Politics And Finance In The European Union

Autore: Francesco Capriglione
Editore: CEDAM
ISBN: 8813360770
Grandezza: 30,73 MB
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The recent financial and sovereign debt crisis, while turning the spotlight into the degenerating effects of modern-day capitalism, has engendered a series of hard-to-control events that are severely testing the stability of the European institutions. The adjustments, to date, have proved unable to adequately tackle the financial turmoil that is undermining the construction of the EU. Hence the need to identify the reasons behind this situation, which is accompanied by the failure to achieve an osmosis between the member countries of the Union. The objective to be pursued is clarifying the uncertainties and contradictions within Europe, for the purpose of addressing what many see as a “systemic crisis”.

The Palgrave Handbook Of Global Counterterrorism Policy

Autore: Scott Nicholas Romaniuk
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137557699
Grandezza: 17,98 MB
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The Palgrave Handbook of Global Counterterrorism Policy examines a comprehensive range of counterterrorism policies, strategies, and practices across dozens of states and actors around the world. It covers the topics of terrorism and counterterrorism both thematically and by region, allowing for discussions about the underpinning dynamics of these fields, consideration of how terrorism and counterterrorism are evolving in the modern period, and in-depth analyses of individual states and non-state actors, and their approaches to countering terrorism and terrorist threats. It draws upon a multidisciplinary range of established scholars and upcoming new researchers from across multiple fields including political science and international relations, sociology, and history, examining both theory and practice in their respective chapters. This volume is an essential resource for scholars and practitioners alike.

Globalization Supranational Dynamics And Local Experiences

Autore: Marco Caselli
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319640755
Grandezza: 13,47 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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This edited collection focuses on concepts of globalization, glocalization, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism. The contributions provide evidence of how in practice, global dynamics and individual lives are interrelated. It presents theoretical reflections on how the local, the transnational and global dimensions of social life are entwined and construct the meaning of one another, and offers everyday examples of how individuals and organizations try to answer global challenges in local contexts. The book closely focuses on migration processes, as one of the main phenomena allowing a high number of people from contemporary society to directly experience supranational dynamics, either as migrants or inhabitants of the places where migrants pass through or settle down. Globalization, Supranational Dynamics and Local Experiences will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology, migration studies and global studies.

Europa Ist Tot Es Lebe Europa

Autore: Thomas Schmid
Editore: C. Bertelsmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641200830
Grandezza: 75,93 MB
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Europa neu denken – ein Appell! Mit Europa war einst die große Hoffnung auf einen Kontinent des Friedens und Wohlstands verbunden. Nach vielen Krisen scheint es heute damit vorbei zu sein. Viele Europäer sehen in der EU nur noch ein bürokratisches Monster. Doch es gibt überhaupt keinen Grund, sich enttäuscht oder zornig abzuwenden. Es gilt, das unerhörte Experiment der europäischen Einigung schwungvoll fortzusetzen. Dabei geht es um den Beweis, dass geteilte Souveränität die Staaten und Völker nicht schwächt, sondern stärkt, dass Vielfalt nicht spaltet, sondern zusammenführt. Thomas Schmid plädiert für ein Europa, das Experimente und unterschiedliche Geschwindigkeiten zulässt, das liberaler wird und dem Einbruch globaler Konflikte nicht mit Festungsdenken begegnet. Die europäische Einigung wird den Nationalstaat überwinden, ohne die Bürger heimatlos zu machen. Die hoffnungsvolle Botschaft des Autors lautet: Europa bleibt sich treu, indem es sich neu erfindet – kühn und pragmatisch zugleich.

Sicurezza Terrorismo E Societ 1 2015

Autore: AA.VV.
Editore: EDUCatt - Ente per il diritto allo studio universitario dell'Università Cattolica
ISBN: 8867808273
Grandezza: 56,51 MB
Formato: PDF
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Sicurezza, Terrorismo e Società (Security, Terrorism and Society) is an online scientific journal published two times per year, which aims to promote the analysis of the numerous aspects that characterize the “security” dimension in the global world, with particular attention to terroristic drifts, without any cultural preclusion. The journal’s objective is the creation of a dialogue between academic, policy analysis and policy making domains on security and risk issues of contemporary society. Through a social science perspective, the journal combines anthropological, communicational, economical, legal, political, sociological and technological expertises. Thus, it is based on a multidisciplinary approach, which is thought to be necessary in order to face, both on a theoretical and empirical level, the XXI century new challenges.

Active Citizenship In Europe

Autore: Cristiano Bee
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137453176
Grandezza: 74,26 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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The book provides an overview of key issues in the debate concerning the emergence of active citizenship in Europe. The specific focus of enquiry is the promotion of patterns of civic and political engagement and civic and political participation by the EU and the relative responses drawn by organizations of the civil society operating at the supranational level and in Italy, Turkey and the UK. More specifically, it addresses key debates on the engagement and participation of organized civil society across the permanent state of euro-crisis, considering the production of policy discourses along the continuum that characterized three subsequent and interrelated emergency situations (democratic, financial and migration crises) that have hit Europe since 2005. Active Citizenship in Europe will be of interest to students and scholars in a range of fields, including sociology, politics, European studies and international studies.

Formamente Supplemento Al

Autore: Carmine Biagio Nicola Cioffi
Editore: Gangemi Editore spa
ISBN: 8849284519
Grandezza: 67,59 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 124
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INDICE Crisi dell'Islam e utopia del neo-Califfato? Danilo Ceccarelli Morolli La crisi del tipo contrattuale Carmine Biagio Nicola Cioffi Il limitato ruolo dei Parlamenti nell'Unione Europea quale aspetto della crisi della democrazia europea Ulrike Haider-Quercia Stabilità, crisi del Penal Welfarism e paternalismo penale Maria Beatrice Magro La crisi dei diritti umani in Francia e in Belgio a fronte del terrorismo Valerio Pellegrini Spazi urbani e crisi della sicurezza Pasquale Peluso Crisi dell'uguaglianza tributaria e utopia dell'etica fiscale Maria Assunta Icolari

Non Violence

Autore: Domenico Losurdo
Editore: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498502202
Grandezza: 34,77 MB
Formato: PDF
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We know of the blood and tears provoked by the projects of transformation of the world through war or revolution. Starting from the essay published in 1921 by Walter Benjamin, twentieth century philosophy has been committed to the criticism of violence, even when it has claimed to follow noble ends. But what do we know of the dilemmas, of the “betrayals,” of the disappointments and tragedies which the movement of non-violence has suffered? This book tells a fascinating history: from the American Christian organizations in the first decades of the nineteenth century who wanted to eliminate slavery and war in a non-violent way, to the protagonists of movements—Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Capitini, M. L. King, the Dalai Lama—who either for idealism or for political calculation flew the flag of non-violence, up to the leaders of today’s “color revolutions.”

L Nderbericht Italien

Autore: Karoline Rörig
ISBN: 9783838902401
Grandezza: 79,61 MB
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Ocherki Istorii I Arkheologii Vizanti Skogo Khersona

Autore: Alla I. Romančuk
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004132279
Grandezza: 18,90 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 9434
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The book is the first publication in English of the excavation of Byzantine Cherson (7th-14th cents.). It offers a comprehensive study of the topography of the city, its material culture, everyday life, architecture, craft production, and religious beliefs. It places Cherson within the overall history of the Byzantine Empire, its periphery and Black Sea-Mediterranean trade.