La Moda Un Introduzione

Autore: Simona Segre Reinach
ISBN: 9788842092810
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La Moda

Autore: Simona Segre
ISBN: 9788842075271
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Made In Italy

Autore: Grace Lees-Maffei
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 1472558421
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Goods made or designed in Italy enjoy a profile which far outstrips the country's modest manufacturing output. Italy's glorious design heritage and reputation for style and innovation has 'added value' to products made in Italy. Since 1945, Italian design has commanded an increasing amount of attention from design journalists, critics and consumers. But is Italian design a victim of its own celebrity? Made in Italy brings together leading design historians to explore this question, discussing both the history and significance of design from Italy and its international influence. Addressing a wide range of Italian design fields, including car design, graphic design, industrial and interior design and ceramics, well-known designers such as Alberto Rosselli and Ettore Sottsass, Jr. and iconic brands such as Olivetti, Vespa and Alessi, the book explores the historical, cultural and social influences that shaped Italian design, and how these iconic designs have contributed to the modern canon of Italian-inspired goods.

La Moda

Autore: Giorgio Riello
Editore: Gius.Laterza & Figli Spa
ISBN: 8858104625
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«La storia considera le persone, le loro azioni e i loro pensieri, ai quali la moda ha dato forma nel corso del tempo. La storia della moda è quindi la storia non solo di chi fa moda, ma di tutti».Giorgio Riello guida alla scoperta dei tanti volti della moda, protagonista nei secoli di processi di individualizzazione e di socializzazione, mezzo di rappresentazione e di mobilità sociale, strumento di differenziazione di genere e di età.

Writing Fashion In Early Modern Italy

Autore: Eugenia Paulicelli
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134787030
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The first comprehensive study on the role of Italian fashion and Italian literature, this book analyzes clothing and fashion as described and represented in literary texts and costume books in the Italy of the 16th and 17th centuries. Writing Fashion in Early Modern Italy emphasizes the centrality of Italian literature and culture for understanding modern theories of fashion and gauging its impact in the shaping of codes of civility and taste in Europe and the West. Using literature to uncover what has been called the ‘animatedness of clothing,’ author Eugenia Paulicelli explores the political meanings that clothing produces in public space. At the core of the book is the idea that the texts examined here act as maps that, first, pinpoint the establishment of fashion as a social institution of modernity; and, second, gauge the meaning of clothing at a personal and a political level. As well as Castiglione’s The Book of the Courtier and Cesare Vecellio’s The Clothing of the Renaissance World, the author looks at works by Italian writers whose books are not yet available in English translation, such as those by Giacomo Franco, Arcangela Tarabotti, and Agostino Lampugnani. Paying particular attention to literature and the relevance of clothing in the shaping of codes of civility and style, this volume complements the existing and important works on Italian fashion and material culture in the Renaissance. It makes the case for the centrality of Italian literature and the interconnectedness of texts from a variety of genres for an understanding of the history of Italian style, and serves to contextualize the debate on dress in other European literatures.

La Moda Contiene La Storia E Ce La Racconta Puntualmente

Autore: Giovanna Motta
Editore: Edizioni Nuova Cultura
ISBN: 8868124718
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La moda, pure di difficile definizione, può essere considerata con riferimento al modus (maniera, regola, norma) che sovrintende al cambiamento di stile di ogni epoca. Nella storia politica, economica, sociale, antropologica, ogni segno serve a indicare un cambiamento che assume nuove forme e nuovi significati e trasmette, attraverso l’immagine di sé, i valori, i codici, i simboli per mezzo dei quali manifesta la sua identità. Attraverso l’evoluzione dell’abbigliamento si seguono i ceti dominanti e quelli emergenti, l’antica nobiltà e le nuove borghesie multiformi che per mezzo dell’abito dichiarano il proprio ruolo sociale e professionale. La moda propone una concezione filosofica ed estetica, afferma un progetto politico ed economico, esprime arte e tecnica, coniuga stoffe, colori, misure costruendo un proprio linguaggio.

La Moda Oltre Le Mode

Autore: Maria Cristina Marchetti
Editore: Edizioni Nuova Cultura
ISBN: 8861347282
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Who S Who In Research

Autore: Intellect Books
Editore: Intellect Books
ISBN: 1841504955
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Increasingly, academic communities transcend national boundaries. “Collaboration between researchers across space is clearly increasing, as well as being increasingly sought after,” noted the online magazine Inside Higher Ed in a recent article about research in the social sciences and humanities. Even for those scholars who don't work directly with international colleagues, staying up-to-date and relevant requires keeping up with international currents of thought in one's field. But when one's colleagues span the globe, it's not always easy to keep track of who's who—or what kind of research they're conducting. That's where Intellect's new series comes in. A set of worldwide guides to leading academics—and their work—across the arts and humanities, Who's Who in Research features comprehensive profiles of scholars in the areas of cultural studies, film studies, media studies, performing arts, and visual arts. Who's Who in Research: Visual Arts includes concise yet detailed listings include each academic's name, institution, biography, and current research interests, as well as bibliographic information and a list of articles published in Intellect journals. The volumes in the Who's Who in Research series will be updated each year, providing the most current information on the foremost thinkers in academia and making them an invaluable resource for scholars, hiring committees, academic libraries, and would-be collaborators across the arts and humanities.

Un Secolo Di Moda Italiana 1900 2000

Autore: Sofia Gnoli
Editore: Meltemi Editore srl
ISBN: 888353428X
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Producing Fashion

Autore: Regina Lee Blaszczyk
Editore: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812206053
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How has Paris, the world's fashion capital, influenced Milan, New York, and Tokyo? When did the Marlboro Man become a symbol of American masculinity? Why do Americans love to dress down in high-tech Lycra fabrics, while they wax nostalgic for quaint, old-fashioned Victorian cottages? Fashion icons and failures have long captivated the general public, but few scholars have examined the historical role of business and commerce in creating the international market for style goods. Producing Fashion is a groundbreaking collection of original essays that shows how economic institutions in Europe and North America laid the foundation for the global fashion system and sustained it commercially through the mechanisms of advertising, licensing, marketing, publishing, and retailing. The collection reveals how public and private institutions—from government censors in imperial Russia to large corporations in the United States—worked to shape fashion, style, and taste with varying degrees of success. Fourteen contributors draw on original research and fresh insight into the producers of fashion—advertising agents, architects, corporate executives, department stores, designers, editors, government officials, hairdressers, haute couturiers, and Web retailers—in their bid for influence, acclaim, and shoppers' dollars. Producing Fashion looks to the past, revealing the rationale behind style choices, while explaining how the interplay of custom, invented traditions, and sales imperatives continue to drive innovation in the fashion industries.