La Teologia Femminista Nella Storia

Author: Teresa Forcades
ISBN: 9788865944011
Size: 18,26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Siamo Tutti Diversi

Author: Teresa Forcades
ISBN: 8869448754
Size: 13,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Teresa Forcades si racconta e, mentre la sua biografia si dipana, emergono in modo dirompente i temi della sua riflessione: dall’originale interpretazione teologica del concetto queer e della radicale differenza di ciascun essere umano al pensiero femminista, dalla mercificazione del corpo all’omosessualità. Uno sguardo acuto sul percorso che ogni essere umano compie per diventare adulto e trovare la propria unica e irriducibile identità. E poi ancora: unioni civili, utero in affitto, medicalizzazione della società, fede e Vangeli, cattolicesimo e ruolo della donna nella Chiesa, amore e libertà, clericalismo e patriarcato, religione, psicanalisi e lotta politica. In filigrana, attraverso il flusso di una vita d’eccezione, una domanda spiazzante: cosa significa essere una teologa femminista nel XXI secolo?

La Teologia Del Xx Secolo Prospettive Sistematiche

Author: Giacomo Canobbio
Editor: Città Nuova
ISBN: 9788831192750
Size: 14,97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Fedelt Alla Terra

Author: Ausilia Riggi Pignata
Editor: Armando Editore
ISBN: 9788883588181
Size: 16,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Feminist Biblical Studies In The Twentieth Century

Author: Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
Editor: Society of Biblical Lit
ISBN: 1589839218
Size: 11,42 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 298

Chart the development of feminist approaches and theories of interpretation during the period when women first joined the ranks of biblical scholars This collection of essays on feminist biblical studies in the twentieth century seeks to explore four areas of inquiry demanding further investigation. In the first section, articles chart the beginnings and developments of feminist biblical studies as a conversation among feminists around the world. The second section introduces, reviews, and discusses the hermeneutic religious spaces created by feminist biblical studies. The third segment discusses academic methods of reading and interpretation that dismantle androcentric language and kyriarchal authority. The fourth section returns to the first with work that transgresses academic boundaries in order to exemplify the transforming, inspiring, and institutionalizing feminist work that has been and is being done to change religious mindsets of domination and to enable wo/men to engage in critical readings of the Bible. Features: Essays examine the rupture or break in the malestream reception history of the Bible Exploration of the term feminism in different social-cultural and theoretical-religious locations Authors from around the world present research and future directions for research challenging the next generation of feminist interpreters

Faith And Freedom

Author: Teresa Forcades
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1509509798
Size: 14,59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Teresa Forcades, Spanish Benedictine nun, theologian, physician and political activist, is one of Europe’s leading radical thinkers. Marrying her Catholic faith with a passion for social justice, she came to prominence for her eloquent condemnation of the abuses of some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. She has gone on to found a leading Catalonian anti-capitalist independence movement and is one of the leading voices in the world today against the injustices of capitalism and the patriarchy of modern society and of her own church. In Faith and Freedom, her first book written in English, she skilfully weaves together her personal experiences with a reflection on morality, religion and politics to give a trenchant account of how the Christian faith can be a dynamic force for radical change. Placing herself in a powerful tradition of Catholic social doctrine and Liberation Theology, she applies her perspective to the issues most precious to her: freedom and love, social justice and political engagement, public health, feminism, faith and forgiveness. Structured around the five canonical hours that give its peculiar rhythm to the monastic day, this book is a thoughtful and bold polemic against the exploitation and injustice of the status quo. Its call for liberty, love and justice will resonate with anyone disaffected with a savage and destructive political and economic system that marginalises and murders the poor and undermines the very fabric of social life.

Sensibilit Maschili Punti Di Vista Sul Femminismo E Sulla Parzialit Di Genere

Author: Maria Caterina Cifatte
ISBN: 8860990513
Size: 15,42 MB
Format: PDF
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The Devil Will Come

Author: Glenn Cooper
Editor: HarperCollins Canada
ISBN: 1443411442
Size: 14,54 MB
Format: PDF
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Elisabetta Celestino, a brilliant young archaeologist at work in Rome’s ancient catacombs, has discovered a unique pattern of astrological symbols on an underground wall. She feels sure that evidence of a previously unknown pre-Christian sect lies in an adjacent chamber, and is devastated when the Vatican refuses to support her excavation effort. Ten years later, a cave-in damages the vault, revealing a chamber full of human skeletons that share a disturbing anatomical feature. Elisabetta has joined an Augustinian order following the tragic end of her academic career, but unexpectedly finds herself in a race to solve the secret of the catacomb and prevent an apocalyptic event that threatens the future of humankind. Moving between present-day Europe, 1st-century Rome and Elizabethan England, The Devil Will Come is an exhilarating tale of a battle between the forces of good and evil that has been fought in the shadows through the centuries and across continents—and that both sides are willing to kill to keep secret.