The Life Of Lazarillo De Tormes

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"The bastard son of a prostitute, Lazarillo goes to work for a blind beggar, who beats and starves him, while teaching him some very useful dirty tricks. The boy then drifts in and out of the service of a succession of masters, each vividly sketched and together revealing the corrupt world of imperial Spain. Its miseries are made all the more apparent by the candor and surprising good cheer with which young Lazarillo recounts his ever more curious fate"--Publisher's description.

Lazarillo De Tormes

Autore: A. D. Deyermond
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Lazarillo De Tormes

Autore: Ilan Stavans
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El Lazarillo De Tormes

Autore: Basilio Losada
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Lazarillo De Tormes

Autore: Diego Hurtado De Mendoza
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An important work of Spain's Golden Age of literature as well as the first known picaresque novel, "The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and of His Fortunes and Adversities" portrays the clever ploys of a young Salamancan boy determined to outsmart his long string of masters. This Spanish novella was first published in 1554, during the Spanish Inquisition, by an author who wished to remain anonymous due to the work's heretical content. Scholars now attribute the authorship to Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. Young Lazarillo is an improbable hero of his time, for he comes from a poor and multiracial family who desperately apprentice him to a blind beggar after committing a crime. Lazarillo soon proves himself to be resourceful and resistant to the corrupt clergymen he must serve. Banned for heresy due to its highly critical portrayal of both the aristocracy and Catholic Church of the 16th century, this work came to provide a model for Cervantes and many future authors, like Twain, who explored the picaresque genre. Though originally published at great risk to the author, "Lazarillo de Tormes" is today an entertaining story of a boy who ingenuously survives his own childhood and makes something of himself despite the corruption that he must continually overcome.

Lazarillo De Tormes

Autore: Anónimo
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En los dos mil años de literatura occidental no se había escrito otro libro como ese Lazarillo [...], porque ninguno había tratado nunca antes a un personaje de la pobre categoría de Lázaro con una atención [...] tan limpiamente centrada en la materialidad y en las minucias de la existencia.

The Life Of Lazarillo De Tormes His Fortunes Amp Adversities

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