The Political And Social Doctrine Of Fascism

Author: Benito Mussolini
ISBN: 9781258720896
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All Devourer

Author: Franco A. Saint-Fond
ISBN: 0988531992
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The Doctrine Of Fascism

Author: Benito Mussolini
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ISBN: 9781541240742
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This is the original Doctrine of Fascism. This doctrine worked as the basis of the Italian Fascist Party and influenced numerous fascist movements and individuals that followed. "Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and the development of humanity quite apart from political considerations of the moment, believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace. It thus repudiates the doctrine of Pacifism - born of a renunciation of the struggle and an act of cowardice in the face of sacrifice. War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have courage to meet it." -Mussolini

Facts And Fascism

Author: George Seldes
ISBN: 9781615770434
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"This book names the most powerful forces in Europe which organized the Fascist and Nazi parties and movement, the powerful American forces which own, control and subsidize native Fascism, and the spokesmen, radio orators, writers and other agents of reaction in America." Facts and Fascism is the definitive account and source book on Fascism in the United States after the First World War and on into the Second. No doubt every subsequent work on this explosive topic owes a great debt to this original research. By crusading investigative journalist George Seldes, the book is in three parts: 1) The Big Money and Big Profits in Fascism, 2) Native Fascist Forces, and 3) Our Press as a Fascist Force. The first part reveals the backing of U.S. and British big business behind the rise of Fascism and militarism, with chapters on Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain, the Nazi cartels and the National Association of Manufacturers. The author was a reporter in Italy in the early 20's as Fascism got its start, and wrote a full-length, critical portrait of Mussolini. In "Native Fascist Forces," Seldes first tells the story of the botched putsch by J. P. Morgan and the American Legion against FDR in 1934 - surely one of the most hushed-up episodes in US history. Next Seldes dissects the Ford empire's support for Nazism and its repressive, even murderous labor practices, and Nazi apologists like Lindbergh, Father Coughlin and the Reader's Digest. The third part explores and deplores acts of treason by war-profiteering heavy industry and by the major newspaper chains. He exposes their habit of faking news for their political agenda, going back to the 1850's in support of black slavery, and white servitude - that is, with attacks on labor and social justice. The last chapter discusses profiteering from a different form of slavery, the tobacco addiction. Among the appendices is one on the definition of Fascism, and data on Who Owns America - thirteen plutocratic families.

Two Old Faiths

Author: J. Murray Mitchell
Editor: Prabhat Prakashan
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Pro C Sare Saggio Sulla Dottrina Fascista Dello Stato Come Concezione Politica Religiosa

Author: Marco Piraino Stefano Fiorito
ISBN: 0244328250
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Cartografia Ideologia I Poder

Author: Rafael Company i Mateo
Editor: Universitat de València
ISBN: 8437096197
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Amb els mapes, a més de ciència, es fa política. El 1939 els catalans algueresos, i altres pobles d'Itàlia, foren eliminats d'un mapa etnogràfic de tot Europa elaborat a Milà pel Touring Club Italiano. Les minories en qüestió hi havien figurat des de 1927, però finalment els mussolinians van imposar sobre aquella obra els postulats feixistes més extrems. Aquest llibre, bastit sobre mapes «de pobles i llengües» dels segles XIX i XX, es deté en la confluència de les disciplines cartogràfica, etnològica i lingüística, les conviccions ideològiques i l'exercici del poder polític. L'obra, que ha estat mereixedora del Premi Joan Coromines 2013 d'investigació filològica, històrica o cultural, patrocinat per la Societat Coral «El Micalet», reflexiona sobre les visions exògenes d'unes identitats socioterritorials que continuen concitant estudis i pulsions.

Giovanni Gentile

Author: A. James Gregor
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412824620
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At the polemical level, fascism has become a generic term applied to virtually any form of real or potential violence, while among Marxist and left-wing scholars discredited interpretations of fascism as a product of late capitalism have been revived. But these formulas disregard the historical and philosophical roots of fascism as it arose in Italy and spread throughout Europe. In Giovanni Gentile, Gregor returns to those roots by examining the thought of Gentile, Italian Fascisms major theorist.