Exercitorium Vol2

Autore: Frank G. Ripel
Editore: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1326572296
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Autore: Jiro Taniguchi
Editore: Ponent Mom S L
ISBN: 9781908007292
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Jiro Taniguchi returns with this delightful and insightful tale of life in a Japan long forgotten. Inspired by an historical figure, Tadataka Ino (1745 - 1818), Taniguchi invites us to join this unnamed but appealing and picturesque figure as he strolls through the various districts of Edo, the ancient Tokyo, with its thousand little pleasures. Now retired from business he surveys, measures, draws and takes notes whilst giving free rein to his taste for simple poetry and his inexhaustible capacity for wonder.

The Lost Boy

Autore: Greg Ruth
Editore: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545576903
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Some mysteries are too dangerous to leave alone . . . Nate's not happy about his family moving to a new house in a new town. After all, nobody asked him if he wanted to move in the first place. But when he discovers a tape recorder and note addressed to him under the floorboards of his bedroom, Nate is thrust into a dark mystery about a boy who went missing many, many years ago. Now, as strange happenings and weird creatures begin to track Nate, he must partner with Tabitha, a local girl, to find out what they want with him. But time is running out, for a powerful force is gathering strength in the woods at the edge of town, and before long Nate and Tabitha will be forced to confront a terrifying foe, and uncover the truth about the Lost Boy.

Ruins Of Ancient Rome

Autore: Roberto Cassanelli
Editore: Getty Publications
ISBN: 9780892366804
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Presents almost two hundred reproductions of the 19th-century architect pennsionnaires of the Academie Francaise de Rome who, as students, won the prestigious Prix de Rome, offering watercolors and drawings of Pompeii's structures as they were excavated at the time.

Pergamon And The Hellenistic Kingdoms Of The Ancient World

Autore: Carlos A. Picón
Editore: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 1588395871
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The Hellenistic period—the nearly three centuries between the death of Alexander the Great, in 323 B.C., and the suicide of the Egyptian queen Kleopatra VII (the famous "Cleopatra"), in 30 B.C.—is one of the most complex and exciting epochs of ancient Greek art. The unprecedented geographic sweep of Alexander's conquests changed the face of the ancient world forever, forging diverse cultural connections and exposing Greek artists to a host of new influences and artistic styles. This beautifully illustrated volume examines the rich diversity of art forms that arose through the patronage of the royal courts of the Hellenistic kingdoms, placing special emphasis on Pergamon, capital of the Attalid dynasty, which ruled over large parts of Asia Minor. With its long history of German-led excavations, Pergamon provides a superb paradigm of a Hellenistic capital, appointed with important civic institutions—a great library, theater, gymnasium, temples, and healing center—that we recognize today as central features of modern urban life. The military triumphs of Alexander and his successors led to the expansion of Greek culture out from the traditional Greek heartland to the Indus River Valley in the east and as far west as the Strait of Gibraltar. These newly established Hellenistic kingdoms concentrated wealth and power, resulting in an unparalleled burst of creativity in all the arts, from architecture and sculpture to seal engraving and glass production. Pergamon and the Hellenistic Kingdoms of the Ancient World brings together the insights of a team of internationally renowned scholars, who reveal how the art of Classical Greece was transformed during this period, melding with predominantly Eastern cultural traditions to yield new standards and conventions in taste and style.

Storia Universale 556 P Vol 2 784 P Vol 3 988 P Vol 4 877 P Vol 6 1036 P Vol 7 614 P Vol 9 1092 P Vol 10 800 P Vol 11 690 P Vol 12 854 P

Autore: Cesare Cantú
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The Summit Of The Gods

Autore: Yumemakura Baku
Editore: Ponent Mom S L
ISBN: 9788492444632
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BECAUSE I AM HERE Climbing is all I have. I climb. Photographer Fukamachi is visiting Habu's home when the felon Mohan turns up demanding the missing Kodak. But he is foiled by his previous captor who shoots and wounds him. Habu returns and admits that he took the camera from Mallory's body but that he found no film. He releases the camera to Fukamachi's charge on the understanding that he can only use it AFTER Habu completes his solo climb of Everest's South West face in winter without oxygen! But Fukamachi is going with him!! Taniguchi's realistic art and Baku's tireless script will take you to such heights as mountaineers can only dream of.

Augustan Poetry And The Irrational

Autore: Philip Hardie
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191037710
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The establishment of the Augustan regime presents itself as the assertion of order and rationality in the political, ideological, and artistic spheres, after the disorder and madness of the civil wars of the late Republic. But the classical, Apollonian poetry of the Augustan period is fascinated by the irrational in both the public and private spheres. There is a vivid memory of the political and military furor that destroyed the Republic, and also an anxiety that furor may resurface, that the repressed may return. Epic and elegy are both obsessed with erotic madness: Dido experiences in her very public role the disabling effects of love that are both lamented and celebrated by the love elegists. Didactic (especially the Georgics) and the related Horatian exercises in satire and epistle, offer programmes for constructing rational order in the natural, political, and psychological worlds, but at best contain uneasily an ever-present threat of confusion and backsliding, and for the most part fall short of the austere standards of rational exposition set by Lucretius. Dionysus and the Dionysiac enjoy a prominence in Augustan poetry and art that goes well beyond the merely ornamental. The person of the emperor Augustus himself tests the limits of rational categorization. Augustan Poetry and the Irrational contains contributions by some of the leading experts of the Augustan period as well as a number of younger scholars. An introduction which surveys the field as a whole is followed by chapters that examine the manifestations of the irrational in a range of Augustan poets, including Virgil, Horace, Ovid, and the love elegists, and also explore elements of post-classical reception.

Gli Attori Vol 2 M Z 8884402697

Autore: Enrico Lancia
Editore: Gremese Editore
ISBN: 9788884402691
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Autore: Kenneth Lapatin
Editore: Getty Publications
ISBN: 1606064223
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In contrast to other histories of ancient art that typically privilege well-preserved works of ceramics or stone, Luxus offers an integrated contextual analysis of artifacts fashioned from a wide variety of luxury materials, which survive in far greater number than is typically supposed. These include gold and silver, semiprecious hard stones, and organic materials, such as ivory, fine woods, amber, pearl, coral, and textiles. Examining some of the finest surviving examples of ancient craftsmanship, renowned expert Kenneth Lapatin approaches objects in these diverse media from a variety of viewpoints, providing a valuable model for a more pluralistic approach to visual culture with the greater goal of reinvigorating the study of ancient art and society. As its title implies, Luxus is richly illustrated, containing over 200 images of superb works located in collections throughout the world. Each plate is accompanied by extensive documentation and discursive commentary. An introductory chapter explores the ideologies and uses of the luxury arts in ancient Greece and Rome, considers ancient debates about their value, and traces their decline in modern historiography. The book then goes on to address a broad range of luxury goods, such as intaglios, cameos, vessels, and statuettes, providing a full and multifaceted account of luxury in the ancient world.