Suore Ninja La Sorella Dei Mostri

Autore: Mirka Andolfo
Editore: Edizioni Star Comics
ISBN: 8869204235
Grandezza: 50,86 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1915
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Annuncio vobis gaudium magnum: Le suore ninja sono tornate in un’avventura ambientata in Giappone. In che guaio si è cacciato il Papa questa volta? In nessuno, già, perché a questo giro le tre fortissime suorine non dovranno proteggere il Pontefice, bensì il Dalai Lama. Una misteriosa nemica, vecchia conoscenza delle suore, riemerge dalle nebbie del passato...(il passato è come Milano: pieno di nebbia!) Camminando sui cadaveri di monaci e distruggendo templi, vuole nientemeno rapire il leader spirituale dei buddisti. Una storia d’azione che, tra un pugno e l’altro, troverà spazio anche per parlare d’amore... in pratica un fumetto che è una via di mezzo tra una puntata dei “Cavalieri dello zodiaco” e una canzone di Tiziano Ferro. Un volume molto diverso dal solito, con una parte disegnata in stile manga da Mirka Andolfo, che si alterna alla stravaganza grafica di Vanessa Cardinali! Insomma, ce n’è per tutti i gusti!

La Sorella Dei Mostri Suore Ninja

Autore: Davide La Rosa
ISBN: 9788869202438
Grandezza: 74,36 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 1909
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1 6180 Suore Ninja

Autore: Davide La Rosa
ISBN: 9788864208541
Grandezza: 54,96 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2217
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A Martian Comes To Stay Uninvited Ghosts

Autore: Penelope Lively
ISBN: 9788867316649
Grandezza: 62,54 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 1915
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Avatar The Last Airbender Smoke And Shadow Part Three

Autore: Gene Luen Yang
Editore: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1630085944
Grandezza: 78,26 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 6304
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Children are disappearing in the Fire Nation capital! Avatar Aang and his friends are doing everything in their power to save them—but will it be enough? And worse, when Azula—the mad sister of Fire Lord Zuko—appears on the scene, Zuko locks down the city to catch her, igniting fear and riots in the streets! Will Zuko follow in his evil father’s footsteps in order to save those he holds dear? * The official continuation of Airbender from its creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko!

Funky Science

Autore: Kirsten Hall
Editore: Hinkler Books Pty Limited
ISBN: 9781743088777
Grandezza: 23,47 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 7179
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Smart and savvy girls will love discovering the secrets of science! Funky Science Experiments has over 280 cool, creative experiments that cover an exciting range of sciences, including Chemistry, Physics, Earth sciences, Environmental sciences, Astronomy and Life sciences. Discover the benefits of recycling, get to know the stars and learn how to make your own beauty products! Each experiment is presented in a fun and accessible way, and relates to topics that girls love. All experiments are created with science teachers and provide a learning experience that is both fun and educational!

Hellboy The Wolves Of Saint August

Autore: Mike Mignola
Editore: Dark Horse Comics (Single Issues)
Grandezza: 48,11 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 2322
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No one remembers the last time the church bells rang in the small town of Saint August. Now, the Balkan village has been wiped out overnight167 brutal killings. Hellboy, world-renowned occult investigator, aims to lift a 780-year-old curse, in a tale of ghosts, werewolves, and crumbling chapels.

The Nurses

Autore: Alexandra Robbins
Editore: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761189254
Grandezza: 49,73 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 5508
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Nursing is more than a career; it is a calling, and one of the most important, fascinating, and dangerous professions in the world. As the frontline responders battling traumas, illnesses, and aggression from surprising sources, nurses are remarkable. Yet contemporary literature largely neglects them. In THE NURSES, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist Alexandra Robbins peers behind the staff-only door to write a lively, fast-paced story and a riveting work of investigative journalism. Robbins followed real-life nurses in four hospitals and interviewed hundreds of others in a captivating book filled with joy and violence, miracles and heartbreak, dark humor and narrow victories, gripping drama and unsung heroism. Alexandra Robbins creates sympathetic, engaging characters while diving deep into their world of controlled chaos--the hazing ("nurses eat their young"); sex (not exactly like on TV, but it happens more often than you think); painkiller addiction (disproportionately a problem among the best and brightest); and bullying (by doctors, patients, and others). The result is a page-turner possessing all the twists and turns of a brilliantly told narrative--and a shocking, unvarnished examination of our healthcare system. THE NURSES is a must-read both for the general public, who will learn hospital secrets that could save their own or a loved one's life, and for nurses, who will proudly share the book as a rallying cry for support and celebration.

Dc Comics Bombshells Vol 1 Enlisted

Autore: Marguerite Bennett
Editore: DC
ISBN: 1401266851
Grandezza: 78,64 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3619
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The incredibly popular DC Collectibles line is brought to life in these stories that reimagine the course of history! As Word War II rages across Europe, the Allied forces issue a call to arms for the greatest heroines the world has ever known: THE BOMBSHELLS! KATE KANE, the all-American Batwoman; DIANA OF THEMYSCIRA, warrior Princess of the Amazons; KARA STARIKOV and KORTNI DUGINOVNA, defenders of Mother Russia; and MERA, royal daughter of the legendary Atlantis! With aid from their allies at home and abroad, these mighty women will turn the tide of war and defend those inviolable rights of Truth, Justice and Freedom. From writer Marguerite Bennett (BATGIRL, EARTH 2: WORLDÕS END) and featuring artists including Marguerite Sauvage (HINTERKIND), Laura Braga (Witchblade), Bilquis Evely (Doc Savage), Mirka Andolfo (Chaos) and Ming Doyle (CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER) comes DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS VOL. 1: ENLISTED. Collects DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS #1-6.


Autore: Ed Brisson
Editore: Idea & Design Works Llc
ISBN: 9781631400544
Grandezza: 32,83 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 4004
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"Originally published as 24, issues #1-5."