Le Kukuya Langue Teke Du Congo Phonologie Classes Nominales

Author: F. Neirynck
Editor: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9789042907157
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The present Bibliography covers the research on the Gospel of Matthew and on the Gospel Source Q from 1950 to 1995. The new volume has adopted the model of the previously published The Gospel of Mark. A Cumulative Bibliography 1950-1990. It contains about 15.000 entries and is arranged alphabetically by name of author; the author's works are given in chronological order. Each entry includes the complete bibliographical references, information about reprints, new editions and translations, and summary indications of the content (Gospel passage, subject). The companion volume furnishes detailed Indexes of Gospel Passages and Subject matters related to Mt and to Q. All indexes are prepared by J. Verheyden. The Bibliography completes the series of Leuven repertories on the Gospels published in BETL 82 (John, 1988), 88 (Luke, 1989). and 102 (Mark, 1992).

Le Kukuya Langue Teke Du Congo

Author: Christiane Paulian
Editor: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9782852970083
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(Peeters 1975)

The Language Builder

Author: Claude Hagège
Editor: John Benjamins Publishing
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Linguistics, as a social science, should have something to teach us about humans as social beings. However, modern grammatical theories regard languages as autonomous systems, so these theories are little concerned with speakers and hearers, their interactions, and their relationship to the world around them. Further, these theories tend toward excessive concern with methodology and the properties of linguistic systems, neglecting, in fact, the languages themselves and those who use them in everyday life. Even the shift toward cognitive approaches, promising for their new insights into the brain, still misses an equally important aspect of language, namely a framework which would account for the social activity by which speakers build linguistic structures in order to meet the requirements of communication. Based on a wide range of languages, Hagège's work sheds light on the human language building activity. He argues that the conscious and unconscious 'signatures' of human nature are written everywhere in language. The study of these signatures gives insight into basic characteristics of human beings, tends to re-humanize linguistics, and stresses the importance of language as a dynamic activity as opposed to a self-contained system.

Aspects De L Espace En Europe

Author: Frank Alvarez-Pereyre
Editor: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9782852970373
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Contributions de F. de Sivers, G. Drettas, F. Alvarez-Pereyre, C. Vilgard, J. Fribourg, H. Tsavaras, M. Lebarbier & A. Martinkus.

Studying And Describing Unwritten Languages

Author: Luc Bouquiaux
Editor: Summer Inst of Linguistics
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A one-volume English translation of a three-volume French work with techniques for gathering and processing data from unwritten languages.

L Expansion Bantoue

Author: Larry M. Hyman
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