La Tua Idea Spacca Perch Se Vuoi Puoi

Autore: Mr. Wonderful
ISBN: 9788868216719
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Un Giorno

Autore: David Nicholls
Editore: Neri Pozza Editore
ISBN: 8854509493
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È lultimo giorno di università, e per due ragazzi sta finendo unepoca. Ormai si sentono adulti e indipendenti, hanno davanti a loro lintera vita da afferrare a piene mani. Emma e Dexter sono a letto insieme, nudi. Lui è alto, scuro di carnagione, bello, ricco. Lei ha i capelli rossi, fa di tutto per vestirsi male, adora le questioni di principio e i grandi ideali. Si sono appena laureati, lindomani lasceranno luniversità. Dopo una serata di grandi bevute sono finiti a baciarsi con passione, e poi tra le lenzuola. Ora sono lí, luna accanto allaltro, nellalba che lascia intravedere il loro futuro e le loro speranze. È il 15 luglio 1988, e per la prima volta Emma e Dexter si amano e si dicono addio. Lui è destinato a una vita di viaggi, divertimenti, ricchezza, sempre consapevole dei suoi privilegi, delle sue possibilità economiche e sociali. Ad attendere Emma è invece un ristorante messicano nei quartieri nord di Londra, nachos e birra, una costante insicurezza fatta di pochi soldi e sogni irraggiungibili. Ma per loro il 15 luglio rimarrà sempre una data speciale. Ovunque si trovino, in qualunque cosa siano occupati, la scintilla di quella notte destate tornerà a brillare. Dove sarà Dexter, cosa starà combinando Emma? Per venti anni si terranno in contatto, e per un giorno saranno ancora assieme. Perché quando Emma e Dexter sono di nuovo vicini, quando chiacchierano e si corteggiano, quando litigano e scherzano,raccontandosi i loro amori, i successi e i fallimenti, solo allora scoprono di sentirsi bene, di sentirsi migliori. E forse sanno di essere addirittura felici. Comico, intelligente, malinconico, Un giorno cattura lenergia sentimentale delle grandi passioni: i cuori spezzati, lintricato corso dellamore e dellamicizia, il coraggio, le attese e le delusioni di chiunque abbia desiderato una persona che non può avere.


Autore: Luther Blissett
Editore: William Heinemann
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A bestseller across Europe this international phenomenon is an ambitious, dynamic and intelligent historical novel written by four young Italian men. Set in the time of tremendous religious and political upheaval caused by the Reformation in Europe,Qbegins with Luther nailing his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg cathedral -- a historical flash point which would completely disrupt European society. The novel traces the adventures and conflicts of two central characters as they travel across Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. One is an Anabaptist, a member of the most radical Protestant sect. These are the anarchists of the Reformation who revolted against Catholicism and the emerging Reformation church. The other is a Catholic spy and informer. Like the leaders of religious reform, the book’s authors break with tradition -- seeking anonymity behind the pseudonym Luther Blissett. They have successfully created a world of intrigue, violence and intense political and religious passion. A phenomenal bestseller in Italy and Holland –Qis now being translated into eight languages. When it was first published anonymously in Italy, it was widely rumoured to be the work of Umberto Eco.

L Approdo

Autore: Anna Dolfi
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The House By The Medlar Tree

Autore: Giovanni Verga
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520048508
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"Giovanni Verga is one of the masters of European literature, and his novel The House by the Medlar Tree is a great work. I am very happy to see it reprinted and I hope that many people will read it."--Iriving Howe

The Thicket

Autore: Joe R. Lansdale
Editore: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 0316248754
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ALA Reading List Award for History, Short List Love and vengeance at the dark dawn of the East Texas oil boom from Joe Lansdale, "a true American original" (Joe Hill, author of Heart-Shaped Box). Jack Parker thought he'd already seen his fair share of tragedy. His grandmother was killed in a farm accident when he was barely five years old. His parents have just succumbed to the smallpox epidemic sweeping turn-of-the-century East Texas--orphaning him and his younger sister, Lula. Then catastrophe strikes on the way to their uncle's farm, when a traveling group of bank-robbing bandits murder Jack's grandfather and kidnap his sister. With no elders left for miles, Jack must grow up fast and enlist a band of heroes the likes of which has never been seen if his sister stands any chance at survival. But the best he can come up with is a charismatic, bounty-hunting dwarf named Shorty, a grave-digging son of an ex-slave named Eustace, and a street-smart woman-for-hire named Jimmie Sue who's come into some very intimate knowledge about the bandits (and a few members of Jack's extended family to boot). In the throes of being civilized, East Texas is still a wild, feral place. Oil wells spurt liquid money from the ground. But as Jack's about to find out, blood and redemption rule supreme. In The Thicket, award-winning novelist Joe R. Lansdale lets loose like never before, in a rip-roaring adventure equal parts True Gritand Stand by Me--the perfect introduction to an acclaimed writer whose work has been called "as funny and frightening as anything that could have been dreamed up by the Brothers Grimm--or Mark Twain" (New York Times Book Review).

I M Not Scared

Autore: Niccolò Ammaniti
Editore: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1847673570
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One relentlessly hot summer, six children explore the scorched wheat fields that enclose their tiny Italian village. When the gang find a dilapidated farmhouse, nine-year-old Michele Amitrano makes a discovery so momentous that he dare not tell a soul. It is a secret that will force Michele to question everything and everyone around him, and will bring his innocent world toppling down. An unputdownable thriller, I'm Not Scared has become a contemporary classic in Italian literature, read and celebrated the world over.

How To Bullet Plan

Autore: Rachel Wilkerson Miller
Editore: Boxtree
ISBN: 9780752266374
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What is a bullet journal? A creative method of journaling and note-taking that uses bullet points as its core structure. The idea behind it is that you jot down quick notes instead of long sentences in a creative and attractive way.Using symbols, charts and illustrations, and a variety of pen colours on a dotted grid background - you can log anything you want, such as:- chronicle daily activities- track habits- log appointments- keep calendars- plan trips- record random thoughts- keep track of a diet.In less than a year, the phenomenon that is bullet journaling has taken off with thousands of journalers sharing their work on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. In How To Bullet Plan, Buzzfeed editor Rachel Wilkerson Miller tells you everything you need to know to start your own, with beautiful colour illustrations to spark your ideas.

Landing Page Efficace

Autore: Luca Orlandini
ISBN: 9788820374884
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Orlando In Love

Autore: Matteo Maria Boiardo
Editore: Parlor Press LLC
ISBN: 9781932559019
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Like Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, Boiardo's chivalric stories of lords and ladies first entertained the culturally innovative court of Ferrara in the Italian Renaissance. Inventive, humorous, inexhaustible, the story recounts Orlando's love-stricken pursuit of "the fairest of her Sex, Angelica" (in Milton's terms) through a fairyland that combines the military valors of Charlemagne's knights and their famous horses with the enchantments of King Arthur's court. Today it seems more than ever appropriate to offer a new, unabridged edition of Boiardo's Orlando Innamorato, the first Renaissance epic about the common customs of, and the conflicts between, Christian Europe and Islam. Having extensively revised his earlier translation for general readers, Charles Ross has added headings and helpful summaries to Boiardo's cantos. Tenses have been regularized, and terms of gender and religion have been updated, but not so much as to block the reader's encounter with how Boiardo once viewed the world. Charles Stanley Ross has degrees from Harvard College and the University of Chicago and teaches English and comparative literature at Purdue University. "Neglect of Italian romances robs us of a whole species of pleasure and narrows our very conception of literature. It is as if a man left out Homer, or Elizabethan drama, or the novel. For like these, the romantic epic of Italy is one of the great trophies of the European genius: a genuine kind, not to be replaced by any other, and illustrated by an extremely copious and brilliant production. It is one of the successes, the undisputed achievements." -C. S. Lewis