La Notte Dello Spectre Buck Danny

Autore: Frédéric Zumbiehl
ISBN: 9788865671320
Grandezza: 48,44 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Celebrate Your Life Now

Autore: Josephine Formosa
Editore: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452529191
Grandezza: 64,19 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Among the billions of people on this planet, there is something you can be sure of: there is only one you. And while you may share experiences with others, your life—and your story—are unique. Your life may not be exactly as you thought it would be at this stage of your life, but it is important. Author Josephine Formosa’s Celebrate Your Life Now! A Journal of Your Life Experiences helps you discover the uniqueness that is you. Although you will read about others’ lives, you will come away knowing your experiences create first-hand knowledge that cannot be equalled by anyone else. Chapter-ending questions help you discover that knowledge and share it with others. You may think your life is ordinary, and what you have learnt from life is not worth writing, but if your life has been worth living, it is worth writing about. Celebrate Your Life Now! A Journal of Your Life Experiences shows you how. Why quote from the wisdom of others, when you can speak from your own life experiences?

Etruscan Roman Remains In Popular Tradition

Autore: Charles Godfrey Leland
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537523361
Grandezza: 51,17 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book contains many vivid and authentic tales of ancient Italian folklore, originating mainly in the Tuscany region. First published in 1892, Charles Godfrey Leland's chronicle lays bare the traditions, poetry and stories told among the peoples of Ancient and Medieval Italy. By profession, the author was not a cultural anthropologist or a classical scholar, but a journalist with a history of working with everyday newspapers in the 19th century United States. At the time a revived interest in ancient pagan and folklore traditions led Leland to travel to Europe, where he branched out to researching and transcribing the continent's myths and legends into books. The tone we witness here is neither dry nor particularly rigorous in the academic sense: Leland's intention was never to conform to the precise scholarly principles of research and sources, but instead to present the pagan folklore to the popular audience in a manner easily enjoyed and digested by the reader. The price of Leland's colorful approach was his loss of authority in academic circles: something to which he paid little mind. The stories in this lengthy volume approach the subject in an embracing manner: tales of witchcraft, of pagan Gods (including the prominent Goddess of Truffles revered by rural communities) and various cautionary tales of morality among those included in this book. There are many allusions to festivals and pagan offerings, and the pastoral Italian traditions surrounding food and drink. Frequent quotations of poetry and occasional imagery of the warm and rugged Italian countryside also populate this book. Something of an underappreciated lost classic, Leland's exhaustive efforts to shed light onto Italy's enormous folk traditions are offered to the reader anew.

Cyclopedia Of Music Musicians

Autore: William Foster Apthorp
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Singer S Repertoire

Autore: Berton Coffin
Grandezza: 56,22 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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The Pleasure Of Writing

Autore: Rodica Diaconescu-Blumenfeld
Editore: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 9781557531971
Grandezza: 73,96 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Opening with Maraini's own analysis of women's writing, this collection of essays by an international selection of Italianists uses various interpretive perspectives, ranging from semiotics to psychoanalysis, to explore the range of her production as a novelist, playwright, poet and film maker.

Alice In The Country Of Hearts The Clockmaker S Story

Autore: QuinRose
Editore: Seven Seas
ISBN: 9781937867645
Grandezza: 36,31 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Why did you choose to stay? Because you felt sorry for me? In the Country of Hearts, Alice has started developing feelings for the angsty Clockmaker. She can see past Julius's doom and gloom to the gentle soul inside. When the path back home starts opening at last, Alice wonders if she'll be able to leave Julius when the time comes. Will she give up her world for a man who can barely voice his feelings? Love is timeless, but even in Wonderland the clock is always ticking.

The Making Of Casablanca

Autore: Aljean Harmetz
Editore: Hyperion
ISBN: 9780786888146
Grandezza: 26,28 MB
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An inside look at the making of Casablanca offers fresh insights into and revelations about the people, the period, and the countless details that all had a hand in shaping the quintessential movie-lover's movie. Originally published as Round Up the Usual Suspects. Reprint. 30,000 first printing. (Tie-in to the DVD release of Warner Bros. 60th anniversary of the film) (Performing Arts)

Robert Crumb S Sex Obsessions

Autore: Robert Crumb
Editore: Taschen America Llc
ISBN: 9783836559065
Grandezza: 72,60 MB
Formato: PDF
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"Somehow the Devil got me!"Robert Crumb's personal selection of his most secret fantasiesThey have little to do with the standard procreative urge, Mr. Crumb admits. He has also said he finds nothing more boring than someone else's sexual obsessions, and yet through his long career the world's most famous underground cartoonist has felt compelled to include his own sex fantasies in his art. He explains it as a compulsive catharsis, while fans call Crumb's erotic fantasies the Master at his best. Now Robert Crumb has selected his most intimately revealing comic strips and single page drawings to createa 258 page encyclopedic trip through his sexual psyche. All images were created between 1980 and 2006, and all strips are hand-colored for a lush vibrancy never seen in his comic books. In total the book features14 complete stories, including My Troubles With Women, If I Were a King, A Bitchin' Bod, and How To Have Fun With a Strong Girl, as well as 60 single page drawings. The artist admits it's a little scary to see his most fevered obsessions collected end to end like this, but fans will findRobert Crumb's Sex Obsessions a fascinating peek inside an often tortured, always brilliantly talented mind.

The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Vs Dracula

Autore: Titan Books
Editore: Titan Books (US, CA)
ISBN: 1781161437
Grandezza: 19,31 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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After a mysterious schooner runs aground in an English harbor with no human passengers -- only the dead captain, drained of blood -- a series of bizarre nocturnal crimes takes place in London. It can only be the work of Count Dracula, and only one man can save the city: the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes.