B Chner In Britain

Author: Brian Keith-Smith
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Georg Buchner

Author: Georg Buchner
Editor: Macmillan
ISBN: 0809007274
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The life of Georg Buchner was short, intense, and tragic—and extremely significant for the development of modern drama. His three plays, Danton’s Death, Leonce and Lena, and Woyzeck, were greatly ahead of their time in their penetrating dramatic and psychological treatment. They served as an impetus for contemporary schools of drama as different as the Theatre of the Absurd of Ionesco and the Epic Theatre of Brecht. lso presented in this only complete volume of Buchner in English are his two powerful prose pieces, The Hessian Courier and his short story, Lenz.

German Books In Print

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Film Front Weimar

Author: Bernadette Kester
Editor: Amsterdam University Press
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How was Germany's experience of World War I depicted in film during the following years? Drawing on analysis of the films of the Weimar era--documentaries and feature films addressing the war's causes, life at the front, war at sea, and the home front--Bernadette Kester sketches out the historical context, including reviews and censors' reports, in which these films were made and viewed, and offers much insight into how Germans collectively perceived World War I during its aftermath and beyond.

Georg B Chner

Author: Georg Büchner
Editor: W. W. Norton
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Most translations first copyrighted in 1977.

Re Interpretations

Author: J. P. Stern
Editor: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521283663
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This study of German prose from the death of Goethe to the heyday of the Wilhelminian Empire argues that nineteenth-century German prose is characterized by a particular combination of the prophetic and the archaic, of the existential and the parochial, and is only partially and sometimes not at all related to the social and political realities of the age.

The International Status Of Education About The Holocaust

Author: Carrier, Peter
Editor: UNESCO Publishing
ISBN: 9231000330
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How do schools worldwide treat the Holocaust as a subject? Are representations of the Holocaust always accurate, balanced and unprejudiced in curricula and textbooks? This study compares representations of the Holocaust in school textbooks and national curricula. It highlights evolving practices worldwide and formulates recommendations that will help policy-makers provide the educational means by which pupils may develop Holocaust literacy.

Buchner And Madness

Author: James Crighton
Editor: Edwin Mellen Press
ISBN: 9780773413528
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Dramatist Georg Buchner was a qualified medical doctor, primarily a neurologist, fascinated by psychiatry, then in its infancy. This study evaluates Buchner's portrayal of insanity in relation to the medical opinion of his time, and to contemporaneous literary treatments of the same subject in German. It provides a wide range of documentary evidence unfamiliar to literary scholars to reveal the full originality and accuracy of Buchner's insights.

The Drama Of Revolt

Author: M. Benn
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521294157
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A comprehensive study of the art and thought of George Büchner.