Law For Recreation And Sport Managers

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Principles And Practice Of Sport Management

Author: Lisa Masteralexis
Editor: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
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-Sport and new media.

Principles And Practice Of Sport Management

Editor: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
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Principles And Practice Of Sport Management

Author: Lisa P. Masteralexis
Editor: Jones & Bartlett Learning
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Principles and Practice of Sport Management, Third Edition, provides students with solid fundamental information on what they need to do to be successful in the sport industry. Updated and expanded, this best-selling text offers a unique blend of information on the foundations and principles on which sport management operates as well as how to apply those foundations and principles to the sport industry. The authors, all well-renowned professors in sport management or sport administration, have produced a text that is thorough, practical, and lively, and which lays the groundwork for students as they study and prepare for successful careers in sport management.

Directory Of Undergraduate Programs In Sport Management

Author: P. Greg Comfort
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In 2001, the Directory of Academic Programs in Sport Management was Fitness Information Technology's first survey of sport management programs around the world. Now, FIT has teamed with the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) to put out, for the first time, a single directory that focuses solely on undergraduate programs. Led by new editor Greg Comfort, the resources of FIT and the NASSM combine to produce The 'Directory of Undergraduate Programs in Sport Management', allowing each program to be fully researched and representing a greater number of programs than the original book. The 'Directory of Undergraduate Programs in Sport Management' contains extensive information on more than 150 sport management undergraduate programs throughout both the United States and the world. The directory will help prospective undergraduate students find the appropriate school and field of study, sport management faculty advise prospective students in the field, and sport industry professionals recruit students for internships and employment. The Directory identifies many important features of each graduate program. Inside you will find valuable information: How to Contact Each Program; Faculty and Their Areas of Interest; Admissions Requirements; Financial Aid and Internship Opportunities; Educational Resources in Sport Management. An ideal resource for students, faculty, and practitioners involved in the field of sport management.

Sport Law A Managerial Approach

Author: Linda Sharp
Editor: Taylor & Francis
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Sport Law: A Managerial Approach, third edition, merges law and sport management in a way that is accessible and straightforward. Its organization continues to revolve around management functions rather than legal theory. Concise explanations, coupled with relevant industry examples and cases, give readers just enough legal doctrine to understand the important concepts that apply to each area. This book will help prepare students as they get ready to assume a broad range of responsibilities in sport, education, or recreation. Whether readers work as coaches or teachers; administer professional programs; manage fitness/health clubs; or assume roles in a high school, college, Olympic, or professional sport organization, legal concerns will inevitably be woven into their managerial concerns. This book provides knowledge of the law that helps create a competitive advantage and build a more efficient and successful operation that better serves the needs of its constituents. Special Features of the Book Managerial context tables. Chapter-opening exhibits act as organizational and study tools identifying managerial contexts in relation to major legal issues, relevant law, and illustrative cases for the chapter. Case opinions, focus cases, and hypothetical cases. Legal opinions--both excerpted (case opinions) and summarized (focus cases)--illustrate relevant legal points and help readers understand the interplay between fact and legal theory. The cases include questions for discussion, and the instructor’s manual provides guidance for the discussion. Hypothetical cases further highlight topics of interest and include discussion questions to facilitate understanding of the material; analysis and possible responses appear at the end of the chapter. Competitive advantage strategies. Highlighted, focused strategies based on discussions in the text help readers understand how to use the law to make sound operational decisions and will assist them in working effectively with legal counsel. Discussion questions, learning activities, and case studies. Thoughtful and thought-provoking questions and activities emphasize important concepts;they help instructors teach and readers review the material. Creative case studies stimulate readers, as future sport or recreation managers, to analyze situations involving a legal issue presented in the chapter. Annotated websites. Each chapter includes a collection of web resources to help readers explore topics further. Accompanying the web addresses are brief descriptions pointing out key links and the sites' benefits. Bookmarking these sites will help readers in future research or throughout their careers.

Liability And Law In Recreation Parks And Sports

Author: Ronald Kaiser
Editor: Prentice Hall
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Contemporary Sport Management

Author: Paul M. Pedersen
Editor: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1492588679
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Contemporary Sport Management returns with a new edition that makes this popular introductory text stronger and more applicable than ever for students who plan to enter, or are considering entering, the field of sport management. The sixth edition of Contemporary Sport Management offers the knowledge of 58 highly acclaimed contributors, 25 of them new to this work. Together, they present a wide array of cultural and educational backgrounds, offer a complete and contemporary overview of the field, and represent the diversity that is noteworthy of this profession. This latest edition offers much new and updated material: A new chapter on analytics in the sport industry New and updated international sidebars for each of the book’s 21 chapters, with accompanying questions in the web study guide New professional profiles showcasing the diversity in the field Streamlined chapters on sport management history and sociological aspects of sport management, emphasizing the issues most relevant to today’s sports managers Updated sidebars and learning features, including Historical Moment sections, chapter objectives, key terms, social media sidebars, sections on applied practice and critical thinking, and more In addition, Contemporary Sport Management offers an array of student and instructor ancillaries: A revamped web study guide that contains over 200 activities, presented through recurring features such as Day in the Life, Job Opportunities, and Learning in Action An instructor guide that houses a sample syllabus, instruction on how to use the web study guide, a section on promoting critical thinking in sport management, lecture outlines, chapter summaries, and case studies from the journal Case Studies in Sport Management to help students apply the content to real-world situations A test package and chapter quizzes that combine to offer 850 questions, in true/false, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and multiple choice formats A presentation package of 350 slides covering the key points of each chapter, as well as an image bank of the art, tables, and content photos from the book This new edition addresses each of the common professional component topical areas that COSMA (the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation) considers essential for professional preparation: sport management foundations, functions, environment, experiential learning, and career development. Contemporary Sport Management is organized into four parts. Part I provides an overview of the field and the important leadership concepts associated with it. Part II details the major settings in which many sport management positions are carried out. In part III, readers learn about the key functional areas of sport management, including sport marketing, sport consumer behavior, sport communication, sport facility and event management, and more. And in part IV, readers examine current sport management issues, including how sport management interfaces with law, sociology, globalization, analytics, and research. Every chapter includes a section or vignette on international aspects of the field and ethics in sport management. This text particularly focuses on the ability to make principled, ethical decisions and on the ability to think critically. These two issues, of critical importance to sport managers, are examined and analyzed in detail in this book. Contemporary Sport Management, Sixth Edition, will broaden students’ understanding of sport management issues, including international issues and cultures, as it introduces them to all the aspects of the field they need to know as they prepare to enter the profession. With its up-to-date revisions and new inclusions, its internationally renowned stable of contributors, and its array of pedagogical aids, this latest edition of Contemporary Sport Management maintains its reputation as the groundbreaking and authoritative introductory text in the field.

Sport Management

Author: Karen Bill
Editor: Learning Matters
ISBN: 1844458288
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This is a core text for all those on Sport Management and Sports Studies courses. It examines both traditional business elements and the new functional areas of management in sport. Key chapters on marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and event management are included, and the book as a whole provides a critical understanding of the complex and dynamic relationship between sport, business and management. The reader is supported through accessible theoretical explanation, real-life examples and case studies, learning activities and guidance on further study.

Successful Sport Management

Author: Herb Appenzeller
ISBN: 9781594604201
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The newest edition of Successful Sport Management can be used from the first course in sport management to graduate school. In addition, it contains valuable information for the practitioners in the sport industry who must consider current trends and innovations in their everyday jobs.Each of the 33 chapters can stand alone. They help answer the universal question posed by students and parents alike: ?What career opportunities are available in sport management?? The authors invited 14 former students who are currently in the sport industry to discuss the various aspects of their college experience in sport management and their careers in sport. The former students discuss networking, resume writing, internships and other aspects of preparing for a sports career. Successful Sport Management, 3rd Edition has something for everybody interested in the sport industry as a profession.