L Agire Didattico Manuale Per L Insegnante

Autore: Pier Cesare Rivoltella
ISBN: 9788835030652
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Unlimited Power

Autore: Tony Robbins
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416586371
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Anthony Robbins calls it the new science of personal achievement. You'll call it the best thing that ever happened to you. If you have ever dreamed of a better life, Unlimited Power will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve, and how to master your personal and professional life. Anthony Robbins has proven to millions through his books, tapes, and seminars that by harnessing the power of the mind you can do, have, achieve, and create anything you want for your life. He has shown heads of state, royalty, Olympic and professional athletes, movie stars, and children how to achieve. With Unlimited Power, he passionately and eloquently reveals the science of personal achievement and teaches you: * How to find out what you really want * The Seven Lies of Success * How to reprogram your mind in minutes to eliminate fears and phobias * The secret of creating instant rapport with anyone you meet * How to duplicate the success of others * The Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness Unlimited Power is a revolutionary fitness book for the mind. It will show you, step by step, how to perform at your peak while gaining emotional and financial freedom, attaining leadership and self-confidence, and winning the cooperation of others. It will give you the knowledge and the courage to remake yourself and your world. Unlimited Power is a guidebook to superior performance in an age of success.

English File

ISBN: 9780194518888
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Qualitative Inquiry And Research Design

Autore: John W. Creswell
Editore: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1412995302
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Previous ed. cataloged as: Qualitative inquiry & research design. c2007.

Italiano E Oltre

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Confronting The Challenges Of Participatory Culture

Autore: Henry Jenkins
Editore: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262258293
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Many teens today who use the Internet are actively involved in participatory cultures -- joining online communities (Facebook, message boards, game clans), producing creative work in new forms (digital sampling, modding, fan videomaking, fan fiction), working in teams to complete tasks and develop new knowledge (as in Wikipedia), and shaping the flow of media (as in blogging or podcasting). A growing body of scholarship suggests potential benefits of these activities, including opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, development of skills useful in the modern workplace, and a more empowered conception of citizenship. Some argue that young people pick up these key skills and competencies on their own by interacting with popular culture; but the problems of unequal access, lack of media transparency, and the breakdown of traditional forms of socialization and professional training suggest a role for policy and pedagogical intervention.This report aims to shift the conversation about the "digital divide" from questions about access to technology to questions about access to opportunities for involvement in participatory culture and how to provide all young people with the chance to develop the cultural competencies and social skills needed. Fostering these skills, the authors argue, requires a systemic approach to media education; schools, afterschool programs, and parents all have distinctive roles to play.The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning

The School And Society

Autore: John Dewey
Editore: SIU Press
ISBN: 9780809309672
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First published in 1899, The School and Society describes John Dewey’s experiences with his own famous Laboratory School, started in 1896. Dewey’s experiments at the Labora­tory School reflected his original social and educational philosophy based on American experience and concepts of democracy, not on European education models then in vogue. This forerunner of the major works shows Dewey’s per­vasive concern with the need for a rich, dynamic, and viable society. In his introduction to this volume, Joe R. Burnett states Dewey’s theme. Industrialization, urbanization, science, and technology have created a revolution the schools cannot ignore. Dewey carries this theme through eight chapters: The School and Social Progress; The School and the Life of the Child; Waste in Education; Three Years of the University Elementary School; The Psychology of Elementary Education; Froebel’s Educa­tional Principles; The Psychology of Occupations; and the Development of Attention.

La Bussola Della Mente Funzionale

Autore: Mauro Bonali
Editore: LED Edizioni Universitarie
ISBN: 8879167464
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Chi, in campo scolastico ed extrascolastico, cerca di condurre bambini e ragazzi ad apprendere nuove conoscenze e abilità riscontra che tecniche e procedure di consolidata efficacia oggi non hanno più presa sulle nuove generazioni. C’è quindi nel mondo educativo una forte richiesta di prospettive nuove. La bussola è una metafora che può essere di guida a tal fine. La bussola è un corpo mobile che cambia di direzione a seconda di come il soggetto si sposta: oggi abbiamo bisogno di approcci che siano praticabili in un contesto dinamico e in continua trasformazione. Ma la bussola indica una precisa direzione: abbiamo anche bisogno di avere un punto di riferimento affidabile e stabile per pianificare le azioni formative. Quale può essere questo riferimento? Recuperare modalità naturali e spontanee di imparare, forse più accettabili dalle giovani generazioni perché più immediate ed incisive. Tra queste si segnala all’attenzione l’apprendimento motorio, candidato ottimale perché è intriso di quella dimensione corporea che costitutivamente ci definisce. Grazie al contributo di ricercatori nell’ambito di neuroscienze, pedagogia, psicologia, scienze motorie e mediche nel testo si prospettano percorsi di intervento che aiutino bambini e ragazzi a diventare consapevoli della propria motricità, a controllarla e a indirizzarla a scopi conoscitivi e comunicativi. La sistematizzazione teorica e l’approccio operativo documentati nel libro offrono un contributo per affrontare alcune delle odierne emergenze educative, tentando di recuperare le modalità naturali di apprendimento e cercando di innestare su di esse l’acquisizione di quelle forme evolute di competenza che sono collegate alla consapevolezza e al controllo del comportamento.

The Tree Of Knowledge

Autore: Humberto R. Maturana
Editore: Shambhala Pubns
ISBN: 9780877736424
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Formato: PDF
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"Knowing how we know" is the subject of this book. Its authors present a new view of cognition that has important social and ethical implications, for, they assert, the only world we humans can have is the one we create together through the actions of our coexistence. Written for a general audience as well as for students, scholars, and scientists and abundantly illustrated with examples from biology, linguistics, and new social and cultural phenomena, this revised edition includes a new afterword by Dr. Varela, in which he discusses the effect the book has had in the years since its first publication.

Educational Research

Autore: John W. Creswell
Editore: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780132613941
Grandezza: 18,88 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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This fourth edition is appropriate for courses in educational research. The successful core research text is known for its truly balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative methods and the author's high-quality writing has made this book a favourite amongst instructors and students.