Le Pi Belle Storie Noir

ISBN: 9788852226588
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Le Pi Belle Storie Noir

Autore: Disney
Editore: Giunti Editore
ISBN: 8852226788
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ePub: FLW140

New English File

Autore: Clive Oxenden
ISBN: 9780194387620
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Autore: Marco Videtta
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1609451724
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Poisonville is a noir thriller par excellence?there?s murder, moral ambiguity, and a protagonist less than heroic. In this #1 bestselling noir novel, however, the killer is not an individual but an entire system. The heavily industrialized northeast, Italy?s richest region, is undergoing dramatic change. It once drove the nation?s economic boom, a regional superpower, affluent and arrogant, a land that abided only its own rules. But then the factory owners began moving their operations east, across the border to former soviet countries where labor was cheap and regulatory bodies absent. With the factories, the jobs, and the riches gone, new elements began insinuating themselves into the old system, and the Brahmin families of the northeast began employing increasingly violent methods to protect their status and their wealth. Once renowned for its economic might, the region is now infested by organized crime, trafficking of every commodity, including human, ranks of media personalities and politicians on the payrolls of rich families and mobsters, and an ongoing environmental catastrophe. Welcome to Poisonville! Here, the young lawyer Francesco, heir to the region?s second richest family, will have to decide between business as usual or a violent rupture with the ways of the past. The wrong choice could cost him his life.

Collected Stories

Autore: Roald Dahl
Editore: Everyman's Library
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A definitive compilation of short fiction for adults from the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other children's classics blends the macabre with humor and the grotesque in such works as "The Landlady," set in an unusual boardinghouse with two small, permanent clientele; "Pig," a study of vegetarianism; and "Man from the South." 25,000 first printing.

Informed Risk

Autore: Robyn Carr
Editore: MIRA
ISBN: 1459256603
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Rediscover this classic romance by #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr. Mike Cavanaugh is a firefighter: he rescues people. Inviting them home isn’t usually part of the job description. But when he pulls Christine Palmer out of her burning house, something about the gutsy single mom makes him want to protect her, to make her life a little better. Only somehow Chris and her family end up giving Mike’s life new meaning, and he is happier than he’s been in years. He’s ready to love again. Chris wants to get back on her own two feet—sooner rather than later. When she no longer needs Mike’s support, will she be ready to risk her heart with him? Originally published in 1989

A Climate Of Fear

Autore: Fred Vargas
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1473523982
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THE NEW INSPECTOR ADAMSBERG NOVEL A woman is found murdered in her bathtub, and the murder made to look like a suicide. A strange symbol is found near the body. Then a second victim is discovered, who was also part of a group of tourists on a doomed expedition to Iceland ten years earlier. How are these deaths, and rumours of an Icelandic demon, linked to the secretive Association for the Study of the Writings of Maximilien Robespierre? And what does the mysterious symbol signify? Commissaire Adamsberg is about to find out.


Autore: Edgar Allan Poe
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"Tales, " by Edgar Allan Poe, is a collection of 25 stories from the literary father of the mysterious and the macabre. These individual pieces, which include "The Fall of the House of Usher, " and "Silence: A Fable, " together make up the body of both "Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque" and "Tales of the Folio Club." Taken as a whole, Poe's writing has cast its dark and exquisite shadow over many genres of literature, from the mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the science fiction of Jules Verne, but in this collection the author's ability to explore the darker corners of the readers' psyche comes to the fore. Such is the power of his storytelling that his tales retain their eerie power to delight and terrify in equal measure more than a century and a half after his death.

Landscape Stories

Autore: Jem Southam
Editore: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 1568985177
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"Landscape Stories, the first comprehensive collection of Southam's work, culls from three completed series, The Pond at Upton Pyne, The Red River, and Rockfalls, Rivermouths, and Ponds. It also presents several smaller groups of pictures, from series still in the making and never before published. Southam's own brief narratives about the places and processes he captures, together with essays by esteemed photo historians Gerry Badger and Andy Grundberg, create a rich context for contemplating these remarkable landscape stories."--BOOK JACKET.

A Private Venus

Autore: Giorgio Scerbanenco
Editore: Melville House
ISBN: 1612193366
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"A noir writer richly deserving rediscovery." —Publishers Weekly The book that gave birth to Italian noir . . . Milan, 1966: When Dr. Duca Lamberti is released from prison, he’s lost his medical license and his options are few. But thanks to an old connection, he lands a job, although it’s a tricky one: guarding the alcoholic son of a plastics millionaire. But Lamberti soon discovers that the young man has a terrible secret, rooted in the mysterious death of a beautiful woman on the gritty side of town. The fast cars, high fashion, and chic nightclubs of glitzy and swinging Milan conceal a dirty reality . . . This is no dolce vita. A Private Venus marks the beginning of Italian noir: Giorgio Scerbanenco pioneered a new type of novel that trained its gaze on the crime and desperation that roiled under prosperous Italian society in the 1960s. And at the heart of this book is Duca Lamberti, an unforgettable protagonist: obsessive, world-weary, unconventional in his methods, and trying hard not to make another fatal mistake. From the Trade Paperback edition.