abarth started work on modified components with a number of manufacturers, but it was for its collaboration with Fiat that the company became renowned.

Open Road The

Autore: Iyer
Editore: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 9780670082247
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One Of The Most Acclaimed And Perceptive Observers Of Globalism And Buddhism Now Gives Us The First Serious Consideration For Buddhist And Non-Buddhist Alike Of The Fourteenth Dalai Lama S Work And Ideas As A Politician, Scientist, And Philosopher. Pico Iyer Has Been Engaged In Conversation With The Dalai Lama (A Friend Of His Father S) For The Last Three Decades An Ongoing Exploration Of His Message And Its Effectiveness. Now, In This Insightful, Impassioned Book, Iyer Captures The Paradoxes Of The Dalai Lama S Position: Though He Has Brought The Ideas Of Tibet To World Attention, Tibet Itself Is Being Remade As A Chinese Province; Though He Was Born In One Of The Remotest, Least Developed Places On Earth, He Has Become A Champion Of Globalism And Technology. He Is A Religious Leader Who Warns Against Being Needlessly Distracted By Religion; A Tibetan Head Of State Who Suggests That Exile From Tibet Can Be An Opportunity; An Incarnation Of A Tibetan God Who Stresses His Everyday Humanity. Moving From Dharamsala, India The Seat Of The Tibetan Government-In-Exile To Lhasa, Tibet, To Venues In The West, Where The Dalai Lama S Pragmatism, Rigor, And Scholarship Are Sometimes Lost On An Audience Yearning For Mystical Visions, The Open Road Illuminates The Hidden Life, The Transforming Ideas, And The Daily Challenges Of A Global Icon.

The Great Peking To Paris Expedition

Autore: Warren Brown
ISBN: 9780732282530
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In March 1907, the Parisian newspaper Le Matin offered the world a challenge - 'Will anyone agree to go this summer from Peking to Paris by motorcar?'Prior to this time, the car was still a novelty, an expensive toy for a wealthy elite - hardly a dependable form of transport. The 14000km challenge was ultimately taken up by drivers of four different makes of automobile. There were to be no rules, no maps and. for that matter, no roads for much of the route.Now, in a daring recreation of a milestone in motoring history, adventurer Lang Kidby, newspaper cartoonist and media personality Warren Brown and motoring journalist Mick Matheson will retrace the exact route of the original Peking to Paris Trial for the first time in almost 100 years.Closed to the world for the best part of a century, the route travelled by the original participants is now accessible. The Great 2005 Peking to Paris Expedition is an historic recreation never before attempted, and this book is a must-have collectable for vintage car lovers and travel enthusiasts.The book ties in with ABC TV's documentary, to

Abarth 500 600

Autore: David Sparrow
Editore: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 9781874105800
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A colourful celebration of the Flat 500 & 600 and its relatives, from Toplino, through Nuovo 500 to the modern Cinquecento: all in stunning original colour pictures. You'll be amazed at the bewildering number and diversity of cars based on the Fiat 500 & 600--many built outside Italy--including racers, sportscars and beach cars.

The Studio And What To Do In It

Autore: Henry Peach Robinson
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Henry Peach Robinson characterizes the theory behind the pictorial method in the photographic studio. Regarding posing, he specifically addresses the smile in the portrait. Robinson states that it is the "false smile that gives the conscientious photographer more trouble than any other form of expression." In the final chapter, he discusses the education of the photographer, which touches on the relationship between science, techniques and creative expression—all themes recurrent in his prolific writing on pictorialism.