La Fabbrica Dei Sogni Neuropsicodinamica Del Sonno E Del Sogno

Author: R. Menarini
ISBN: 9788874870356
Size: 17,13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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C Era Una Volta Un Cantastorie In Azienda

Author: Piera Giacconi
Editor: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8856871610
Size: 16,10 MB
Format: PDF
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To Sleep Perchance To Dream

Author: Ferdinando Scianna
Editor: Phaidon Press
Size: 15,50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 677

In travelling the world to photograph his favorite type of image, Magnum photographer Ferdinando Scianna seems to have had little chance to do much sleeping of his own. Over the course of three decades, he has snapped thousands of images of sleepers--a Balinese farmer in her fields, a napper on a rocky crag in Bolivia, a dog in the shade of a laundry line in Egypt, a barefoot man along an Italian pier, an infant on a woman's lap in India.Looking at the faces of all these sleeping people--rich and poor, young and old, comfortably ensconced in beds and arranged awkwardly on the ground--one can't help but wonder where their dreams transport them. Scianno's rich black and white images are reproduced in warm sepia tones alongside aphorisms and phrases about sleep penned by such writers as Ernest Hemingway, Dante, Edgar Allen Poe, and Christina Rosetti. One phrase in Sir Philip Sydney seems to capture the spirit of the collection:Come, Sleep! Oh Sleep, the certain knot of peace, The baiting-place of wit, the balm of woe, The poor man's wealth, the prisoner's release, The indifferent judge between the high and low.

High Society

Author: Mike Jay
ISBN: 9780500289105
Size: 19,21 MB
Format: PDF
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New in paperback, Mike Jays global history of intoxication looks at the earliest archaeological evidence of drug use, the botanicals of the classical world, the mind-bending self-experiments of early scientists and today's war on drugs. Every society is a high society. Every day, people drink coffee on European terraces, chew betel nut in Indonesian markets, take coca leaf on Andean mountainsides and smoke tobacco in every nation on earth. This striking and lyrical book, beautifully illustrated with rarely seen paintings, photographs and engravings from the Wellcome Collection, explores the international spectrum of drug use in cultures throughout the modern world: medicines, religious sacraments, status symbols and coveted trade goods. Fascinating and highly recommended Psychedelic Press Straightforward and engaging storytelling and cool headed analysis of use of, and attitudes towards, mind-altering drugs deserves high praise for rendering a complex, controversial topic with clarity and elegance. Its also good looking quite marvellous British Medical Journal

Divina Commedia Canti Scelti

Author: Dante Alighieri
Editor: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486411279
Size: 17,46 MB
Format: PDF
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Sublime poetic masterpiece recounting the poet's allegorical journey through the afterlife follows Dante through the infernal regions of Hell, where punishment is determined by gravity of sinner's transgressions, through Purgatory where souls are atoning for their misdeeds and to the entrance to Paradise, where he meets his beloved Beatrice.

Lisa In London

Author: Paul Victor
Editor: Longman
ISBN: 9781405878098
Size: 12,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 812

It is Lisa s first visit to London. She is going to learn English. Then she meets Michael. And suddenly her English lessons are very exciting.