La Scienza Del Benessere

Author: Wallace D. Wattles
Editor: Area51 Publishing
ISBN: 8865741007
Size: 11,81 MB
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Dall'autore di "La scienza del diventare ricchi" e "La scienza della grandezza", un metodo di straordinaria efficacia e di sicuro successo per raggiungere il benessere fisico, avere un corpo naturalmente sano e ottenere una salute duratura. Tra i contenuti del libro . Come attivare il Principio di Salute che è in ognuno di noi. . Le azioni mentali per raggiungere e mantenere la salute. . Come ottenere un corpo sano. . Mangiare e bere in modo corretto. . Quando, quanto e cosa mangiare. . Saper distinguere tra fame e appetito. . Scegliere i cibi giusti. . Mangiare e masticare in modo corretto. . Respirare e dormire in modo corretto. "'La Scienza del diventare ricchi' è rivolto a chi desidera possedere del denaro; 'La Scienza del Benessere' è destinato a chi aspira alla completa salute. È una guida pratica, non un trattato filosofico. Ti istruirò sull'uso del Principio Universale di Vita sforzandomi di spiegare in maniera più semplice e chiara possibile affinché tu possa ottenere un perfetto stato di salute. Ho conservato ciò che era essenziale eliminando con cura ciò che non lo era. Ho evitato termini tecnici, astrusi o un linguaggio difficile mantenendo sempre chiaro di volta in volta l’obiettivo finale. Ti auguro di perseverare fino a che il grande dono della perfetta salute non sarà tuo." (dalla Premessa dell'autore) A chi è destinato questo libro: . A chi vuole ottenere e mantenere la salute. . A chi vuole imparare regole semplici e pratiche per vivere in modo sano. . A chi vuole dimagrire e mantenere il peso forma in modo naturale. . A chi vuole raggiungere l'equilibrio nell'alimentazione. . A chi vuole godere appieno di ogni cosa che mangia e beve. . A chi vuole viviere bene nel corpo, nella mente e nello spirito. "Ricorda che 'La Scienza del Benessere' vuole essere una guida completa ed esaustiva in ogni senso. Concentrati sulle tecniche descritte tanto nel pensare quanto nell'agire. Segui il libro in ogni dettaglio e starai bene o, se sei già in salute, continuerai a esserlo sempre di più." (dalla Premessa dell'autore)

La Scienza Del Successo Il Segreto Per Ottenere Quello Che Vuoi

Author: Wallace D. Wattles
ISBN: 9788879449434
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Science In The Kitchen And The Art Of Eating Well

Author: Pellegrino Artusi
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442690968
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First published in 1891, Pellegrino Artusi?s La scienza in cucina e l?arte di mangier bene has come to be recognized as the most significant Italian cookbook of modern times. It was reprinted thirteen times and had sold more than 52,000 copies in the years before Artusi?s death in 1910, with the number of recipes growing from 475 to 790. And while this figure has not changed, the book has consistently remained in print. Although Artusi was himself of the upper classes and it was doubtful he had ever touched a kitchen utensil or lit a fire under a pot, he wrote the book not for professional chefs, as was the nineteenth-century custom, but for middle-class family cooks: housewives and their domestic helpers. His tone is that of a friendly advisor ? humorous and nonchalant. He indulges in witty anecdotes about many of the recipes, describing his experiences and the historical relevance of particular dishes. Artusi?s masterpiece is not merely a popular cookbook; it is a landmark work in Italian culture. This English edition (first published by Marsilio Publishers in 1997) features a delightful introduction by Luigi Ballerini that traces the fascinating history of the book and explains its importance in the context of Italian history and politics. The illustrations are by the noted Italian artist Giuliano Della Casa.

The Science Of Getting Rich

Author: Wallace D. Wattles
Editor: FV Éditions
Size: 17,47 MB
Format: PDF
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"THIS book is pragmatical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward." W.D.W

The Science Of Being Great

Author: Wallace Wattles
Editor: Marc Stewart
Size: 20,41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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How To Enjoy The Poetry Of The Science of Being Great I WANT YOU TO FIND IT SO INTERESTING THAT YOU BUY THE BOOK TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! How it goes with you! The more your encounter with The Science of Being Great the more it deepens, the more your experience of your own life will deepen, and you will begin to see things by means of words and words by means of things. You will come to understand the world as it interacts with words, as it can be re-created by words, by rhythms and by images presented in this book. You'll understand that its wisdom is one charged with vital possibilities. You will pick up meaning more quickly . . . and you will create meaning too, for yourself and others. Connections between things will exist for you in many ways that never did before. They will shine with unexpectedness. wide-openness and you will go toward them, on your own path. “Then . . . “ as Dante says, “. . . Then will your feet be filled with good desire.” You will know this is happening the first time you say, of something you never would have noticed before. “Well, would you look at that! Who'd'a thunk it?” (Pause, full of new light) “I thunk it!” And so it will be with Wattle's “The Science of Being Great!” As edited by Marc Stewart.

Politics Of Obedience The Discourse Of Voluntary Servitude The

Editor: Ludwig von Mises Institute
ISBN: 1610163656
Size: 14,48 MB
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Survival In Auschwitz

Author: Primo Levi
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684826801
Size: 14,57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The author describes his twenty month ordeal in the Nazi death camp.

Silk Movie Tie In Edition

Author: Alessandro Baricco
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0307490955
Size: 13,89 MB
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The year is 1861. Hervé Joncour is a French merchant of silkworms, who combs the known world for their gemlike eggs. Then circumstances compel him to travel farther, beyond the edge of the known, to a country legendary for the quality of its silk and its hostility to foreigners: Japan. There Joncour meets a woman. They do not touch; they do not even speak. And he cannot read the note she sends him until he has returned to his own country. But in the moment he does, Joncour is possessed. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Old And The Young

Author: Luigi Pirandello
ISBN: 9781781390221
Size: 20,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A historical novel reflecting the Sicily of the end of the 19th century.

Understanding Power

Author: John Schoeffel
ISBN: 1458788172
Size: 14,54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In a series of enlightening and wide-ranging discussions, all published here for the first time, Chomsky radically reinterprets the events of the past three decades, covering topics from foreign policy during Vietnam to the decline of welfare under the Clinton administration. And as he elucidates the connection between America's imperialistic foreign policy and the decline of domestic social services, Chomsky also discerns the necessary steps to take toward social change. With an eye to political activism and the media's role in popular struggle, as well as U.S. foreign and domestic policy, Understanding Power offers a sweeping critique of the world around us and is definitive Chomsky. Characterized by Chomsky's accessible and informative style, this is the ideal book for those new to his work as well as for those who have been listening for years.