L Impero Romano 1

Author: Santo Mazzarino
Editor: Gius.Laterza & Figli Spa
ISBN: 8858116798
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«L'Impero romano, lungi dall'essere la roccaforte della conservazione, è piuttosto l'immagine della disgregazione di un mondo, la storia della classicità che si disfa e muore: il fatto sociologico più rilevante nella storia della nostra cultura.» In quest'opera, Santo Mazzarino affronta i grandi temi della civiltà occidentale, dal saeculum Augustum alla fondazione degli Stati romano-barbarici nel V secolo d.C., in una sintesi che salda la storia dell'Impero alla storia della Chiesa cristiana. Il racconto della cultura romana, dell'economia, della religione e la storia politica e militare si intrecciano in questa organica e brillante narrazione dell'apogeo e della lunga crisi del mondo romano. Questo straordinario classico della storia antica è firmato dal più autorevole dei suoi studiosi.

Iconoclasm From Antiquity To Modernity

Author: Kristine Kolrud
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351929208
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The phenomenon of iconoclasm, expressed through hostile actions towards images, has occurred in many different cultures throughout history. The destruction and mutilation of images is often motivated by a blend of political and religious ideas and beliefs, and the distinction between various kinds of ’iconoclasms’ is not absolute. In order to explore further the long and varied history of iconoclasm the contributors to this volume consider iconoclastic reactions to various types of objects, both in the very recent and distant past. The majority focus on historical periods but also on history as a backdrop for image troubles of our own day. Development over time is a central question in the volume, and cross-cultural influences are also taken into consideration. This broad approach provides a useful comparative perspective both on earlier controversies over images and relevant issues today. In the multimedia era increased awareness of the possible consequences of the use of images is of utmost importance. ’Iconoclasm from Antiquity to Modernity’ approaches some of the problems related to the display of particular kinds of images in conflicted societies and the power to decide on the use of visual means of expression. It provides a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the phenomenon of iconoclasm. Of interest to a wide group of scholars the contributors draw upon various sources and disciplines, including art history, cultural history, religion and archaeology, as well as making use of recent research from within social and political sciences and contemporary events. Whilst the texts are addressed primarily to those researching the Western world, the volume contains material which will also be of interest to students of the Middle East.

Approaches To Legal Rationality

Author: Dov M. Gabbay
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789048195886
Size: 12,39 MB
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Legal theory, political sciences, sociology, philosophy, logic, artificial intelligence: there are many approaches to legal argumentation. Each of them provides specific insights into highly complex phenomena. Different disciplines, but also different traditions in disciplines (e.g. analytical and continental traditions in philosophy) find here a rare occasion to meet. The present book contains contributions, both historical and thematic, from leading researchers in several of the most important approaches to legal rationality. One of the main issues is the relation between logic and law: the way logic is actually used in law, but also the way logic can make law explicit. An outstanding group of philosophers, logicians and jurists try to meet this issue. The book is more than a collection of papers. However different their respective conceptual tools may be, the authors share a common conception: legal argumentation is a specific argumentation context.

L Impero Romano

Author: Luigi Venturini
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Author: Sergio Pacifici
Editor: Random House Trade
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Cassio Dione E L Impero Romano Da Nerva Ad Antonino Pio

Author: Guido Migliorati
Editor: Vita e Pensiero
ISBN: 9788834310656
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Innovazione Tecnica E Progresso Economico Nel Mondo Romano

Author: Elio Lo Cascio
Editor: Edipuglia srl
ISBN: 8872284058
Size: 13,86 MB
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Recreating Ancient History

Author: Karl A. E. Enenkel
Editor: BRILL
ISBN: 9780391041295
Size: 16,44 MB
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Modern artists, historians and writers have always looked back on the Classical past for inspiration and as a source of factual material. This group of essays looks at how these people have represented or recreated history from ancient sources such as Plutarch, Polybius, Lipsius, and many others. The contributors study aspects of classical historiography as well as examining art and literature from the 15th to 18th century in terms of the aims and motives of their creators, whether they used ancient sources in the original language or in translation, their use of later commentaries, their manipulation and adaptation of sources, the audience they were serving and how sharing in the glory of the past enabled them to legitimise the present. Sixteen papers in English and one in German.