The Adventure

Autore: Giorgio Agamben
Editore: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262345242
Grandezza: 28,77 MB
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An ancient legend identifies Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity as the four gods who preside over the birth of every human being. We must all pay tribute to these deities and should not try to elude or dupe them. To accept them, Giorgio Agamben suggests, is to live one's life as an adventure -- not in the trivial sense of the term, with lightness and disenchantment, but with the understanding that adventure, as a specific way of being, is the most profound experience in our human existence. In this pithy, poetic, and compelling book, Agamben maps a journey from poems of chivalry to philosophy, from Yvain to Hegel, from Beatrice to Heidegger. The four gods of legend are joined at the end by a goddess, the most elusive and mysterious of all: Elpis, Hope. In Greek mythology, Hope remains in Pandora's box, not because it postpones its fulfillment to an invisible beyond but because somehow it has always been already satisfied. Here, Agamben presents Hope as the ultimate gift of the human adventure on Earth.

Bye Bye Babylon

Autore: Lamia Ziadé
Editore: Interlink Publishing Group Incorporated
ISBN: 9781566568777
Grandezza: 53,84 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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The author describes her traumatic life as a child in Beirut during the late 1970s, witnessing the country's descent into civil war, as lootings, kidnappings, and bombings become an everyday occurrence.


Autore: Didier Ah-Koon
Editore: Titan Comics
ISBN: 1782768165
Grandezza: 36,39 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1021
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They’re the most loveable evil henchmen ever created… Stuart, Kevin, Bob and the rest of the Minions return for laughs and gags in this hilarious comic collection. Collecting together Minions Comic Issues #1 and #2, laugh along as the Minions unleash their unique brand of mayhem on the world.

Buz Sawyer Vol 3

Autore: Roy Crane
ISBN: 9781606997031
Grandezza: 29,13 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 891
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Buz Sawyer - adventurer, bon vivant and former bachelor - can’t let a little thing like romance and marriage slow him down. Buz knows that Christy is the only woman for him, but the road to marriage is a rocky one! First, Buz has to survive a hurricane in the Caribbean, a typhoon in the South Seas and a stone cold killer with a deceptively mild manner and the innocuous-sounding name of Harry Sparrow. As if that weren’t enough, Buz gets himself caught in a political hurricane when he gets trapped behind the Iron Curtain just as the Cold War heats up.

Judge Dredd The Garth Ennis Collection

Autore: Garth Ennis
Editore: 2000 AD
ISBN: 9781781080672
Grandezza: 76,10 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 4015
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Hit writer Garth Ennis' best Judge Dredd stories. Garth Ennis is one of the most admired writers in the Western comics’ industry. From his earliest work written whilst still a teen in Northern Ireland, to his US work on Preacher for Vertigo/DC Comics and The Punisher for Marvel, Ennis has always had the ability to shock, titillate and most importantly entertain his legion of international fans. Here are a selection of his best Judge Dredd stories, including his brilliantly funny take on the Irish Justice System in Judge Dredd’s world - The Emerald Isle - which he co-created with Preacher artist Steve Dillon.

Smokin Parade

Autore: Jinsei Kataoka
Editore: Yen Press
ISBN: 0316470384
Grandezza: 44,49 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2757
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Youkou lives in a future where organ transplants are common and available to all, but life's not as idyllic as it seems--it turns out a nefarious organization is using that technology for their own evil ends! Only the elite squad Jackalope has any chance of stopping them before it's too late.

Black Kiss

Autore: Howard Chaykin
Editore: Eros Comics
Grandezza: 26,75 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3366
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Howard Chaykin's groundbreaking series opened the floodgate for x-rated comics by respected cartoonists. A saga of thugs, bombings, shootings and sluts for hire with a terrible secret.

The Shadow 1941

Autore: Dennis O'Neil
Editore: Dynamite
ISBN: 1606904299
Grandezza: 72,61 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 3493
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On Easter Sunday of April 1941, a young woman pushes through the holiday crowds, racing for her life through the streets of Manhattan. It's a chase that leads from the bustling American metropolis all the way to Berlin, the dark heart of the Nazi regime... a chase of screeching taxis and motorcycle escapes, of a fantastic battle between a German U-boat and an autogyro over Coney Island! Like marionettes dangling from invisible hands, neither Allies nor Axis agents can tell if they are the puppeteers... or the dolls whose strings get cut! Behind it all, The Shadow looms, a master of men with cold, hollow laughter and blazing .45 pistols! The acclaimed, complete Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer collaboration of Batman scribe Denny O'Neil and artist Mike Kaluta, available for the first time in over two decades, completely remastered!

The Track Of Sand

Autore: Andrea Camilleri
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101466030
Grandezza: 22,35 MB
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"The novels of Andrea Camilleri breathe out the sense of place, the sense of humor, and the sense of despair that fill the air of Sicily." -Donna Leon Inspector Salvatore Montalbano wakes from strange dreams to find a gruesomely bludgeoned horse carcass in front of his seaside home. When his men came to investigate, the carcass has disappeared, leaving only a trail in the sand. Then his home is ransacked and the inspector is certain that the crimes are linked. As he negotiates both the glittering underworld of horseracing and the Mafia's connection to it, Montalbano is aided by his illiterate housekeeper, Adelina, and a Proustian memory of linguate fritte. Longtime fans and new readers alike will be charmed by Montalbano's blend of unorthodox methods, melancholy self-reflection, and love of good food.

Full Metal Panic Novel Volume 3 Into The Blue

Autore: Shouji Gatou
Editore: TokyoPop
ISBN: 9781427802453
Grandezza: 39,27 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 856
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Follows the adventures of Sousuke Sagaka, a new high school student who is actually a member of an elite military unit on an undercover mission to protect the beautiful schoolgirl Kaname Chidori from the KGB.