La Soluzione Finale

Autore: Enzo Collotti
Editore: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854148318
Grandezza: 28,42 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Una storia dell'Olocausto. L'assassinio degli ebrei nei campi di sterminioLo sterminio degli ebrei rimane uno dei grandi buchi neri nella storia del nostro secolo e della nostra civiltà. Questo libro vuole rispondere all'inquietante domanda: «come è stato possibile?», partendo dall'esplosione dell'antisemitismo nell'Europa degli anni Venti, alla specificità dell'antisemitismo nazista con il suo prologo delle leggi di Norimberga, alla «notte dei cristalli» che sfociò nell'utopia negativa della «soluzione finale» e dei campi di sterminio. Uno strumento per riflettere sulle responsabilità dirette, sulle complicità e sui silenzi che consentirono la realizzazione dell'atroce progetto; nella convinzione che solo la consapevolezza critica dei disastri provocati dal totalitarismo nazista può costituire l'antidoto contro l'oblio e contro l'accettazione tacita di nuove «pulizie etniche».Enzo Collottiinsegna storia contemporanea presso l'Università di Firenze. È autore, tra l'altro, di La Germania nazista (1962), L'amministrazione tedesca dell'Europa occupata (1963), Storia delle due Germanie (1968), La seconda guerra mondiale (1975), Nazismo e società tedesca (1982), Fascismo, fascismi (1989), Hitler e il nazismo (1994). È collaboratore di istituti di ricerca e di riviste specializzate in Italia e all'estero.

Omeopatia Terapia Dell Anima Con Un Prontuario Terapeutico Delle Malattie Acute

Autore: Giuseppe Attanasio
Editore: Hermes Edizioni
ISBN: 9788879381239
Grandezza: 19,77 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 1091
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The Daughter

Autore: Jane Shemilt
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062320483
Grandezza: 30,35 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 6124
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In the tradition of Gillian Flynn, Tana French, and Ruth Rendell, this compelling and clever psychological thriller spins the harrowing tale of a mother’s obsessive search for her missing daughter. Jenny is a successful family doctor, the mother of three great teenagers, married to a celebrated neurosurgeon. But when her youngest child, fifteen-year-old Naomi, doesn’t come home after her school play, Jenny’s seemingly ideal life begins to crumble. The authorities launch a nationwide search with no success. Naomi has vanished, and her family is broken. As the months pass, the worst-case scenarios—kidnapping, murder—seem less plausible. The trail has gone cold. Yet for a desperate Jenny, the search has barely begun. More than a year after her daughter’s disappearance, she’s still digging for answers—and what she finds disturbs her. Everyone she’s trusted, everyone she thought she knew, has been keeping secrets, especially Naomi. Piecing together the traces her daughter left behind, Jenny discovers a very different Naomi from the girl she thought she’d raised.

Anus Mundi

Autore: Wiesaw Kielar
Editore: Times Books
Grandezza: 46,21 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An articulate and frightening restatement of the concentration-camp nightmare and a testament to human will and survival by a Polish film director

The Physics Of Star Trek

Autore: Lawrence M. Krauss
Editore: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465008631
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Formato: PDF
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What warps when you're traveling at warp speed? What is the difference between a wormhole and a black hole? Are time loops really possible, and can I kill my grandmother before I am born? Anyone who has ever wondered “could this really happen?” will gain useful insights into the Star Trek universe (and, incidentally, the real world of physics) in this charming and accessible guide. Lawrence M. Krauss boldly goes where Star Trek has gone-and beyond. From Newton to Hawking, from Einstein to Feynman, from Kirk to Picard, Krauss leads readers on a voyage to the world of physics as we now know it and as it might one day be.

Aristotle On The Human Good

Autore: Richard Kraut
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691020716
Grandezza: 15,63 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, which equates the ultimate end of human life with happiness (eudaimonia), is thought by many readers to argue that this highest goal consists in the largest possible aggregate of intrinsic goods. Richard Kraut proposes instead that Aristotle identifies happiness with only one type of good: excellent activity of the rational soul. In defense of this reading, Kraut discusses Aristotle's attempt to organize all human goods into a single structure, so that each subordinate end is desirable for the sake of some higher goal. This book also emphasizes the philosopher's hierarchy of natural kinds, in which every type of creature achieves its good by imitating divine life. As Kraut argues, Aristotle's belief that thinking is the sole activity of the gods leads him to an intellectualist conception of the ethical virtues. Aristotle values these traits because, by subordinating emotion to reason, they enhance our ability to lead a life devoted to philosophy or politics.

The Concept Of Anxiety

Autore: Robert L. Perkins
Editore: Mercer University Press
ISBN: 9780865541429
Grandezza: 18,41 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1231
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For the first time in English the world community of scholars is systematically assembling and presenting the results of recent research in the vast literature of Soren Kierkegaard. Based on the definitive English edition of Kierkegaard's works by Princeton University Press, this series of commentaries addresses all the published texts of the influential Danish philosopher and theologian.

Hotel Du Barry

Autore: Lesley Truffle
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 1460706102
Grandezza: 49,24 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2939
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Heartbreak, joy and nefarious doings at London's luxurious HOTEL DU BARRY. A book for lovers of fine gin, murderous impulses and writing of the ilk of Jonas Jonasson. When a laughing baby is found amongst the Hotel du Barry's billowing sheets, tucked up in an expensive pair of ladies' bloomers and neatly pegged to the laundry line, the hotel staff resolve to keep the child. The hotel's owner, Daniel du Barry, still mourning the loss of his lover in an automobile accident, adopts the little girl, names her after his favourite champagne and seeks consolation in fatherhood. Cat du Barry grows up beloved by both hotel staff and guests, equally at home in the ninth-floor premium suite as she is in the labyrinth below stairs. Years later when Daniel du Barry dies in sinister circumstances, Cat determines to solve the mystery with the assistance of her extended hotel family. From hotel detective to roguish Irish gigolo, from compassionate housekeeper to foxy chamber maid, each will play their wicked part in this novel that will charm, amuse and delight. PRAISE 'This is a wonderful romp of a novel, that brilliantly evokes the attraction and the dangers of the Jazz Age. There is plenty of fabulous fashion and empathetic characters - it cries out to be made into a film starring Helen Mirren' NZ Women's Weekly 'A must read' - Sunshine Coast Daily