Autore: Emmanuel Carrère
Editore: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
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A thrilling page-turner that also happens to be the biography of one of Russia's most controversial figures This is how Emmanuel Carrère, the magnetic journalist, novelist, filmmaker, and chameleon, describes his subject: "Limonov is not a fictional character. There. I know him. He has been a young punk in Ukraine, the idol of the Soviet underground; a bum, then a multimillionaire's butler in Manhattan; a fashionable writer in Paris; a lost soldier in the Balkans; and now, in the fantastic shambles of postcommunism, the elderly but charismatic leader of a party of young desperadoes. He sees himself as a hero; you might call him a scumbag: I suspend my judgment on the matter. It's a dangerous life, an ambiguous life: a real adventure novel. It is also, I believe, a life that says something. Not just about him, Limonov, not just about Russia, but about all our history since the end of the Second World War." So Eduard Limonov isn't fictional—but he might as well be. This pseudobiography isn't a novel, but it reads like one: from Limonov's grim childhood to his desperate, comical, ultimately successful attempts to gain the respect of Russia's literary intellectual elite; to his immigration to New York, then to Paris; to his return to the motherland. Limonov could be read as a charming picaresque. But it could also be read as a troubling counternarrative of the second half of the twentieth century, one that reveals a violence, an anarchy, a brutality, that the stories we tell ourselves about progress tend to conceal.

A Biographical And Critical Study Of Russian Writer Eduard Limonov

Autore: A. B. Rogachevskiĭ
ISBN: 9780773468474
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A comprehensive analysis of Eduard Limonov's poetry, fiction and journalism. It seeks to distinguish between Limonov the author and Limonov the character in order to pinpoint Limonov's true beliefs, as opposed to his public statements, which are often meant to cause outrage.


Autore: Emannuel Carrère
Editore: Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlag
ISBN: 3882219394
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Ausgezeichnet mit dem Prix Renaudot 2011 und dem Prix de la langue française 2011 Eduard Limonow, spätestens seit der Gründung der Nationalbolschewistischen Partei eine der umstrittensten und widersprüchlichsten Figuren Russlands, lebt sein abenteuerliches Leben mit einer schwindelerregenden Intensität. Er verbrachte seine Jugend als Kleinkrimineller und dann als gefeierter Underground-Dichter in Charkow und Moskau, lebte als hungerleidender und partyfeiernder bisexueller Dandy-Autor in New York und Paris, kämpfte als Freiwilliger in den Balkankriegen auf Seiten der Serben, schloss sich mit seiner Partei Kasparow und der Bewegung Neues Russland an und saß im Gefängnis. Eine Kandidatur bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen 2012 wurde ihm verweigert, inzwischen agiert er als einer der führenden Köpfe der demokratischen Opposition. Seine politische Haltung oszilliert zwischen extrem rechts und extrem links - immer in Opposition zum Establishment und immer auch als ästhetische Geste einer Gegenkultur. Carrère erzählt in dieser alle Genres sprengenden Romanbiografie, die den Leser von der ersten Seite an in gefesselte Aufmerksamkeit versetzt, die schillernde Geschichte Eduard Limonows, rekonstruiert ein Leben, das ihn fasziniert aber auch abstößt - und skizziert wie nebenbei seine eigene Annäherung an das heutige Russland.

Fuck Off Amerika

Autore: Ėduard V. Limonov
ISBN: 9783462033847
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Memoir Of A Russian Punk

Autore: Ėduard Limonov
Editore: Grove Press
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Tells the story of Eddie, a fifteen-year-old boy coming of age in Khrushchev's Soviet Union, as he rebels against his parents and society

Queer In Russia

Autore: Laurie Essig
Editore: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822323464
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An ethnographic exploration of gay and lesbian lives in contemporary Russia.

It S Me Eddie

Autore: Ėduard Limonov
Editore: Random House (NY)
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National Bolshevism

Autore: Books LLC
Editore: Books LLC, Wiki Series
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 17. Chapters: Karl Radek, Eduard Limonov, National Bolshevik Party, Aleksandr Dugin, Heinrich Laufenberg, Eurasianists, Fritz Wolffheim, Misha Verbitsky, D. S. Mirsky, Nikolay Vasilyevich Ustryalov, Alexander Prokhanov, Smenovekhovtsy, Ernst Niekisch, Yegor Letov, Jean-Fran ois Thiriart, Christian Bouchet, National Bolshevik Front, Parti Communautaire National-Europ en, Parti Communautaire Europ en, Paul Eltzbacher. Excerpt: Eduard Limonov (Russian: , real name Eduard Veniaminovich Savenko, Russian: born February 22, 1943) is a French citizen and a Russian writer and political dissident, and is the founder and leader of the unregistered radical National Bolshevik Party, which aims to create a grand empire that will include the whole of Europe, Russia and Northern/Central Asia to be governed under Russian rule. The political scientist and Russian expert Stephen Shenfield (Brown University) considers Eduard Limonov a fascist. An opponent of Vladimir Putin and a political ally of Garry Kasparov, Limonov is a leader of Kasparov's Other Russia political bloc. Limonov was born in Dzerzhinsk, USSR - an industrial town on the Oka River, near the major city of Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky during Soviet Rule). In the early years of his life family moved to Kharkov, Ukrainian SSR where Limonov grew up. In the early 1970s he was a poet in Moscow, and achieved a degree of success before being stripped of his citizenship and expelled from the Soviet Union. He arrived in New York City in 1974 as an emigrant and began writing novels. It's unclear what legal status Limonov had in the US that allowed him to stay there for many years. He fell in with the New York punk and avante-garde scene, acquiring an admiration for Lou Reed. In 1982, he moved to Paris with his lover Natalya Medvedeva, and quickly became active in French literary circles. He was als...

The Art Of Writing Badly

Autore: Richard Chandler Borden
Editore: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 9780810116917
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"The art of writing badly" is a phrase the Russian writer Valentin Kataev coined to describe the work that came out of the mauvist movement in Russia-a style of writing that consciously challenged Soviet dogma. In this book, Richard Borden discusses the cultural and political context from which these authors emerged and the development of "bad writing." Beginning with a close examination of the work of Kataev, the best-known progenitor of "bad writing," Borden then broadens his study to include the "mauvist creations" of post-Stalinist writers Aksenov, Bitov, Sokolov, Limonov, Evgeny Popov, and Venedikt Erofeev. Borden shows how these writers' shared mauvistic characteristics reveal major philosophical and aesthetic tendencies in contemporary Russian culture, bring to light facets of their writing that have never been discussed, and enrich the readings of the particular texts under discussion.