Lingue E Linguaggio 2016

ISBN: 9788815262288
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L Analisi Linguistica E Letteraria 2015 1

Autore: AA.VV.
Editore: EDUCatt - Ente per il diritto allo studio universitario dell'Università Cattolica
ISBN: 8867808893
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L’Analisi Linguistica e Letteraria è una rivista internazionale di linguistica e letteratura peer reviewed. Ha una prospettiva sia sincronica che diacronica e accoglie ricerche di natura teorica e applicata. Seguendo un orientamento spiccatamente interdisciplinare, si propone di approfondire la comprensione dei processi di analisi testuale in ambito letterario come anche in ambito linguistico. La rivista è organizzata in tre sezioni: la prima contiene saggi e articoli; la seconda presenta discussioni e analisi d’opera relative alle scienze linguistiche e letterarie; la terza sezione ospita recensioni e una rassegna di brevi schede bibliografiche riguardanti la linguistica generale e le linguistiche delle singole lingue (francese, inglese, russo, tedesco). La rivista pubblica regolarmente articoli in francese, inglese, italiano e tedesco, e occasionalmente anche in altre lingue: nel 2010, ad esempio, ha pubblicato un volume tematico interamente in russo.

Lcm Journal Languages Cultures Mediation Vol 2 No 1 2015

Autore: Dolcini Donatella
Editore: LED Edizioni Universitarie
ISBN: 8879167510
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TABLE of CONTENTS: Premessa / Foreword. Turismo e interculturalità, D. Dolcini - R.P.B. Singh - Da incredibile a credibile: strategie nazionali di promozione turistica in India, M. Angelillo - “Blockbuster movie, blockbuster location”: cineturismo e costruzione dell’immagine dell’Italia per il pubblico indiano, S. Cavaliere - L. Barletta - Gazing at Italy from the East: A Multimodal Analysis of Malaysian Tourist Blogs, O. Denti - Russo e italiano nei contatti linguistici: immagini riflesse, L. L'vovna Fedorova - M. Bolognani - “The Past Is a Foreign Country”: History as Representation in the Writings of William Darlymple, D.E. Gibbons - ‘Please Do not Stand over the Buddha’s Head (Pay Respect)’: Mediations of Tourist and Researcher Experience in Thailand, A. Jocuns – I. de Saint-Georges – N. Chonmahatrakul, J. Angkapanichkit - ‘For Your Eyes Only’: How Museum Walltexts Communicate East and West. The Case of the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, S.M. Maci - Word-formation in the Arabic Language of Tourism, C. Solimando

Shakespearean Perspectives

Autore: David Lucking
Editore: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027266026
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David Lucking sees Shakespeare’s plays as negotiating tensions between a number of alternative, and sometimes mutually antagonistic perspectives. Some of these perspectives are associated with particular languages, cultures and texts, while others involve philosophical issues such as the nature of personal ontology and distinctions between reality and dream, being and nothingness. In elaborating his insights Lucking draws extensive comparisons with Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura, and between Sophocles’ Theban plays and King Lear, and he also pays close attention to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, and Antony and Cleopatra. Re-assessing a wide range of earlier commentary, his nine essays confirm the lasting value of apposite contextualization in tandem with detailed close reading.

Word Formation

Editore: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110393549
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This handbook comprises an in-depth presentation of the state of the art in word-formation. The five volumes contain 207 articles written by leading international scholars. The 16 sections of the handbook provide the reader in general articles and individual studies with a wide variety of perspectives. The final section contains 74 portraits of word-formation in the individual languages of Europe and offers an innovative perspective.

Multimodality Across Communicative Settings Discourse Domains And Genres

Autore: Veronica Bonsignori
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443862657
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This volume focuses on multimodality in various communicative settings, with special attention to how non-verbal elements reinforce and add meaning to verbal expressions. The first part of the book explores issues related to the use of multimodal resources in educational interactions and English language classroom teaching, also involving learners with disabilities. The second part, on the other hand, investigates multimodality as a key component of communication that takes place in different specialized domains and genres. The book reflects a variety of methodological approaches that are grounded in both quantitative and qualitative techniques. These include multimodal discourse analysis, multimodal transcription, and multimodal annotation software capable of representing the interplay of different semiotic modes, such as speech, intonation, direction of gaze, facial expressions, gestures and spatial positioning of interlocutors. The research collected here highlights the increasingly important role of multimodality in communication across different genres and communicative contexts, and offers new perspectives on how to exploit multimodal resources to enhance the learning of English for both general and specific purposes.

Language For Specific Purposes

Autore: Giuliana Elena Garzone
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443862738
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This volume brings together work by both well-known scholars and emerging researchers in the various areas of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP), such as political, legal, medical, and business discourse. The volume is divided into three parts in order to align rather than separate three different but related aspects of LSP: namely, translation, linguistic research, and domain specific communication on the web. Underlying all the contributions here is the growing awareness of the ever-increasing multiformity of specialised communication and the ever-wider social implications of the communicative situations in which it is embedded, especially where it involves the need to move across languages, cultures and modes, as in translation and interpreting. The contributions consistently bear witness to the need to review received notions, pose new questions, and explore fresh perspectives. The picture that emerges is one of extreme complexity, in which researchers into specifically linguistic aspects of LSPs and their translation across languages and media declare their awareness of the pressing need to come to terms with a wide range of social, pragmatic, intercultural and political factors, above and beyond socio-technical knowledge of the domains under investigation.

Critical Call Proceedings Of The 2015 Eurocall Conference Padova Italy

Autore: Francesca Helm
ISBN: 1908416289
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The theme of the conference this year was Critical CALL, drawing inspiration from the work carried out in the broader field of Critical Applied Linguistics. The term ‘critical’ has many possible interpretations, and as Pennycook (2001) outlines, has many concerns. It was from these that we decided on the conference theme, in particular the notion that we should question the assumptions that lie at the basis of our praxis, ideas that have become ‘naturalized’ and are not called into question. Over 200 presentations were delivered in 68 different sessions, both in English and Italian, on topics related specifically to the theme and also more general CALL topics. 94 of these were submitted as extended papers and appear in this volume of proceedings.

Tonal Placement In Tashlhiyt

Autore: Timo B. Roettger
Editore: Language Science Press
ISBN: 3944675991
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In most languages, words contain vowels, elements of high intensity with rich harmonic structure, enabling the perceptual retrieval of pitch. By contrast, in Tashlhiyt, a Berber language, words can be composed entirely of voiceless segments. When an utterance consists of such words, the phonetic opportunity for the execution of intonational pitch movements is exceptionally limited. This book explores in a series of production and perception experiments how these typologically rare phonotactic patterns interact with intonational aspects of linguistic structure. It turns out that Tashlhiyt allows for a tremendously flexible placement of tonal events. Observed intonational structures can be conceived of as different solutions to a functional dilemma: The requirement to realise meaningful pitch movements in certain positions and the extent to which segments lend themselves to a clear manifestation of these pitch movements.

Cross Linguistic Influence In Bilingualism

Autore: Elma Blom
Editore: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027265615
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This book presents a current state-of-affairs regarding the study of cross-linguistic influence in bilingualism. Taking Hulk and Müller’s (2000) and Müller and Hulk’s (2001) hypotheses on cross-linguistic influence as a starting point, the book exemplifies the shift from the original focus on syntax proper to interfaces and discourse phenomena in the study of bilingualism. It also reflects the enormous increase in different language combinations (including dialects) being investigated, and the use of new methodologies. Moreover, the volume illustrates the growing interdisciplinarity of cross-linguistic influence research, considering extra-linguistic cognitive and social factors besides linguistics. It demonstrates that the time is ripe for a more integrated approach from different disciplines such as theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics to obtain a better understanding of bilingual child acquisition. As such, it is of interest to (psycho/socio)linguists, psychologists and education specialists who study or want to learn about (child) bilingualism.