La Civilta Cattolica Anno Decimoquatarto Volume V

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The Human Body

Author: Kathleen M. Reilly
Editor: Nomad Press
ISBN: 161930080X
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Kids will be amazed at all the action that’s going on right inside their own bodies, from understanding just how that apple turns into energy to how the “leftovers” make their exit. The Human Body: 25 Fantastic Projects Illuminate How the Body Works will engage kids with hands-on activities that will show them all the fantastic, well-orchestrated systems at work in their very own bodies—they’ll see exactly how smoke affects the lung, how the heart really acts as a liquid pump, and how the different joints are structured and serve different purposes. Kids will gain a concrete understanding of their bodies—and realize in the process just how amazing they really are.

Playing Politics With Science

Author: David B. Resnik
Editor: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195375890
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Here David B. Resnik explores the philosophical, political, and ethical issues related to the politicalization of science and develops a conceptual framework for thinking about government restrictions on scientific practice.

Simulation Based Engineering Of Complex Systems

Author: John R. Clymer
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047040129X
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A hands-on approach to understanding, designing, analyzing, and evaluating complex systems During the last few years, Simulation-Based Systems Engineering (SBSE) has become an essential tool for the design and evaluation of complex systems. This is the first book to cover the basic principles of complex systems through the use of hands-on experimentation using an icon-based simulation tool. Utilizing the accompanying software tool ExtendSim, which works with the OpEMCSS library, readers are invited to engage in simulation-based experiments that demonstrate the principles of complex systems with an emphasis on design, analysis, and evaluation. A number of real-world examples are included to demonstrate how to model complex systems across a range of engineering, business, societal, economic, and scientific disciplines. Beginning with an introduction to SBSE, the book covers: Simulation concepts and building blocks Systems design and model development Markov model development Reliability processes Queuing theory in SBSE Rule-based learning and adaptation Agent motion and spatial interactions Multi-agent system of systems Assuming only a very basic background in problem-solving ability, this book is ideal as a textbook for students (a homework solution manual is also available) and as a reference book for practitioners in industry.

Pets And The Elderly

Author: Odean Cusack
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317774434
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Here is an excellent “how-to” guide for initiating pet-facilitated therapy programs with the elderly. Pets and the Elderly is a practical book that explains how to implement carefully planned programs in residential and nursing homes and in geriatric and psychiatric hospitals, with pets in residence or as visitors. The authors review past research, building a strong case for the therapeutic use of pets in the rehabilitation of older persons. They also share innovative program suggestions, testimonials from participants of successful programs, a comprehensive questionnaire for program evaluation, and the advantages and disadvantages of using various pets, highlighting their therapeutic potential, the training and care required, and much more!

Conservation Biology

Author: Scott P. Carroll
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199719228
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The main goal of this book is to encourage and formalize the infusion of evolutionary thinking into mainstream conservation biology. It reviews the evolutionary foundations of conservation issues, and unifies conceptual and empirical advances in evolutionary conservation biology. The book can be used either as a primary textbook or as a supplementary reading in an advanced undergraduate or graduate level course - likely to be called Conservation Biology or in some cases Evolutionary Ecology. The focus of chapters is on current concepts in evolution as they pertain to conservation, and the empirical study of these concepts. The balanced treatment avoids exhaustive reviews and overlapping duplication among the chapters. Little background in genetics is assumed of the reader.

Crowded Airwaves

Author: James A. Thurber
Editor: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 9780815798958
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Political advertising plays a key role in modern electioneering and has formed part of political campaigns since the earliest federal elections were held in the United States. As modes of mass communication have evolved, so have the venues for campaign advertising—from newspapers to radio and television, and today, the Internet. Not only have the outlets for political advertising expanded over the past twenty years, so have the number of groups using it to convey information and advance their points of view. Because political advertising has become such a pervasive medium for candidates, political parties, and special interest groups, understanding its role in election campaigns becomes all the more important. Crowded Airwaves gathers some of the most significant new work in American political advertising and communication. The contributors provide an objective and balanced analysis of political advertising: its causes, its growth, and its consequences on elections in the United States. The chapters in this volume tackle three of the most interesting and most complicated issues in political advertising today: the characterization of ads and the need to measure their impact; the agenda-setting and priming effects of ads; and the role and implications of issue advertising for the electorate. The contributors focus in particular on the effects and consequences of negative advertising. Crowded Airwaves will appeal to readers who are interested in political campaigns and communication. It will be of special importance to those concerned with the tone and content of electoral campaigns and political discourse.

Memoir Of The Operations Of The British Army In India

Author: Valentine Blacker
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Lil Campers

Author: Barbara Simbro
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438902565
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This story is about three friends who's hopes and dreams come true with a little help from a magic campfire and a twinkling star. The friends share their hopes with each other during their summer camping trip by the magic campfire. A glowing ash from the magic campfire carries their hopes to the stars above. A star will twinkle for only them to see and they dream and live their very best hope! This book will stir the imagination of all who read it. It also includes safety tips for camping, fishing and riding bikes as well as a coloring activity.

Listen And Play Blues Keyboard

Author: Bert Konowitz
Editor: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 9780739016695
Size: 16,93 MB
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This unique book and CD will give you the tools you need to transform the music that you read into the way it should sound when played. Written music offers the notes, but it may not completely tell you how to perform them. Playing the blues in an authentic manner requires specific techniques that are difficult to notate. However, it can be achieved by combining note reading along with listening to a recording of how it is supposed to sound. Once and for all, the Listen & Play approach puts an end the often-heard lament, "I'm reading it correctly, but why doesn't it sound like the blues?" The CD includes performances of all the examples and tunes-----some of the music is played at a slower practice tempo to make learning easier.