L Immaginario Medievale

Autore: Jacques Le Goff
ISBN: 9788842055495
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Writing Ravenna

Autore: Joaquín Martínez Pizarro
Editore: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472106066
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A thoughtful consideration of medieval narrative method

From Florence To The Heavenly City

Autore: ClaireE. Honess
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1351566318
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Dante's political thought has long constituted a major area of interest for Dante studies, yet the poet's political views have traditionally been considered a self-contained area of study and viewed in isolation from the poet's other concerns. Consequently, the symbolic and poetic values which Dante attaches to political structures have been largely ignored or marginalised by Dante criticism. This omission is addressed here by Claire Honess, whose study of Dante's poetry of citizenship focuses on more fundamental issues, such as the relationship between the individual and the community, the question of what it means to be a citizen, and above all the way in which notions of cities and citizenship enter the imagery and structure of the Commedia.

L Immaginario Religioso Della Citt Medievale

Autore: Alba Maria Orselli
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The Medieval World

Autore: Peter Linehan
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1136500057
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This groundbreaking collection brings the Middle Ages to life and conveys the distinctiveness of this diverse, constantly changing period. Thirty-eight scholars bring together one medieval world from many disparate worlds, from Connacht to Constantinople and from Tynemouth to Timbuktu. This extraordinary set of reconstructions presents the reader with a vivid re-drawing of the medieval past, offering fresh appraisals of the evidence and modern historical writing. Chapters are thematically linked in four sections: identities beliefs, social values and symbolic order power and power-structures elites, organizations and groups. Packed full of original scholarship, The Medieval World is essential reading for anyone studying medieval history.

Romanesque Gothic

Autore: Gloria Fossi
Editore: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402759246
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Too often overshadowed by the Renaissance, the High Middle Ages were a time of vibrant innovation and incredible achievement in European art and architecture. Gloria Fossi provides comprehensive surveys of the period's two major art movements or styles, highlighting the diversity of expression that both movements accommodated.

L Immaginario E L Architettura Nella Letteratura Araba Medioevale

Autore: María Jesús Rubiera y Mata
ISBN: 9788821174582
Grandezza: 48,74 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 2348
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A History Of Italy

Autore: Claudia Baldoli
Editore: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137013664
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Vista: 9766
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Until the beginning of the eighteenth century, to be 'Italian' meant to identify with a number of collective memories, rather than a national memory. Yet there are elements of continuity that have shaped Italian identity over the past 1,500 years. Religion, food, art and architecture, a literary language, as well as a particular relationship between cities and countryside, between family and civil society have all contributed to present day Italian culture and politics. Baldoli explores the history of Italy as a country, rather than as a nation, in order to trace its fascinating cultural and political development. Offering a way into each period of Italian history, the book brings Italy's past to life with extracts from poetry, novels and music. Drawing on the latest research published in English and Italian, this is the ideal introduction for all those interested in Italy's cultural and social past and its significance for the country's present.

Geografie Della Paura

Autore: Mike Davis
Editore: Feltrinelli Editore
ISBN: 9788807460227
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The Medieval Imagination

Autore: Jacques Le Goff
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226470856
Grandezza: 75,31 MB
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To write this history of the imagination, Le Goff has recreated the mental structures of medieval men and women by analyzing the images of man as microcosm and the Church as mystical body; the symbols of power such as flags and oriflammes; and the contradictory world of dreams, marvels, devils, and wild forests. "Le Goff is one of the most distinguished of the French medieval historians of his generation . . . he has exercised immense influence."—Maurice Keen, New York Review of Books "The whole book turns on a fascinating blend of the brutally materialistic and the generously imaginative."—Tom Shippey, London Review of Books "The richness, imaginativeness and sheer learning of Le Goff's work . . . demand to be experienced."—M. T. Clanchy, Times Literary Supplement