The Congo And The Founding Of Its Free State

Autore: Henry Morton Stanley
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108031315
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Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904) was a journalist and explorer renowned for his adventures in Africa. After emigrating to America in 1859, Stanley worked as a journalist for the New York Herald. In 1869 he was instructed to undertake an expedition to find the missionary David Livingstone, and the success of this mission brought him public recognition and financial success. These volumes, first published in 1885, provide an account of Stanley's exploration of the Congo river in the service of Leopold II of Belgium between 1879 and 1884. Deriving from Stanley's personal journal, the books describe the difficulties he faced as he founded permanent trading stations, and his negotiations with indigenous leaders, together with his plans for the commercial exploitation of Africa. Stanley's controversial methods to achieve this aim, which led to his modern reputation as a racist and imperialist, are also revealed. Volume 1 covers 1879-83.

Statistics For High Dimensional Data

Autore: Peter Bühlmann
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 364220192X
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Modern statistics deals with large and complex data sets, and consequently with models containing a large number of parameters. This book presents a detailed account of recently developed approaches, including the Lasso and versions of it for various models, boosting methods, undirected graphical modeling, and procedures controlling false positive selections. A special characteristic of the book is that it contains comprehensive mathematical theory on high-dimensional statistics combined with methodology, algorithms and illustrations with real data examples. This in-depth approach highlights the methods’ great potential and practical applicability in a variety of settings. As such, it is a valuable resource for researchers, graduate students and experts in statistics, applied mathematics and computer science.

Organization Of Insect Societies

Autore: Jürgen Gadau
Editore: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674031258
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In this landmark volume, an international group of scientists has synthesized their collective expertise and insight into a newly unified vision of insect societies and what they can reveal about how sociality has arisen as an evolutionary strategy. Jürgen Gadau and Jennifer Fewell have assembled leading researchers from the fields of molecular biology, evolutionary genetics, neurophysiology, behavioral ecology, and evolutionary theory to reexamine the question of sociality in insects. Recent advances in social complexity theory and the sequencing of the honeybee genome ensure that this book will be valued by anyone working on sociality in insects. At the same time, the theoretical ideas presented will be of broad-ranging significance to those interested in social evolution and complex systems.

Ocho Entremeses

Autore: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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Chemical Principles Of Textile Conservation

Autore: Agnes Timar-Balazsy
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 113600033X
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'Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation' provides must-have knowledge for conservators who do not always have a scientific background. This vital book brings together from many sources the material science necessary to understand the properties, deterioration and investigation of textile artefacts. It also aids understanding of the chemical processes during various treatments, such as: cleaning; humidification; drying; disinfestation; disinfection; and the use of adhesives and consolidants in conservation of historical textiles. Textile conservators will now have ready access to the necessary knowledge to understand the chemistry of the objects they are asked to treat and to make informed decisions about how to preserve textiles. The combination of a chemist and a conservator provides the perfect authorial team. It ensures a unique dual function of the text which provides textile conservators with vital chemical knowledge and gives scientists an understanding of textile conservation necessary to direct their research. The many practical examples and case studies illustrate the utility of the relatively large chemical introduction and the essential chemical information which is included. The case studies, many illustrated in colour, range from the treatment of the Ghandis' clothes, high-altitude flying suits and a Mary Quant raincoat, to the Hungarian Coronation Mantle.

Eight Interludes

Autore: Miguel De Cercantes
Editore: Everymans Library
ISBN: 9780460877510
Grandezza: 44,57 MB
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Best known and loved for DON QUIXOTE,the ground-breaking comic precursor of the modern novel,Cervantes led an extraordinary life every bit as colourful as his works.Born the son of a poor medical practioner,maimed by gunshot as a soldier, held to ransom by Algerian corsairs,and eventually drifting into a literary career,Cervantes could draw upon a range of experience with which to spice up his writings.Written as diversionary pieces to be performed between the main acts of a play,Cervantes's eight interludes included in this anthology are comic gems in their own right.As a genre,'interludes'were generally disliked by the authorities because of their subversive potential,and those by Cervantes are no exception.Crude,rude robust and anarchically refreshing,EIGHT INTERLUDES reveals that even as a playwright Cervantes was ahead of his times.

The Trials Of Persiles And Sigismunda

Autore: Miguel De Cervantes
Editore: Digireads.Com
ISBN: 9781420949742
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Considered by many as the greatest of all Spanish authors, Miguel de Cervantes is most well-known of course for "Don Quixote," a work of such literary impact that its historical importance cannot be understated. Unfortunately Cervantes' other works are often overlooked and characterized as inferior to his masterpiece. While his other writings never gained the popularity of "Don Quixote," he did author several other works that are worthy of consideration. Amongst these is "The Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda," a romantic novel that Cervantes finished just three days before his death, and which was posthumously published in 1617. The work stands in contrast to "Don Quixote" as a work that embraces the fantastic rather than the ordinary. While the history of literature will likely continue to regard "Don Quixote" as Cervantes' greatest contribution he himself believed this work to have been his crowning achievement.

Our Granny

Autore: Margaret Wild
Editore: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0395883954
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While grannies come in all shapes and sizes, "our granny" is unique.