Autore: Robert Kelly
Editore: David R. Godine Publisher
ISBN: 9781574231861
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Lapis, the philosopher's stone, is the legendary substance that alchemists use to turn base metals into gold. Robert Kelly's fifty-year pursuit of its poetic equivalent--the words that transform the common things of life into art--yields the 127 new texts collected here. In these richly varied poems and prose poems--some occasioned by reading Dickinson and Yeats, visiting churches and art museums, traveling through Austria, France, Italy, and Ireland, and reliving the wounds of childhood and adolescence--Kelly describes personal experience and, by touching it with memory and imagination, makes it stranger than life itself. He is the diarist as dreamer, and the dreamer as alchemist. --David R. Godine / Black Sparrow Books.

Lapis Lazuli In Geological Contexts And In Ancient Written Sources

Autore: Lissie von Rosen
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Lapis Lazuli In Archaeological Contexts

Autore: Lissie Von Rosen
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Lapis Lazuli From The Kiln

Autore: Andrew J. Shortland
Editore: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058676919
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"This book examines the history of the first glass, from its early sporadic occurrence, through the height of its production in the late second millennium BC, to its disappearance at the end of that millennium. It draws on an exceptionally wide range of sources including ancient texts detailing recipes and trade in glass, iconographic depictions in tombs and temples, archaeological excavation of the most important sites [including Amarna and Qantir], and the description of the glass objects themselves. The area covered includes the heart of glassmaking and use in Egypt and the Near East, and to a lesser extent those areas were [sic] glass might have been traded, for example the Levant and the Mycenaean Aegean. It also considers the life of the glassmaker, his or her place in society and relationship to other industries"--P. [4] of cover.

The Book Of Stones

Autore: Robert Simmons
Editore: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781556436680
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"A metaphysical encyclopedia of more than three hundred crystals, minerals, and gemstones, detailing their applications for self-healing and spiritual and emotional development, along with vivid color photographs of each stone"--Provided by publisher.

Jesse Monongya

Autore: Lois Sherr Dubin
Editore: Hudson Hills
ISBN: 9780966938289
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A stunning exploration of the world-renowned master of painterly inlay, who combines his Native American culture with cutting-edge materials and techniques.

The Lapis

Autore: Alasdair Macdonald
Editore: BookBaby
ISBN: 1626756554
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The mystery that surrounds the pyramids is put to rest in this novel. Or, at least, the footprints on the lost trail that lead to resolving the mystery are uncovered. And, although life’s purpose remains perplexing, death’s final curtain is revealed for what it is; as non-existent as the invisible material of the emperors new clothes. It is not our gullibility, however, that materialises the final curtain that puts life squarely and solely on the stage, but it is the pollution of our senses that creates it. Our world was infected by the scourge of human greed and self-interest over two millennia past. This novel tells of how fate conspired against the odds to allow an opportunity for that damage we inflicted so long ago to be put right. Albie Shalit is an engineer living in New Zealand. He had lost everything that mattered to him when his wife and daughter were killed in a tragic accident. By chance, Albie meets Larry who owns an antique shop in Manila, in the Philippines. Larry convinces Albie to go to Manila to help a friend of Larry’s on a school building project. Larry gives Albie a gift; an unusual object. The object, unknown to both Larry and Albie, was stolen by soldiers in the first world war. Two opposing groups, who represent the so-called owners from whom it was stolen, are still trying to retrieve the object and will do everything they can to retrieve it. The object had been stolen from the family of Babar long before the American soldiers stole it. Babar was related to Genghis Khan who had obtained the object from the heirs of Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great had taken it from a Pharaoh’s tomb. The Pharaoh had taken it from a group of cave dwellers in Ethiopia. The story moves to Ethiopia where Albie and his colleagues are presented with an opportunity to make amends for a great injustice humans had caused so long ago. As events unfold Albie is forced to reconsider the fundamental basis of his belief system, including his scientific mind-set and the western concepts of ‘ownership’ and ‘rights’.

Ancient Mesopotamian Materials And Industries

Autore: Peter Roger Stuart Moorey
Editore: Eisenbrauns
ISBN: 9781575060422
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The Lapis Goat

Autore: Robert S. Usnick
Editore: Booktango
ISBN: 146895394X
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In the first of a three book series, meet Rob MacGregor. He is a Las Vegas native who makes a living arranging the delivery of drugs to his two childhood friends; Steve Ranay, who owns the eNVy nightclub in Las Vegas, and Juan Lopez, who owns Club Rio in Cabo San Lucas. On a trip to southern Baja to discuss the details of a deal with Juan, he meets—and eventually falls in love with—Jen Johannes, who is returning to Las Vegas after a vacation. Juan needs a shipment of the club-drug “Molly” delivered to the Rio and Rob decides to make the delivery himself. After a successful drop off, Juan offers him another job he can’t refuse, but he will need Jen’s help to pull it off. When a Lapis Goat is given to Rob as part of the deal, neither him, nor Jen understand it’s true worth. More importantly, they have no idea what people will do to get it. The couple’s love will be tested, as this will be the last deal either one of them ever do.